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How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at a Boba Tea Shop?

According to the company’s website, you have to be at least 16 years old to work at a boba tea shop. Boba Tea Company, Inc. is a well-renowned company situated in Albuquerque, NM, United States, and it is part of the Specialty Food Stores Industry.

According to reports, the company boasts of at least 81 employees across its locations and generates $13.41 million in sales (USD). In addition, there are 9 companies in the Boba Tea Company, Inc. corporate family.

The Boba Tea Company is the invention of Vi and Hoa Luong, the industrious duo which established Café O, one of the city’s best restaurant launches in 2004. Being so eager to establish a “Starbucks for the younger generation” the Luongs have revolutionized tea drinking with a quantum departure from high tea tradition made fashionable in England.

In recent years, Boba Tea Company has been locating and taking up high-profile locations across the United States, such as Coronado Center, after starting its business in strip centers. Other locations include 4401 Wyoming Blvd. and 8900 Holly Ave. NE. The 275-square-foot Coronado store is the most productive for the couple, who self-financed the business.

According to reviews, some of the favorites at Boba Tea Company are the raspberry and cantaloupe slushes. Also unique is the chocolate milk slush which tastes like a liquefied fudgecicle.

A combination of chocolate/orange will really take your mind back to the gourmet chocolates often sold around Valentine’s Day. The company’s menu includes many unique flavors such as lychee, mung bean, and more that will ensure you stay busy trying to find a new favorite.

Have it in mind that Boba Tea’s business strategy focuses on creating new products and uniquely distinguishing its brand.

Also note that the company sells Asian-inspired teas and is steadily looking for new ways to streamline all its operations in order to grow business profit margins and also reduce cost, while still maintaining quality, customer service, and brand distinction.

Qualifications for Working at Boba Tea Company

Anyone looking to work at Boba Tea Company must be a people person as they will be dealing with all types of customers. They are expected to efficiently deal with daily challenges and will have to remain calm every time irrespective of the situation they are facing.

They must be able to work with minimal or no supervision at all and also be comfortable working different shifts and working on weekends and holidays. A boba tea company employee is expected to have most of the following qualifications:

  • Must have experience taking orders and preparing drinks
  • Must be able to take inventory and place supply orders
  • Must be able to operate a cash register
  • Must be able to accurately handle monetary transactions
  • Must be capable of going to the bank to make deposits
  • Must be able to prepare supplies for the bubble drinks
  • Must be able to speak, in addition to English, the language common to the area of business operation.

Top Skills Needed to Work at Boba Tea Company

To work at Boba Tea Company, the applicant is expected to demonstrate the skills that he or she possesses that will be relevant to the position he or she is applying for. Most importantly, an applicant is expected to show that he can handle himself when he is actually immersed in the work environment. Nonetheless, here are the top skills needed to effectively work at Boba Tea Company.

  1. Customer Service

When working at Boba Tea, regardless of your position, you will be dealing directly with customers all day. Have it in mind that this requires strong interpersonal skills. You will have to be able to put on a friendly face when speaking with customers.

You will also have to listen attentively to their orders and be able to answer any questions they have. Note that this requires strong communication skills, as well as;

  • Approachability
  • Positive Attitude
  • Team Player
  • Verbal Communication
  • Enthusiasm
  • Friendliness
  • Interpersonal
  • Personable
  • Politeness
  • Written Communication
  1. Responsibility

According to the company website, they are always eager to know that employees will show up to work on time and be professional, responsible employees. Note that you can buttress this skill in your interview simply by showing up a few minutes early, dressing in clean and appropriate attire, and coming with all necessary documents.

  1. Attention to Detail

A good number of customers who visit Boba Tea make very specific drink requests. Note that it is up to you to accurately measure and combine all the ingredients, and create the drink the customer wants. To effectively do this, you need to pay high attention to details, as well as have some general measuring and math skills. You will also need this attention to detail when working the cash register.

  1. Multitasking

Anyone working at a bubble tea shop is expected to do some things at once. At Boba Tea Company, you might have to make multiple drinks while also working the register and answering a customer’s question. Note that all these can cause stress, especially in a busy café.

To successfully work at Boba Tea, you have to be able to handle the pressure of a busy work environment and must be able to calmly complete multiple duties at one time.


At Boba Tea Company, applicants are expected to be at least 16 yrs old. However, if you are 15 years, you can still apply by acquiring a worker’s permit which can be acquired through your school or your guardians.

In addition, Boba Tea Company has its own training program called SUCK University that teaches employees everything they need to know about working at the company. Once accepted, the pledge period of the company’s training involves 3 positions: BobaBack, BobaTender, and BobaGreeter.