Do you want to appreciate a childcare provider and you are considering what type of gift to buy? If YES, here are 30 best gifts for daycare providers. If you run a daycare, the possibility of connecting beyond the call of duty with your staff, especially daycare providers or babysitters, is always expected. The nature of the industry makes it possible to see them as friends or family members so when it is time for them to move on, it is always emotional.

So, when it is time for your daycare providers or babysitters to move on, it is expected that you gift them gifts that they will forever cherish. Trust me, the gifts don’t necessarily need to be expensive, but should be of great value. In case you are wondering what kind of things to gift your daycare providers or babysitters as a goodbye gift, you are reading the right article and here are some of the best goodbye gifts for daycare providers you can consider;

What are the Best Goodbye Gifts for Daycare Provider in 2023?

  1. Picture Frame

Babysitting babies are events that create long-lasting memories, and what better way to capture that memory than by framing a beautiful babysitting picture? Daycare providers and babysitters will appreciate a nice frame for their babysitting photos, and can decorate their room, locker, or future dorm with a memory of their friends and mentors.

  1. A Babysitting Scrapbook

Just like a picture frame mentioned above can help capture an important memory, a scrapbook can show a collection of memories, and can also help your daycare providers remember their babysitting journey over the course of a whole year. So, when next it is time to say goodbye to a daycare provider, you can go out of your way to start taking pictures of their work sessions, and compile those pictures into an amazing scrapbook for them.

  1. Customized Monogrammed Bag

Another interesting goodbye gift that you can gift your daycare provider is a customized monogrammed bag. From duffle bags to backpacks, this is a special gift that daycare providers and babysitters can use.

  1. Flowers

Flowers are equally associated with tragic and happy occasions. From funeral flowers to get-well bouquets, flowers come with emotional occasions. Also note that they are a great way to express your thanks with a beautiful option to say goodbye to your daycare provider or babysitter.

  1. Quirky Clothing Items

You can also gift t – shirts with fun babysitting-related phrasing to a daycare provider. If time and staff levels allow, choose something that fits the personality of each recipient.

  1. High – Quality Water Bottles

Another gift goodbye gift that you can gift a daycare provider or babysitter is customized high-quality water bottles. Interestingly, high quality, insulated drink bottles are a great gift that anyone can use all year long.

  1. Personalized or Themed Coffee Mugs

Just like quirky tees, fun coffee mugs with cheesy slogans are a fun gift. You can also choose to fill them with some gourmet candy or chocolates for an extra treat to enjoy during coffee breaks.

  1. Day-care Themed Jewellery

Daycare bracelets, charms, and pins are an ideal fun gift to represent personal connections to work and it will serve as a connection to your daycare provider when it is time to say goodbye. It also lets them show the world just what an important job that they have.

  1. Spa Gift Certificates

Daycare providers and babysitters work hard and deserve to be pampered. A gift certificate for a massage, pedicure, or spa treatment can help them relax over the busy holiday season. They’ll always appreciate it especially when they are retiring.

  1. Espresso Machine

You can also gift an espresso machine to a daycare provider who is moving on. Although not everybody can appreciate this gift, but trust me, there are more people who will appreciate this gift. You can give it a try.

  1. Restaurant Gift Certificates

Whether you pick a location for a fun night out or a popular restaurant that the staff regularly frequent for lunch, giving the gift of a good meal is always a huge hit as a way of saying goodbye, you can add other gifts to this and trust me it will be appreciated.

  1. Engraved Gift Box

Engraved items are tried and true options. Have it in mind that you can include their years of employment at a particular daycare facility, their title, well wishes, or anything else that you fancy. This gift box can be used to store their stationery, other mementos, or simply utilized for decoration.

  1. Amazon Gift Cards

Another goodbye gift that you can gift a daycare provider is an Amazon gift cards. Even though these may not be the most personal gifts, everyone can find something worthwhile at retailers like Amazon. Let the staff purchase their own gift that is sure to make them smile.

  1. Cash

Cash gift is yet another option when it comes to saying goodbye to a daycare provider. Interestingly, some daycare providers will prefer this gift and of course, a little extra money always brings a smile to someone’s face and a nice holiday bonus is a great way to show your appreciation.

  1. Artworks

Good artworks can be expensive and if you can afford it as a daycare owner, it will really be appreciated as a goodbye gift for your daycare provider. Of course, you are not expected to give artworks to everyone, but you should make it an option especially if you have along serving daycare provider and babysitter.

  1. Books

If your daycare provider is an avid reader and book lover, then you need not think further when sourcing for goodbye gifts to give to them to show that you care for them much more than the money you generate from them when they work for you. Even though this gift idea does not suit all daycare provider, it is indeed a good gift idea to adopt if you are looking for gifts to give to your outgoing daycare provider or babysitter.

  1. Washing Machines

Washing machines might be big, but that does not restrict a daycare that has the financial capacity from giving it out as gifts to their outgoing daycare provider or babysitter. All you need to do is to ensure that you brand the gifts and give it out. Of course, you may not be able to give washing machines to all your outgoing daycare providers, but you can give such gifts to some selected staff as a means of saying thank you for their loyalty.

  1. Wall Clock

Branded wall clock is another good item that you can give to your outgoing daycare provider. It is a gift idea that is suitable for a small-scale, medium-scale and larger daycare. Giving out your company’s branded wall clock will serve two major purposes for your organization. It will serve as gift item that will be appreciated and it will also serve as a promotional material for your business.

  1. Wristwatch

Similar to branded wall clock is branded wristwatch. Branded wristwatch is another good gift idea that a small -scale, medium-scale and larger daycare can give to their outgoing daycare providers. It is important to state that there are different ranges of wristwatches hence the status of your daycare provider will determine the quality of wristwatch to give to them. The truth is that if you give out a less expensive wristwatch to a daycare provider or babysitter that fancy expensive wristwatches, then you can be certain that they are not going to use it.

  1. All-Expense Paid Trip

All expensive paid trips to tourist attractions are usually given out to and it can be a goodbye gift to a daycare provider or babysitter. You can be rest assured that it is a gift that can be truly appreciated especially if the tourist destination is indeed attractive.

  1. Microwave Oven

If you are at a cross on what suitable gift you should give to your outgoing daycare provider, you don’t need to stress yourself any further. This is so because there are gifts that can be used by all and sundry, at home and in the office, microwave oven falls under this category. So, if you are looking for a suitable goodbye gift that you can give to your outgoing daycare provider irrespective of their status, then you should consider giving them microwave ovens. Even though you may not be able to give out microwave ovens to all your outgoing staff, you can give to a selected few based on your criteria.

  1. Customized Towels

Customized towel is another good gift idea that a daycare can give out to their outgoing daycare provider. This gift is suitable for both the high-profile and low-profile daycare provider. Just ensure that the towels are of good quality and well – branded if indeed you want your high-profile daycare providers to appreciate and make use of it.

  1. Car

Car! Yes, car can be used as a goodbye gift to your outgoing daycare provider if you run a big daycare business and you generate huge sales from the business. You don’t need to be an auto dealer or auto manufacturing company for you to be able to give out car gift to your highly esteemed and long serving daycare provider. You can be rest assured that it is a gift that your outgoing daycare provider will truly appreciate. If you are just starting out in business, you might not be able to give out cars as goodbye gift.

  1. Customized Throw Pillows

If you have seen customized and branded throw pillows, you will truly appreciate it; it is an item that can be used as a gift to your outgoing daycare provider. Trust me, if the throw pillows are nice looking, you can be rest assured that your outgoing daycare provider will make use of them. So, if you are looking for a gift item to give to your outgoing daycare provider and babysitter and you don’t have the financial capacity to give out expensive gifts, then you should consider giving out customized throw pillows. Just ensure that the throw pillows are of good quality.

  1. Jewelries

Good jewelries can be truly expensive hence it will be truly appreciated if given as a gift. Although this gift item might not be applicable to all your outgoing daycare providers, but if you successfully carry out your survey and you know what you outgoing daycare provider or babysitter will appreciate and make use of, then the essence of giving them the gift will be achieved. So, if you have a carer that fancies jewelries, then you should endeavor to give them good jewelries. The jewelries might not be too expensive, just ensure that it is well-packaged and presentable.

  1. Customized Duvets

If you are still confused on the goodbye gifts to gift to a daycare provider, then you should consider giving out duvets. Just ensure that you have done your underground findings before investing in this gift item if you truly want the daycare provider you are giving this gift to appreciate and make use of it. Irrespective of how big your daycare business is, you can adopt this gift item.

  1. An Aquarium

Lastly, another goodbye gift that you can give to a daycare provider is an aquarium. An aquarium is a vivarium of any size having at least one transparent side in which aquatic plants or animals are kept and displayed. Fish keepers use aquaria to keep fish, invertebrates, amphibians, aquatic reptiles, such as turtles, and aquatic plants. This gift can be placed in the living room, studies or at the entrance of your house.