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What is the Best Bubble Tea Shop Layout?

Are you wondering what the best bubble tea shop layout is? If YES, here is the best bubble tea shop layout for 2023. Have it in mind that how you design the layout of your bubble tea shop is going to depend on two things, your budget and how much space you have. If you have a lot of space and a huge budget, then you can design your shop to emulate a huge restaurant-type shop with a front ordering area, a back kitchen, and interior seating for customers.

However, if you are on a more constrained budget then you can put your shop into a food stand, food truck, kiosk, or mini-bubble tea shop. A good number of people starting this business today choose a shop that is somewhere in the middle which comes out to be about 15ft x 10ft.

The best bubble tea shop layout will have to focus more on simplicity. It is imperative to the success of your business to utilize your space to get the most out of your bubble tea machines and give your employees (even if it’s just you) proper space to craft delicious drinks. When in doubt, keep everything simple and focus on making great tea.

Boba or bubble tea is a delicious treat that has grown in popularity especially in recent years. Note that it was first conceptualized in Taiwan in the 1980s and quickly spread throughout Asia in the 1990s. Eventually, it became an international phenomenon. This unique drink is a type of tea served with chewy tapioca balls or ‘pearls.’ The tea itself can be floral or fruity, made with milk, or made without.

In a well-designed shop layout, a bubble tea kitchen and shop should be at least 15 x 10 ft. Note that this guarantees adequate room for all the machinery, employees, and a point of sale. To keep the flow of the kitchen, it is very necessary to have all of the cooking done in one spot, and all of the tea customization in another.

Factors to Consider When Planning a Bubble Tea Shop Layout

Owing to the popularity, quirkiness, and deliciousness of bubble tea, more and more entrepreneurs are eager to start their own boba tea shops. However, before doing so, it is vital to put into consideration a few crucial factors.

  1. Flooring

It is imperative you take your time to research the best flooring materials for your bubble tea shop. Note that finding stylish materials that match the current design of the space is very necessary, whether you are eager for breathtaking ‘wow’ factor or sleek minimalist style.

It is critical that your flooring is durable and reliable enough to handle all the elements of a busy working environment. For example, if your preferred flooring material scratches easily or makes a lot of noise when furniture is moved around, this will more or less negatively impact the otherwise peaceful look and feel of your shop.

  1. Kitchen Design

Have it in mind that one of the most important elements of a bubble tea kitchen design is having the right equipment. A well-articulated layout will make sure you can continue to make a delicious product without becoming bogged down by untimely repairs, breakdowns, and delays.

If your intention is a kitchen that makes its bubble tea by hand, then you should have the stove and tea brewer together on the far side, away from the point of sale. This ensures that employees only go over there when cooking.

To ensure that you serve customers better, keep only the machinery for the last steps of tea creation near the point of sale. This includes the shaker and sealer, however, they should not be in the way.

  1. Consider Your Workflow

When designing your shop layout, note that considering a more streamlined bench will not only look nice but can greatly improve your shop’s workflow and efficiency. Note that the right machines should blend seamlessly with your existing aesthetic and enable an efficient workflow. In addition, have it in mind that moving your hot water offerings under counter will allow for a clearer, more exceptional workspace and better face-to-face customer interaction.

  1. Electrical Requirements

A very critical part of designing a workable shop is ensuring your electrical system can manage the output and requirements of all your equipment. Note that failure to have an up-to-date system can transcend into steady power outages, malfunctioning equipment, and electrocution. To give a clear picture of the output of basic bubble tea equipment, here are the amp requirements for some of the most popular bubble tea machines:

  • Shaker machine: 75W ÷ 110V = 0.6818 AMPS
  • Sealer machine: 400W ÷ 110V = 3.6364 AMPS
  • Fructose dispenser: 300W ÷ 110V = 2.7273 AMPS

If you make use of a tea brewer, then ensure that it is wired by an electrician and has a direct water source.

  1. Health Department Requirements

It is recommended that you consult with your local health department to see the specifics about how many sinks and drains you will need in your shop and kitchen area. Normally, one sink needs to be designated to hand washing. Some inspectors will also require UL Certification on your bubble tea machines.

  1. High-Quality Furniture

It is very vital that you choose quality over quantity when picking necessary furniture for your shop. Note that using poorly designed, uncomfortable tables and chairs will leave customers with a bad first impression of your tea shop. When making choices, ensure that your chosen furniture material is thick and reliable enough to stand the test of time. Endeavor to check the construction of potential furniture pieces – their structures should be sturdy and safe to hold a wide variety of customers.

Ensure to consider the seating arrangements as well. If your bubble tea shop has a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, you can leverage furniture to establish different zones around the shop.

  1. Counters

Whether you open a bubble tea shop in the mall or in the streets, note that you will need to pay attention to the counter design and layout arrangement. To ensure that your shop Layout and designs align, take time to consider what the main tone and concept will seem to people. Since the space and design pattern of each bubble tea shop can be quite different, it is imperative to customize the bar counter according to your shop layout, decoration theme, and product color. The most common bar counter styles include;

  • L shaped bar counter
  • Semicircular bar counter
  • Curved bar counter
  • Zigzag bar counter


Generally, it is imperative to design the layout of your bubble tea shop according to the size of your shop and according to the specific situation of the shop. Note that this does not only ensure that you effectively use every inch of space, but also protect the overall image of your bubble tea shop. If you open a bubble tea shop by yourself, consider the things to be placed in advance, and then customize your layout according to your needs.