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Creating a Great Bottled Water Brand- 10 Cool Design Tips

A brand is the sum total of the experiences your customers as well as potential customers have with your company and products or services. A strong brand is key to the success of your bottled water business because it communicates what your company does and how it does it. It also established trust and credibility among customers and prospects.

While many people erroneously take a logo for a business’s brand, there’s much more to your brand than just your logo. Your brand comprises your everyday interaction with your customers, your business slogan as well as the message you share with your customers on your website and in email, the images you share that depict your business (this is where your logo comes in), the content of your marketing materials, and your unique selling proposition.

When two or more people have the same feeling or mindset about your bottled water company, then you have a brand. That feeling is your brand. And that brand is created by everything you do, not just your logo. You get it?

While it might seem a hard process, creating a great brand for your bottled water company isn’t as hard as you think. Here are 10 expert tips for developing a perfect brand identity for your bottled water that will make both you and your customers happy.

10 Killer Design Tips for Creating a Great Bottled Water Brand

1. Know your customer

One of the commonest businesses most businesses make is not doing their homework well enough before plunging into the market. By clearly defining your target market and your typical customer, you will able to keep them in mind with everything you roll out including your products, designs, marketing strategies, and so on.

2. Create a unique logo

The logo is one of the most prominent elements of your brand. It’s usually so prominent that most people think—erroneously though—that a business’s brand is no more than the logo. A unique logo sends signals that you are creative and that you are more than likely to offer bottled water that comes with a unique advantage.

3. Work with a plan

If you design your brand without proper planning, then you will have to rely heavily on intuition and accordingly run the risk of coming up with an unimpressive brand. Developing a clear brand strategy before making any attempts to create your brand will boost your chances of success.

4. Check the competition

A smart way to come up with a unique and impressive brand is to compare the brands created by the competition. Look at their colors and visual styles, their slogans, and their visions. Then sit back and figure out how to come up with something not just unique, but better.

5. Spot what’s special

One thing you should start looking for right from the beginning of your brand creation exercise is the “special feature” of your bottled water. If you don’t identify it, you will find it hard to connect with target customers—because chances are they already know other bottled water brands and only that special feature in your own product can compel them to give it a trial.

6. Get feedback

Sometimes you may need to seek the opinions of your target customers when creating your brand. They will most likely see things from the perspective of real customers, and they will be able to give helpful recommendations that will boost the chances of your brand’s success.

7. Quality matters most

The quality of your bottled water is the most important aspect of your brand. The world’s greatest brands are known for high quality products and services. Even if your logo, marketing messages, and other aspects of your brand are world-class, a low-quality product will play the spoiler.

8. Don’t over design

While good designs say lot about your bottled water brand, it’s important to avoid over-doing it. A well-thought-through, authentic and simple design is often the best. From your logo to the design of your water bottles, your design must be moderate, but awesome.

9. Tell your story

Every great brand has a unique story behind it. So, use the various elements of your brand to tell the story behind your bottled water company. In other words, let your brand design be a reflection of your story.

10. Test, test, and test

You don’t necessarily have to get everything perfectly at the first try. You need to keep testing different designs and other brand elements until you arrive at the best combination.