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50 Best Hair Bow Business Name ideas

Hair bows are one of the most beautiful accessories that can be attached to the hair. These accessories can be made easily and they don’t cost that much to make.

Howbeit, owing to the proliferation of technology and e-commerce platforms on the internet, making and selling hair bows can be quite competitive. To guarantee that you can make your product stand out in the crowded market, it is pertinent you choose a good and catchy name for your hair bow business.

When looking to start and operate a viable hair bow business, you have to pick a good business name and this will be one of the most essential decisions you will make.

Catchy Names for a Hair Bow Business

  1. Love Crochet Bows
  2. Pure Glow Inc.
  3. Perfect Bows
  4. Hour Seasons Bow
  5. Kind Regards Designs
  6. Alpha Heirlooms
  7. Kinky Bows
  8. Zion Bows
  9. Heritage Hair Boutique
  10. Queen’s Design Co.
  11. Flora and Fauna Bow
  12. Miracle Target
  13. Sister’s Love
  14. Magnificent Seven
  15. Princess Hair Boutique
  16. Crust Bands & Bows
  17. Manny Соuture
  18. Fresh Petals
  19. Fashion Blend
  20. Seacoast Bow
  21. Pride Locks
  22. Glory Hair Stores
  23. Fanny Bowtique
  24. Lil Pop Boutique
  25. Kendra Touch Bow
  26. Silk Nation
  27. 78 Bow
  28. Curling Bows
  29. White Loom Bows
  30. Archer’s Love
  31. Craft Shоррe
  32. Deluxe Bows
  33. Daisies and Rose
  34. Gleam Bow
  35. Design Prefect
  36. Empress Zone
  37. Heaven Glory
  38. GT-Rex Bows
  39. Tie & Bits
  40. One Love Ladies Inc.
  41. Duchess Prize
  42. Hair and Twirls
  43. All Fancy Shops
  44. Princess Carousel
  45. Angel’s Bow
  46. Barbies Connect
  47. Beauty and Galore
  48. Pink Princess
  49. Queens Arena
  50. Passionista Bow

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Name for Hair Bow Business

Truth be told, there are certain vital factors to take into consideration when choosing the ideal name for a hair bow business. These factors include;

  1. First Impression

This is one of the most vital factors to consider in a hair bow business. Have in mind that the name you choose will have a massive impact on your business.

The appropriate name for your company ought to create a positive first impression on potential customers and ensure that they can easily remember your brand. The perfect name will more or less set the tone for your whole enterprise and ensure that you can establish credibility with your target audience.

  1. Brand Identity

You have to understand the vital role your business name plays in your brand identity. Always make sure that the name you pick for your hair bow business reflects what sets you apart from other businesses in the sector. It is meant to be unique, catchy, and easy to pronounce. A vibrant brand identity is necessary when looking to build trust with customers and create a loyal following.

  1. Marketing and Advertising

A memorable business name will make it more convenient to promote and advertise your products, as it will be used in your slogans, hashtags, and other promotional materials. A perfect hair bow business name is one that people find easy to remember even long after they saw or heard it. This makes it easier to spread the word regarding your products.

  1. Online Presence

In this modern era, there is a need for every business to possess an online presence. A well-chosen hair bow business name will in many ways bolster your online presence by making it more convenient for clients to find you through search engines and social media platforms.

Owing to that, when making decisions regarding the right name for your hair bow business, it is necessary you inculcate relevant keywords that outline what you offer. This will guarantee better search engine rankings and ensure that your clients will know where to find you.

Tips to Remember While Naming a Hair Bow Business

  1. Consider Your Bow Style

When trying to pick the ideal name for your hair bow business, you need to take into consideration the exact style of bows you intend to make. It is recommended that you find a way to make ones that will set you apart from others in the market.

Note that by understanding the sort of bows you intend to make; you can leverage it as inspiration for your brand name. For instance, if you intend to focus on making big, statement bows, you might very well incorporate “statement” or “bold” into your brand name.

Meanwhile, if you plan to only make small, delicate bows, things such as “dainty” or “delicate” could be inculcated into your name.

  1. Keep It Simple

According to experts, this is one trick that will guarantee that your business name is easy to remember. Have in mind that a business name that is catchy, short, and sweet will most definitely be easier to remember and spell. Owing to that, make sure you avoid utilizing complex words or phrases that might probably make it challenging for clients to recall. In addition, note that a simple and straightforward name can help you stand out in a crowded market.

  1. Utilize Descriptive Words

It is also recommended you inculcate descriptive words into your hair bow brand name. Note that this approach can go a long way to help customers fully grasp what your brand is all about. Take into consideration words that exemplify the style of your bows such as “cute,” “colorful,” or “whimsical.”

Have it in mind that these types of descriptors can provide potential customers with an idea of what they can anticipate from your products.

  1. Get Creative with Puns

Puns have proven to be an exciting way to create a memorable brand name. You should contemplate leveraging wordplay with “bow” or other associated terms like “Bowtique” rather than boutique or “Bowsome” in place of awesome.

The key is to ensure that the puns are not too distant that they get clients confused and also that they are quickly comprehended by customers.

  1. Research Competitors

This is indeed another vital trick you have to take seriously. Truth be told, there are a thousand and one other hair bow enterprises and you will do well to find out all you can about them when looking to start your own business. Take your time to find out their names and how it resonates with clients in the industry.

Note that this can help you birth ideas and concepts that will guarantee that your brand stands out from competitors while still aligning well with industry norms.

  1. Test It Out

This will more or less be the last stage of choosing your business name. Note that once you’ve been able to come up with a list of potential names for your hair bow business, take your time to test them out with friends, family members, or possibly potential customers.

Make sure to get feedback on the exact names they feel are more memorable and appealing. Have it in mind that this will make sure your brand name resonates with your target audience.


Without a doubt, selecting the appropriate name for your hair bow business can be quite challenging. Nevertheless, with a little bit of research and some creativity, you can choose a name that is catchy, memorable, and showcases the passion you put into your hair bow business.

Immediately you’ve come up with a name for your hair bow company, it’s recommended you start advertising and selling! Don’t also forget to create a catchy website and social media profiles, and begin advertising your brand to your friends and family.