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3 Best Ways to Haul Firewood in 2023

Are you wondering which way is best to haul firewood? If YES, here are 3 best and efficient ways to haul firewood in 2023. People have used wood for cooking, heating, and lighting for thousands of years. Wood was the primary source of energy for the United States and the rest of the world until the mid-1800s. Wood still remains an important fuel in many countries, and is also used for cooking and heating in developing countries.

According to reports, in 2020, about 2.3 percent of total U.S. annual energy consumption was from wood and wood waste—bark, sawdust, wood chips, wood scrap, and paper mill residues. Note that the industry represents the majority of wood and wood-waste fuel consumption in the United States.

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The biggest industrial users are wood products and paper manufacturers. The residential sector is the second-biggest user of wood for energy in the United States. Wood is leveraged in homes throughout the United States for heating as cord wood in fireplaces and as pellets in pellet stoves. In 2020, wood energy represented about 4.0 percent of residential sector end-use energy consumption and 2.2 percent of total residential energy consumption.

In 2015, about 12.5 million, or 11 percent of all US households made use of wood as an energy source, mostly for space heating, and 3.5 million of those households, mainly in rural areas, used wood as the main heating fuel. Transporting firewood isn’t exactly the most convenient thing to do. Nonetheless, there are many different ways to haul firewood.

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What are the Best Ways to Haul Firewood in 2023?

  1. Trailer

The biggest issue with hauling firewood is that it is heavy. Depending on the type of wood and whether it is dry or not, most firewood tends to weigh from about 2100 pounds up to around 5600 pounds per cord. No ordinary pickup is going to be able to safely carry a large load of firewood, even if you manage to fit it in the bed of the truck.

Have it in mind that not all trailers are made for carrying heavy loads such as cords of firewood, though. You have to ensure that your trailer’s carrying capacity will support the weight of your firewood. Otherwise, you may easily bend your trailer frame or even the axle and this would endanger anyone on the road with you, especially if you are hauling a heavy load.

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For hauling smaller loads of wood, a single axle utility trailer would be fine. Single Axles can haul more or less around 2,000 pounds depending on the trailer. For larger loads, it is best to use a tandem axle trailer which could be anything from a utility trailer, equipment trailer to a dump trailer.

It is imperative to consider utility trailers with high mesh sides, low mesh sides, or solid sides to help hold the wood in the trailer. Dump trailers have solid sides as well. For the safety of those around you, make sure you secure your wood down with ties and do not stack it too high.

  1. Firewood Cart

A firewood cart is a fireplace accessory that helps you haul large amounts of firewood with less energy. Note that using a cart will make it easier to haul firewood from your wood shed to your house by hauling more wood with fewer trips. However, standard carts vary in design depending on the manufacturer.

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They are mostly designed to hold up to 200 pounds of firewood and have large pneumatic tires to make pulling the cart easier. The large air filled tires allow the cart to move over rough terrain or up steps and into your home. The carts are often slim and lightweight allowing them to easily fit through a standard doorway.

Livestock feed, household items, tools, and many other things can be easily moved with the cart making it a great multi-purpose tool. The carts are designed to be filled with material, tilted back on their wheels, and then pushed or pulled to your destination depending on your preference.

  1. Firewood Carrier

A firewood carrier or log tote is more or less a device used to carry small amounts of firewood into your home without leaving a trail of bark and dirt throughout your house. Even though your wood might be close to your house, you will still need to get the firewood from an outside woodpile into your wood stove or fireplace. The concept of a log carrier is pretty simple. Note that they are usually constructed of a polyester twill, canvas, or leather and have an attached handle.

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To use one, simply lay the carrier flat on the ground and stack your pieces of firewood inside. When it is full, grab the carrier by the handles and you are ready to go. Note that the totes work best for carrying small pieces of firewood that have already been split and are ready for use. They are not really designed to carry full, unsplit logs.

Whether you are hauling wood to your truck or taking it up to the house, these 3 options mentioned above can make the job faster and easier. A good quality cart, trailer, or carrier should last several years and is a great investment especially if it seems like you are constantly carrying firewood.