There truly isn’t any excuse for not making money to run your life and pay your bills. Life they say can be queer with its twists and turns but one must continually strive to keep body and soul together. If you feel you have tried all and still find it quite difficult to make money, then you might still want to try more by looking for legit and alternative ways to do so.

These days, there is no limit to how one can make money. Do you know that you could make huge money by just becoming a middleman brokering deals for business people? To broker business deals doesn’t necessarily require that you are employed; but you just need to know how to locate a seller and buyer and then connect them together with the agreement that you would get your percentage cut from either the seller alone or from both the seller the buyer depending on the agreement reached.

The only requirement is to have very rich marketing skills. These deals could include the following; land, automobiles, properties or anything that is up for sale. Remember, you don’t need a degree to be able to do this kind of business. All you need is your ability to communicate and for people to be able to trust you. Here are 7 avenues where you could make money by simply brokering business sales and acquisitions.

How to Make Money Brokering Business Sales / Acquisitions

1. Real Estate

The real estate industry still remains one of the most prolific industries where brokers make loads of cash. You would realize that most of the agencies that advertise accommodations and office spaces for lease or rent aren’t the owners of the properties. In some cases they don’t even know the owners of the properties they are marketing for. Their job is to get anybody looking for accommodation or office facility and link them with a landlord that has the available property.

Before you are shown the vacant property as an agent, you must have agreed on the percentage to be shared if you eventually rent or lease the property. In some cases you are given 10 percent of the rent as your fee. Merely brokering a deal with a land owner or someone who wants to buy a land could fetch you multiple thousands of dollars depending on the cost of the land. You could get 5% or 10 % of the cost of the land as the case varies in different countries. Say for example if you broker a deal for a land that is worth 10M dollars, you might be lucky to make up to $500,000 or even 1M dollars depending on the percentage agreed upon.

2. Oil and Gas

It is no longer news that the oil and gas industry is a money spinner any day. You too can cash in on this as there are loads of companies that require diesel or gas to power their plants. There are many middlemen making great commission just brokering deals between companies and oil dealers. What you need to do to be a part of this is to know the price range of oil and gas in your country, the companies that need it and those who supply it. It is however very expedient that you sign a binding agreement with either the seller or the buyer before you broker any deal. This is so that you are aware of the percentile of cash due to you after the deal.

3. Haulage

You don’t need to own a truck before you can be eligible to make money from the haulage industry. What you need to do is to look for companies that are into haulage businesses; and at the same time look for people who transport their goods from one location to another and link them, by connecting them together. People generally look for cheaper ways of doing business so what you should do is to look for cheaper haulage services and market it to your potential clients. Ensure that you market the haulage company you can trust.

4. Automobile

The rate at which people buy cars will continue to be on the increase as long as automobile industries keep rolling out new editions of cars. What you need to do to be able to make money in this industry is to know the kind of cars that people are looking for, and the location of car dealers with fare prices. Depending on the level of trust, you can broker a deal in such a way that you get groups of people to buy cars and pay via installment. What you might need to do in such cases is to approach companies with employees that can afford the kind of cars you are marketing and sell your offer to them.

5. Sports

Sports are one area where you could tap into to make good cash without even knowing how to play the sports you are making the money from. It is simple; all you need to do is to look for clubs in need of certain quality of players and go out there and source for such players. For example, football scouts and agents just serve as middlemen between football clubs and players and whenever a contract is signed they smile to the bank. Although you would have to get some license to be able to participate actively in this industry, but you can still practice without a license if you are just doing it at a grassroots level.

6. Heavy duty Equipments and Electronics

There are companies that might want to sell off their used power generating sets and other heavy duty equipment, but don’t know how to go about it. What you need to do to cash in on this is to drive round industrial areas and estates to see what is up for sale and then look for those who are in need of such equipments and broker a deal. You can be sure to make good money when you pull this off rightly.

7. Tourism

In the tourism industry, you may be required to deal with middlemen or agencies to get certain services done. Sometimes you might get better deals of flight tickets, hotel reservations and even tour guides via agencies. What you need to do to cash in on this is to always be on the lookout for cheap deals and then go ahead to advertise it perhaps via social media platform. Just ensure that you agree on a commission with either the service provider or the customer.

In conclusion, these 7 areas is just a fraction of the quarters you can make money from by just brokering a business deal between buyers and sellers. It is important to note that one of the easiest ways to get people to know about the deals you have for grabs is to open a website and advertise all the deals you have for sale. However, be sure you agree on a certain commission rate before brokering any deal.

Ajaero Tony Martins