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How Many Bags of Corn Can You Get Per Acre in 2023?

The exact number of bags of corn you can get per acre of farmland will most definitely vary. Ideally, a whole lot of variables can dictate the quality of yield an acre of maize farmland can produce in a year.

Under the right circumstances, one acre of maize can yield 20 bags of dry maize. Corns are one of the most common meals available to man and they have varying uses. Note that about 90% of the United States farmland is used to farm corn/maize, with a good percentage of that acreage located within Central America.

Aside from animal feed, maize is used it make other things like oil, sweeteners, starches, alcoholic beverages, and ethanol. According to industry reports, around 40 percent of US corn production goes to ethanol. According to experts, the appropriate time to plant corn in the United States often depends on your region and its climate.

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Note that when temperatures are higher, corn is known to yield the most kernels. As such, it is pertinent you wait until the soil has attained a temperature of fifty degrees Fahrenheit before you plant seeds. Late March or early April are noted as the most favorable times to plant in many parts of the United States.

Factors Determining the Number of Bags of Maize A One Acre Farmland Can Produce

Just as was noted above, a whole lot of variables impact the amount of yield or the bags of maize you can produce from an acre of maize farmland. These factors include;

  1. Fertility of the acre

This is without doubt one of the critical factors that will impact how much yield your one-acre farmland produces. A soil that has the necessary nutrients can yield over 20 bags of maize per acre. However, unhealthy soil will yield as low as 1 bag of maize per acre.

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Owing to that, it is recommended you take your time to carry out soil tests prior to planting your seeds. If the result shows that your soil is poor, you have to seek ways to correct the deficiencies before planting.

  1. Choice of seed

Also, note that the specie of maize seeds you plant will also have an effect on the yield of your maize farm. Have it in mind that open-pollinated maize seeds do not really produce substantial yields like hybrid maize seeds. Hybrid maize seeds have proven to have higher yields when put in comparison to open-pollinated maize seeds.

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Don’t also forget that hybrid maize seeds will require other inputs such as fertilizers, water, and chemicals. If your plan is to cultivate hybrid maize seeds and you do not possess enough inputs, you might not get a good yield.

  1. Water

You have to understand the importance of water in your maize cultivation processes as well as your final yield. Note that without adequate water, you might not get a substantial yield from your maize farm. As such, if you intend to plant in the dry season, it is recommended you consider one of the numerous forms of irrigation.

  1. Pests and Diseases

This is one thing that will surely impact your final yield. Don’t forget that maize farm harvest can easily be impacted by pests and diseases. These pests can reduce your acre quality and quantity of harvest and most definitely the amount of bags you get.

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However, there are countless ways to reduce pests and their impact on your corn farm. Consider using pesticides to control pests and diseases.

  1. Weeds and other unwanted crops

Maize farms barely survive when overridden by weeds. Weeds are known to take up a better proportion of the nutrients and water that the corn will need to bloom appropriately. When not appropriately controlled, weeds tend to massively reduce the yield of maize plants.

  1. Bad agricultural practices

Every farmer looking to achieve maximum yield must understand the importance of properly taking care of their farm. You have to note that inadequate or poor agriculture practices could mean a very low yield from your maize farm. Owing to that, take your time to discover and implement recommended cultural practices in farming to guarantee you can harvest enough bags from your farm.

  1. Expertise and Capital

The importance of experience and adequate capital cannot be overemphasized especially when it has to do with farming.

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Maize growing tends to require more thought and planning than most folks think. Ensuring maximum yield from your acre of maize requires careful crop and harvest management. Once it has to do with achieving high yields, mastering a basic series of core skills can be overly necessary.

You will also require adequate capital to obtain all the things you need like fertilizers, the right seeds, chemicals as well as other inputs necessary to grow your farm.


The exact amount of bags of corn you get per acre of farmland will most definitely vary based on these vital factors noted above. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you properly prepare your soil as this will ensure that you get the best yield from your acre of maize farm.

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In addition, don’t forget to take into account other techniques and tips that will ensure you get maximum yield from your farm.