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50 Best Business Name ideas for a Bus Company

There have been a whole lot of changes in the transport industry in recent years. With the growing impact of climate change and the daunting price of petrol and diesel, people now favor public transport to save the environment, time, and fuel.

This situation has favored the transport industry. Buses are renowned as the most ideal vehicles for public transport because they can contain over 20-30 passengers at a time and are much cheaper than other forms of public transportation.

However, anyone looking to start a bus company will have to deal with the stress and difficulties that come with choosing an appropriate name.

While you won’t find it difficult taking into consideration the small number of companies that run national services, you have to understand that there are numerous smaller companies that ply local routes. As such, you need to carry out extensive research before making your final pick.

Catchy Names for a Bus Company

  1. Royalty Bus Rides
  2. Tarred King
  3. City Ranger
  4. Road Legends
  5. Prime Rides
  6. Cayton Bus Service
  7. Mast Transport Logistics
  8. VIP Rides
  9. Lank Bus Company
  10. Premier Buses
  11. Best Transit
  12. Road Dolphin
  13. Venus Bus Lines
  14. Brightling transport
  15. Silverback Tours
  16. Flash Rides
  17. King and Queens
  18. KMC Transport
  19. Blueline Buses Ltd
  20. Bronze Coach Express
  21. Magnificent Transport
  22. Pureclass Vehicles
  23. Magic Transportation Services
  24. Hilltop Buses
  25. S & T Buses
  26. Staunch Caravan
  27. Knight Rides
  28. Daylight Bus
  29. Everest Bus Transportation
  30. Woodland Carriers
  31. Green Turtle Buses
  32. Safety Touch Rides
  33. Home Rides
  34. Preston Transport
  35. Stella Gold Buses
  36. Eastern Transport Line
  37. Spearhead Transport
  38. Anchor Coach Services Ltd
  39. Basin Coach
  40. Blue Wheels
  41. Time Express Bus
  42. TY Express
  43. Metrobus
  44. 180 Transportation Line
  45. Big Rides
  46. Dynamite Bus Inc.
  47. Prince of Persia
  48. Air Eagle Transportation
  49. Tides Rides
  50. Wave Coaches
  51. Tiger Base
  52. Sheriff Express
  53. New Lane Buses

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Name for a Bus Company

  1. Your niche

There are numerous niches to focus on when looking to start a bus company. Have in mind that one of the easiest ways to attain success in this line of business is to start with the business demographic information. Take your time to analyze the professions or interests of the individuals that encompass your niche.

What do you think are these people’s interests? You have to ensure you only focus on information and topics that are relevant to your bus company and your intended niche.

  1. Your competitors

Have it in mind that the most viable way to bolster market share is by learning from competitors, especially in terms of advertising and branding. Don’t forget to leverage your competitors’ experiences by understanding the best and worst planning in their niche. You can utilize a plethora of tools to spy on your competitors in the industry.

  1. Short, simple, and attractive names

The best name for your bus company needs to be short, simple, and memorable. Entrepreneurs are always advised to go for the simplest names that can easily resonate with their clients and the industry. Aside from that, make sure the ones you pick are easy to pronounce and also conveniently remembered. Don’t forget that hard-to-spell words will discourage your potential clients from becoming repeat clients.

  1. SEO

In this modern age, it is necessary to consider SEO when choosing your business name. Note that a good and viable local SEO is very essential for businesses that depend on people locating their products and services within the area.

Things to consider regarding SEO includes sales, overall ranking of sites, and site maintenance to guarantee good Google results. Ensure you understand how to target your local city clients with local SEO. You have to be optimized for a precise location if you are operating in a city.

  1. Domain Name

Every business in this modern age needs a top-class internet presence to be able to draw in substantial customers. Owing to that, it is necessary to obtain the right domain name for your company.

A properly chosen name and a matching domain name can ensure that your business stands out and that clients can know that you exit, as well as where to find you. Make sure the name you choose can afford you a branded domain name to draw in potential customers and grow your business online.


While it is never easy to choose a good name for a business, note that a good percentage of company names are taken from the titles of well-known people or locations. Nevertheless, it falls to each bus company to verify that they are actually legally permitted to use the name that they have selected.

Inspirations to pick the ideal name for your bus company can arise from a wide array of sources, such as city, culture, and geography.