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50 Best Business Name ideas for an Insurance Company

Picking the right name for your insurance company can prove to be very challenging and quite daunting. Although a good number of business owners tend to believe that the ideal name for their business will come to them when the time is right, it doesn’t ever really work like that.

Truth be told, viable names for your company take conscious efforts, focus, and creativity. Note that picking the appropriate name for your business necessitates that you consider the sort of message you want your audience to get.

You have to understand that same as your business logo, your name is one of the first things your audience will use to analyze and recognize your business. Have it in mind that the appropriate name will groom trust, confidence, and excitement, while the wrong name can affect your business success, especially your ability to raise revenue.

Ideally, for insurance companies, names are particularly important to ensure that you can attract clients. Have it in mind that when customers are looking to work with an insurance company, they’re more or less seeking security. They need to be assured that their livelihood, finances, and even families will be in safe hands. As such, a good name can give them that confidence.

Catchy Names for an Insurance Company

  1. People’s Choice Insurance
  2. Concrete Insurance
  3. Solid Mast
  4. Purebred Insurance
  5. Council Insurance
  6. Genuine Trust
  7. Liability Insiders
  8. Care Soldiers Insurance
  9. Safety Revelation
  10. Prime care Insurance
  11. Mortgage Experts
  12. Quick Steps Insurance
  13. Safety Police
  14. Cantus Insurance
  15. Southcoast Insurer
  16. Vest Liability
  17. Property Reinsurance
  18. Assurance Insurance
  19. Buddy Insurance
  20. Royal Insurance
  21. Mantel
  22. Clean Slate
  23. Zion Castle
  24. Lintel Insurance
  25. Puskas Liability Inc.
  26. Lieutenant Insurance
  27. Varity Insurance
  28. Safe Glove
  29. Marvel Conduits
  30. Easylife Insurance
  31. Demi Protection
  32. Pride Insurance Inc.
  33. Bridgestone Insurance
  34. Neighbor Insurance Co.
  35. Tight System Insurance
  36. Bronx Insurance Experts
  37. Atlantic Basin Insurance
  38. Global Insurance
  39. Red Pear Liability
  40. Silicone Proof Insurance
  41. Cedar Insurance
  42. Astro Insurance
  43. Trustcare
  44. Vee Liability and Memory
  45. Seven Pillars Insurance
  46. Watchdog Liability
  47. Live Free Insurance
  48. Zero Worries Inc.
  49. Peace of Mind Insurance
  50. Evolve Insurance

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Name for an Insurance Company

You have to understand there are vital factors to take into consideration when choosing the best name for an insurance company. These factors include;

  1. Target audience

This is one of the most important factors to take into account when naming an insurance company. It is important you note your intended demographic and what they will look for when searching for your insurance.

Put together a set of user personas that will help you decipher precisely who your customers really are. Take your time to also find out their pain points, if they have any precise perspectives when seeking out insurance policies, and the exact demographic groups they fall into. Leverage this insight into your audience to pick the most ideal name.

  1. Niche

There are numerous niches in this line of business, and you need to take that into consideration when making your decisions. Have it in mind that niches in this industry go far beyond life insurance and property insurance. To attain success as a new company, you will have to focus on a particular niche or even target a particular set of people.

It is necessary that your company name reflects the policies you offer or even include some words that buttress your specialization. Have it in mind that when such a name appears on an insurance company logo, it will help in marketing your expertise to your clients.

  1. Brand message

This particular factor is very important because it ensures that you can explicitly set yourself apart in the industry. Take your time to evaluate what makes your brand different. Consider your competitive advantages, brand vision, and objectives, and then leverage them to come up with the services or promise you would love to make to your audience.

Ensure you understand what you’re offering with your company. Are you seeking to provide peace of mind, clarity, support, industry experience, or something else? Come up with a name that defines the message you want to send with your brand and use this to craft a name.

  1. Competitors

In just about any niche within this industry, you will find a plethora of agencies that are utterly focused on providing their services. While it is important your company stands out in varying ways, do not underestimate the power of your business name.

Always remember that the name of your company remains the first tool to let your clients understand that you operate special insurance services. Take your time to gather the name of your competitors, especially within the location you intend to establish your business. Make sure to choose a name that is quite different from them.

  1. Domain Name

This is indeed a top factor to consider given the importance of internet presence to businesses. It is possible that the name you find benefiting already has a website that is taken. If this domain is unavailable, then you need to consider other names or domain addresses such as .biz and .net.

Howbeit, if you prefer a .com domain that is not available, then you can reach out to the owner to see if you can buy it. Consider visiting sites like, and to search for a domain name.

  1. Easy to Pronounce or Remember

Always make sure that the name you choose is easy to remember or pronounce. It is necessary that your clients find it easy to pronounce the name.

Ensure not to inculcate words that are hard to spell, write, and remember. Have in mind that a complicated name will heighten the possibility of your clients ignoring it when searching for your type of insurance business online. Also, avoid using a misspelled version of your name. Rather, go for a name that people can spell out naturally.


Choosing an ideal name for any business, talk more of an insurance business, can be overly challenging. Even though it might take a while to choose a name that is ideal for your brand, don’t forget the importance of picking the right name. It will ensure that you stand apart in this line of business and also connect with your consumers.