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10 Best Hair Bow Packaging ideas

The importance of packaging in the hair bow line of business cannot be underestimated. You have to understand that it is all about first impressions.

Your customers need to be satisfied when they pick up your products. Nevertheless, you have to realize that packaging your hair bow to sell is always a pain in the neck. Truth be told, there are numerous reasons why you need to package your hair bows.

Have it in mind that when you package something, it inculcates in it that extra appeal that it did not have before. It tends to draw someone to take a glance at what’s inside.

That is without doubt the attraction you want your bow to have to ensure that it will sell out. Also, note that good packaging will bolster the value of anything inside it. Once you possess attractive packaging, it is possible to charge a premium price and this guarantees more business profit.

Also, note that good packaging ensures that your hair bows are protected from the elements. It simply entails that they are unable to get damaged when on display. While your choice of packaging will vary depending on the resources you have available, here are the top options to consider.

Best Hair Bow Packaging ideas

  1. Clear Plastic Boxes

This sort of packaging has become prevalent not just for hair bows but for most handmade crafts. As such, it is a top option to consider to ensure you get the attention of your prospective clients. Consider utilizing transparent plastic boxes that make it possible for customers to see the hair bow inside.

Also, note that you can inculcate a label or a printed card to the box that will feature your brand logo and other vital business details.

  1. Customized Pillow Boxes

Designed for easy access, note that you can leverage pillow boxes to create packaging that is simple yet unique. These boxes are known to be pillow-shaped boxes and can also be easily customized with your brand name, logo, and design. Have it in mind that they are easy to assemble and make for an elegant presentation.

  1. Organza Bags

These bags are made of sheer organza fabric and close with a satin drawstring tie that pulls together from each end to close the bag. These bags are quite popular because aside from being used by hair bow enterprises, they are great for jewelry, small gifts, soaps, candles, and wine.

Consider using various colors of these bags to package your hair bows. They are lightweight and tend to provide a delicate and enticing look. Don’t forget to attach a branded tag or label to the bag to further boost your brand.

  1. Miniature Drawstring Pouches

Originally meant to keep smaller things from getting lost or mixed up, these bags are available in a wide range of sizes, and they are great for packaging hair bows. Nevertheless, it is recommended you go for small drawstring pouches constructed of fabric or velvet material.

Have it in mind that these pouches tend to give off a luxurious feel and make it possible for your customers to store the hair bows safely.

  1. Decorative Cardboard Tubes

These tubes are cylinder-shaped components that are constructed with cardboard, and they can be utilized for a wide range of functions.

To construct these tubes, you will have to carefully wrap the hair bow around a small cardboard tube, like a paper towel roll or a custom-sized tube, and seal the ends with colored ribbons or stickers. Have it in mind that this distinctive packaging idea will inculcate a touch of creativity into your product and packaging.

  1. Customized Paper Envelope

Originally designed to be used to send letters, greeting cards, announcements, invitations, and brochures, these high-quality, custom envelopes are available in various sizes to fit a wide range of items. One good thing about this envelope is that you can design or inculcate your brand logo and pattern. Also, note that it can be sealed with a sticker or a branded wax seal for a sophisticated look.

  1. Customized Gift Boxes

One good thing to know about this packaging option is that it can be easily designed to align well with every occasion. For many in this line of business, this is their primary packaging option. Note that you can make custom gift boxes that feature your brand colors and logo. These solid boxes can hold multiple hair bows and make for a unique presentation.

  1. Wooden Boxes

Note that a good number of these boxes tend to come with magnetic clasps, some with drawers, and some with compartments that can be leveraged for storing beads, jewelry, or hair bow. It is recommended you consider using wooden boxes for a rustic and eco-friendly packaging option. Don’t forget to inculcate your brand logo or a personalized engraving for a beautiful and distinctive touch.

  1. Display Cards

Hair bow display cards are a wonderful way to show off your jewelry. Ideally, they are quite easy to make and can be printed can out in different sizes. Consider attaching the hair bow to a printed display card that showcases your brand name and logo.

Most often, these cards are made from thick cardstock which makes it easy for your hair bow to be displayed on shelves or racks.

  1. Ribbon-Tied Bundles

There are different types of ribbons available in the market to pick from. Note that you will find a wide range of ribbons that includes grosgrain ribbons, fringe trim, tassel trim, gift ribbons, ric rac trim, pom trim, ribbons for hair bows, and more! Note that you can put multiple hair bows and keep them together with a branded ribbon.