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How to Start a Business in Brazil: 10 Lucrative Opportunities

Are you searching for small business opportunities in Brazil? Are you considering starting a business in Brazil but you simply lack ideas on what business to start? If YES, then I advice you read on as this article will help solve this problem.

The year is almost over and it’s time to start making plans for the New Year. One of the most important plans you should make is how to increase your income. We all know that life is sweeter when you have more money even though some people would say that money cannot buy you happiness but it sure can buy you comfort and peace of mind. If you doubt me, ask people who are neck deep in debt.

Expanding your income starts finding the right opportunities and then exploring it. It hurts to see so many Brazilians living from hand to mouth and suffering from acute poverty caused by unemployment when there are so many business opportunities that could be explored. You don’t need to have millions to start your own business is Brazil; there are even home-based businesses that could be started with minimal resources.

This is why we have decided to open your eyes to some of the lucrative and easy to start businesses that you can do in Brazil. These are businesses that are sure to thrive and bring you wealth provided you employ the right tactics. Without wasting time, let’s explore ten of the very best business opportunities in Brazil-:

10 Hot Small Business Investment Opportunities in Brazil

1. Luggage Delivery

Brazil is a very attractive destination for tourists. The recent world cup held in Brazil even exposed some of the beauty of Brazil to the world and has attracted even more tourists. Now is the time to invest more in the tourism sector in Brazil because even more tourists are to be expected in these years following the world cup. Vacation is fun and holiday makers may enjoy long flights but one thing they certainly wouldn’t enjoy is the hassles of conveying their luggage after a long flight especially when they have never been to Brazil.

You can make some money by helping people solve this challenge. What you would do is to offer luggage delivery services such that travelers do not have to worry about the stress of luggage delivery. This service is not strictly for tourists; you can offer it to locals too especially those who go on business trips regularly or those who import goods.

2. Apps Developer

Another business that is raking in a lot of money right now is application development for mobile phones, tablets and computers. Although there seems to be a lot of competition in the business right now, there are still a lot of gaps to be filled. You can come up with brilliant applications. Some of the areas you should look into are travel, jokes, health and home remedies. You can also consider traffic and security related apps or educational apps. You could also make some money for yourself from training people on how to develop applications too.

3. Internet Service Provider

A large percentage of Brazilians use mobile phones and computers which of course need to be connected to the internet. Companies and business owners also make use of the internet and so does schools. People are always looking for good internet service provider with fast services at cheap rates.

If you feel that you have something better to offer than what Brazilians already have access to, I will say “Go for it” but remember, this is a business for people with deep pockets. If you don’t have enough capital, you should consider looking for people who do to partner with you.

4. E-Commerce

You can also consider selling stuffs on the internet. You could build the next Brazilian ‘Alibaba’ or ‘E-bay’. China has been able to boost its economy with websites like Aliexpress, DHgate and the likes and the same thing can be done in Brazil too.

5. Bottled Water Production

Another business you wouldn’t regret going into in Brazil is bottled water production. Everybody drinks water and bottled water production is very lucrative because people feel that it is cleaner and healthier for consumption. You can start producing clean bottled water for sale.

A popular trend in bottled water production that you can look into is alkaline bottled water production. Alkaline bottled water is trending right now because of the claims made by some health experts that it can help to detoxify the body and prevent cancer.

6. Paint Production

You can also make money from producing paint. Paints are hot demand products because they are used in almost every building project carried out in Brazil. Also, you don’t have to limit your paint production business to Brazil alone; if your stuff is really good, you can export to other countries for sale too.

7. Wine Production

Another brilliant product you can manufacture for sale in Brazil is wine. As you already know, Brazilians love the taste of good wine. And because Brazil is a popular tourist destination, you won’t have problems selling your wine. Wine is really not that hard to manufacture; with some months of training and a license, you are well on your way to starting your own wine manufacturing and distribution company.

8. Pet Feed Production

Isn’t it weird that people still feed their pets on imported food in Brazil when pet feed is so easy to make? You can consider starting your own pet feed production business but you must ensure that your formula is really good and you come up with a superb product that would help to enhance the growth and development of pets that are fed on it otherwise, you may find it difficult to retain your customers because most pet owners have a certain need in mind that they desire to be met when they buy pet feed.

9. Frozen Chicken

Another good business you can go into in Brazil is packaging and selling of frozen chicken. To make it easier for you to get access to live chicken at cheap rates, you should consider setting up a poultry farm to supply your frozen chicken production and packaging business. You can also make money from selling retail frozen chicken if you don’t have resources to set up a production and packaging company.

10. Educational Consultancy

Lastly, you can consider becoming an educational consultant and help to render admission assistance, counseling and support to students.