Do you run a daycare business and you are considering what type of bottle label to buy? If YES, here are 4 best ways to label bottles for daycare. Maternity leave remains one of the most exciting periods during a mother’s life. You have just given birth to your little bundle of joy and now you are opportune to be with them at all times carefully watching every little thing they do and making sure they are healthy, rested, happy and of course, fed.

When the maternity leave is over and time comes for mothers to go back to work or to their usual duties, feeding becomes one of their biggest concerns. When mothers have to go back to work, they often prefer putting their children into daycare. For mothers of babies who are still being breastfed, this can be a bit challenging.

Whether you are a breastfeeding or formula-feeding mother, you must be conversant with baby bottles. Baby bottles aren’t only for formula-fed babies, many babies who drink breast milk are also fed from a bottle. This is achievable thanks to mothers expressing their breast milk and putting the content into a baby bottle.

Note that when you send your baby to daycare, you can always pack the bottles of milk your baby is going to take and hand them over to the responsive childminder. However, before doing any of this, it’s very critical to be informed about how to do this. Daycare providers have a lot of kids to sort through, so making sure your baby’s bottles are labelled correctly is a must.

Meanwhile, your daycare should have rules and regulations in place to help with the proper handling of infant bottles. Some rules tend to be dependent on if a baby is getting breast milk or formula. However, it should be required that you at least label all infant bottles with the baby’s name and the date.

What are the Best Ways to Label Bottles for Daycare in 2023?

There are different ways to accurately label baby bottles. Most of them mentioned below are durable, can stand out, and be unique. These ways to label baby bottles for daycare are all great and will do the job beautifully no matter what you choose.

  1. Masking Tape

A masking tape is both economical and easy to use. Chances are you already have some in your house. However, it can be time consuming depending on how many bottles you have to make. It’s also not water proof so the tape could get wet and your information wouldn’t be readable. If you intend to use this labelling method, try not to buy the plain beige masking tape, get a colour that will stand out. Other factors to consider include;

  • Pick a colour that stands out
  • Make sure the outside surface of the bottle is clean and dry
  • Tear a piece of masking tape that is big enough to show the baby’s name and date
  • Place the tape on the bottle and press to make it stick
  • Use a permanent black marker to write required information
  1. Personalized Bottle Labels

Personalized labels are quite attractive and are a great way to make your bottles look unique. You can be very creative with fonts and colours. However, all you get is the name. You still have to find another way to get the other required info on the bottle. It is advisable you check the dimensions first to make sure they will fit your bottle.

  • Pick a label that is the appropriate size for your bottle
  • Make sure the outside surface of the bottle is clean and dry
  • Place the label on the bottle in a location that is easy to see.
  • Take a piece of masking tape or a plain white label and write the date and other required information
  • Place the tape or label on the bottle in a place where it can easily be seen
  1. Reusable Labels

In all the labelling methods in this list, reusable labels are the least time consuming. You put it on once and then just update the information every day. However, the labels stick to the bottles very well and are hard to remove. You may not be able to reuse your bottles for another baby. Just make sure to erase the daily information before placing in hot water or the dishwasher. Otherwise the writing will become permanent.

  • Pick a label that will stand out and be easily recognized as belonging to your baby.
  • Decide where you want the label to go.
  • Make sure the outside surface of the bottle is clean and dry.
  • Place the label on the bottle and smooth out any wrinkles.
  • Take the erasable pen and write the required info on the label
  1. Waterproof Labels

Waterproof baby bottle name labels can be customized with names and designs. They are also inexpensive. But note that you need to have several labels because they may not stick as long. Also note that you can use these to label other items like clothes and shoes.

  • Choose a unique design that you like
  • Place two labels on the bottle. One on the front and one on the back. Don’t forget the bottle cap!
  • Take a piece of masking tape or a plain white label and write the date
  • Place the tape or label on bottle in a place where it will be easily seen.

Qualities to Look Out For In a Bottle Label for Daycare

When looking for the right labels for your baby’s bottles, there are some qualities you should consider. If you don’t want to spend more money than necessary, you need to make sure you get quality labels that will last but that will also serve the purpose of standing out.

  1. Uniqueness

Note that the whole point of having bottle labels is to be able to differentiate your baby’s milk from another baby’s. So it’s imperative you pick colours and patterns that stand out. Pick something that is eye catching but that other moms wouldn’t necessarily buy.

You might have a theme you are trying to stick with, but chances are other moms like that character too. When the childcare worker goes to feed your baby, you really want them to recognize a bottle as belonging to your baby with no much stress.

  1. Size

Also have it in mind that the size of your label matters. You want a label that is big enough to show your baby’s name and the other needed info. In addition, you don’t want a label that is so big the person feeding your baby can’t see the ounce markings on the bottle.

Ideally, you may realise that you will have to use a combination of labels (which I’ll get into later) to meet all of your daycare requirements. If you do, you will still want to make sure you aren’t hiding the numbers on the side of the bottle.

  1. Durability of the Label

It is also advisable you read as many reviews of the product that you can get your hands on and talk to other moms that have used bottle labels. Note that other moms are going to be the most honest, usually, about what has worked and what they like. You don’t want labels that will come off with one washing and need to be replaced. That will be frustrating and expensive when you have to continue to replace the labels.


Have it in mind that the best way to label your baby bottles for daycare is to use an ultra – durable baby bottle label. Make sure that these labels will withstand daily washing and sterilizing. You can also choose to use a personalized baby bottle band. You will find a system that will work for you. Sometimes the job can be done with one type of label. But, most of the time it’ll take a combination of labels.