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50 Best Small Business ideas in Dubai for Ladies

Do you want to start a profitable business in Dubai as a woman? If YES, here are 50 best small business ideas & opportunities in Dubai for ladies. Business may be going well in Dubai, but more than a few people have been wondering the fate of women as regards business in the country.

People sometimes think that because Dubai is an Arabic nation, that women are restricted as far as business is concerned. And if they are not restricted per say, there may be certain businesses they will not be allowed to do.

Well, all that is not true. A woman is free to do any business that is termed legal in the country. They are no restrictions. You only need to decide on what you want and then go ahead with it, as long as you have the means to finance the business.

As a woman who is just starting up in business, it would not be to your own advantage to start with a business that requires heavy capital and much work, especially if you have a family demanding a lot of your attention. If you are a woman in Dubai who is looking to start a business, but you are a bit confused on what business to start, we have listed out about 50 business ideas suitable for every situation, and you can choose from them.

Best Business ideas in Dubai for Ladies

  1. Start an Alteration Service

An alteration service is a good business a woman, especially a one with kids, can start in Dubai because it is less demanding. To start an alteration service business, you need to have the basic requirements which are a sewing machine and the right skills.

With a low startup capital investment, a woman can initiate alteration service business exactly from her home location. This business can be operated as part-time also, if you need the other time to take care of your family. You will be making a tidy profit by helping others get perfect outfits.

  1. Boutique Store

Opening a boutique is another good business a woman can do in Dubai. The boutique store is one of the most innovative and trending apparel business ideas in to-days world. What is more, with Dubai being known as one of the biggest commercial centers in the world, you will not find it difficult to find a niche for yourself and start turning capital in a short while.

With a fair amount of idea about the current trend of lifestyle fashions, an individual can initiate this business. You will need to have a strong and reliable supply source for the items.

  1. Rent out costumes

Costume rental business is a self-rewarding profitable business that a woman can initiate on a small-scale basis, at least for a start. This business can be started from a home location, if you do not have the cash to rent a store, and it can be operated on a part-time basis also.

Many organizations like schools, colleges, theater groups, dance group, acting group look for costume rental services for their stage performances, and you can be their go-to supplier.

  1. Sell Seafood

Initiating a specialty seafood selling business is a wonderful and profitable business a woman can start and make good profit from. You will need to source the products as wholesale purchase and store them in frozen condition. Not that you must have the ability to preserve the sea food so it does not lose its quality.

Through a delivery vehicle, you can make the delivery at the customer’s doorstep. Proper product promotion plan is required in this business.

  1. Designer Saree Making

Saree is known as an ethnic wear, and a lot of woman in Dubai wear them. Apart from the Asia Pacific, sarees have good market globally as an occasional wear. This is one business you can start and before long you can be exporting your products.

Designer saree making business can be initiated at home or from a small location before going big. This all about creating a designer saree out of a simple saree by using several threads, yarn, fabric and decorative items. Here, it is your creativity that will stand you out from the crowd.

  1. Event Management Agency

If you are good at putting together family events, then you may be looking at a profitable business idea. Event management agency business demands superior organizational and planning skills, and you must have them before you can do well in this business.

Graduating from college in events management or a related major is a plus, but it’s not required necessity. In event management consulting business, your major customers are large corporations, educational institutes, married couples, religious organizations, political candidates NGO’s and many others.

In fact, you need people that run events frequently, so you need to make an effort to get to be familiar with them. Note that you must have good references if you intend to get the big deals.

  1. Open an Embroidery Unit

Embroidery is a value-added process and service in the garment decorating industry. It is a process of decorating fabric or other material using a special sewing machine with multiple needles and thread or yarn. Embroidery unit business opportunity demands right plan and disciplined marketing to get the business as a successful venture.

It also demands great skills and creativity so that you can deliver excellent obs to your clients. This is a great business a woman can start in Dubai because residents are known to wear a lot of embroidered items.

  1. Vermicompost Fertilizer Production

Vermicompost is the product or process of composting utilizing various species of worms to create a mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and vermicast. Vermicompost production is considered as one of the most profitable green small business ideas, due its low-cost raw materials and to inspiring organic farming.

This business is great for a woman as she can start the process from her kitchen and start selling to her neighbors that have gardens. Vermicompost organic fertilizer production has now become a major component of agri-business models across the country with a very low initial investment.

  1. Social Media Consultant

A whole lot of people use facebook, tweeter, LinkedIn, Pinterest these days and many companies are ready to pay people to get the service of their social media accounts management. Social Media Consulting is one of the highly profitable internet-based business ideas for women entrepreneurs. You do not need much capital to set up this business, and it is something you can run from the comfort of your home.

  1. Start a Food Blog

If you are a food lover and enjoy exploring new recipes, starting a food blog is a good money making business you can start as a woman. You will find many successful food bloggers making a good income out of their blogs related to cooking and recipes. You too can join them.

  1. Craft Baby Room Mural

Crafting baby room mural is a self-rewarding and lucrative business a woman can start in Dubai. Often parents want to have a bright and colorful interior wall painting for their child. The possibilities and opportunities in this business are enormous, you only have to think outside the box. With small startup capital, any woman can initiate this business right from her home location.

  1. Bakery

A bakery is not doubt a profitable business a woman can start in Dubai. With the constant influx of tourists into the country, you would not want for people to buy you baked goods. This business can be initiated in two ways. You can either establish a bakery with a retail location and selling fresh baked items from your store.

Or you can establish a large scale bakery unit and selling product through the retailers. A bakery is one of the proven and most profitable food business ideas that can be initiated with proper planning.

  1. Maternity Clothing Retail

Maternity clothing is one of the most profitable apparel business ideas a woman can initiate and make good profit from. Would be moms also want to look great and stylish. If you have knowledge and expertise in textile designing you may consider starting a maternity clothing business.

  1. Become a Wedding consultant

Wedding consulting business may come natural to a woman who is organized and focuses on details. In the last decade, the need for professional wedding consultants has grown exponentially.

Today, people are often too busy juggling the demands of their professional and personal lives to oversee the details necessary to create the wedding of their dreams. That has actually created enormous opportunity for a startup entrepreneur considering going into the wedding consulting business.

  1. Bookkeeping

There are several large and medium-sized businesses in Dubai and the whole of the UAE. So, there is demand for professionals and firms that offer bookkeeping services. If you have a background in finance or accounting, then this is an opportunity you can profit from. You need almost zero capital to start a bookkeeping firm, and it is almost always profitable.

  1. Open a Coffee Shop

Over the past decade, the coffee shop industry has been increasing rapidly. The coffee shop actually treated as a third place outside of work and home to relax. Coffee shop business is one of the best ways to turn your love for coffee into a profit-making business, and you can run this business as a woman.

  1. Candy Making

Candy making business idea is a fantastic way to turn your hobby and skill into a profitable home-based business. Homemade candies are very easier to make and also quite popular. From chocolates to lollipops, children and mature adults enjoy indulging in candy.

If you a very creative, and have good cooking skills, candy making is a wonderful idea you may consider to convert from your hobby into a profitable business.

  1. Recruitment Agency

The demand for skilled labour is ever rising. As the economy continues to grow, a skilled workforce is required to drive various industries.

Each year, there are many businesses setting up offices in Dubai. Sometimes, these companies face challenges finding the right skills. The indigenous population makes up less than 1% of the workforce. Also, there is a challenge of the language barrier.

Already, the country has a shortage of professionals such as medical, IT, engineers, accountants, and construction workers. The gap has to be filled by foreign workers. So, there is a ready market for recruitment agencies.

You will solve a major problem for these businesses if you can find a way of connecting skilled job seekers from developing countries to the companies in Dubai. Apart from demand, what makes recruitment agencies such a lucrative opportunity is because they need minimal capital.

  1. Cactus Arrangement Service

Cactus is the most favorable plant item to have as decor. It is ideal for tabletop gardens, and many plants can coexist happily in the same container. Creating and selling cactus arrangements is a very profitable and self-rewarding business to start.

If you are a woman that has a green thumb, or you are fascinated by dessert plants, you can easily start this business. It can be initiated from a home location with low startup capital.

  1. Fish Farming

Do you not mind getting a little messy? Then starting a fish farm is right up your alley. Fish farming business opportunity demands special knowledge, skills, and day-to-day careful monitoring. Commercial fish farming has proven to be an economically successful business venture throughout the globe.

Fish is healthy, protein-rich and tasty food with low cholesterol and calories. The fact that a lot of people love fish and fish products would make your business grow big in a short while. You only need to make sure that you have a market for your produce when the time for harvest comes.

  1. Soft Toys Making

Soft toys have a huge market globally. It increases hugely during the festive season because people will always buy toys for their kids.

If you know how to put together decent looking soft and plush toys, you can start this business and run it to profitability. Raw materials are also easily available depending on where you are. This venture can be initiated as small scale basis.

  1. Give Arts and Crafts Classes

Many people want to learn about the specific arts and crafts making such as painting, knitting, Plaster of Paris, sculpture, pottery, glass etching etc.

If you have expertise in any field of arts and crafts, you may consider starting a business where you teach people the rudiments of the trade. This business can be operated from a home location with low startup capital investment. It can also be run online.

  1. Start a Dance Academy

Do you love to dance? Do you have a lot of moves under your belt? Have you gone through training as regards dancing? Then the next logical business for you to start as a woman is a dance academy. Initiating a dance academy is a self-rewarding wonderful venture to start.

Dance Academy has been proven financially feasible for decades. Management expertise, business sense, and dance expertise are the keys to initiate this venture.

  1. Employee Training

The demand for specialized employee training is enormous and it is increasing. The mostly required employee training courses are on customer service, money handling, working place safety measures, stress management etc. Normally these training courses are conducted on employer’s site to make it easier.

If you have the required training or education, that would enable you train employees, then you can go ahead and start and employee training center.

  1. Become a Real Estate Agent

Today, real estate is one of the biggest industries in the United Arab Emirate. Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world; example the Burj Khalifa. It also has many skyscrapers, the biggest malls, artificial islands, and many commercial and residential projects.

So, there are opportunities in various segments of real estate. You can decide to venture into real estate development, property management, or brokerage. What makes real estate so lucrative in this city is the large number of visitors the city receives each year.

There is also a huge population of expatriates who need properties to rent or buy. If you are planning to set up a real estate agency, you need to have all the licenses required to operate. You can start by renting properties in your area before venturing out.

  1. Green Cleaning Service

If you are not averse to dirt and hard work, then one business you can start as a woman in Dubai is a green cleaning service.

Green cleaning service improves indoor air quality; protects the health and safety of people as well as their children and pets, and of course the cleaning techs; it reduces the amount of cleaning waste in the landfill; minimizes water usage and waste, and does it in a sustainable manner minimizing environmental impact. You can easily start this business from home, but you need a car or truck to take your cleaning supplies around.

  1. Hand Printed Fabric Clothing

Hand printed fabric garments have a demand globally. People like to have dresses with hand printed fabric art. If you have good skill in fabric art and drawing, you can initiate this business in Dubai with low startup capital investment. You can also sell the items from an online marketplace directly by registering your business.

  1. Online Lingerie Shop

Woman love their lingerie, and you can serve a lot of women out there if you choose to start an online lingerie shop. An online lingerie shop in the most popular destination for women who want to purchase lingerie from the online marketplaces.

If you have good knowledge about the products in the market and of things that are trending, you can initiate this business with proper planning and marketing strategy.

  1. E-Teaching

E-teaching or online teaching is one of the most popular and trending education business ideas nowadays. The demand is also increasing. Any aspiring individual who loves the teaching profession can initiate this venture by two ways. Either by registering on an online tutoring marketplace or building his/her own online teaching business.

  1. Open a Jewellery Designing Institute

Jewellery designing institute business has enormous market potential because nowadays jewellery designing as a career is flourishing like never before. Earlier a few select families ran the business of jewellery designing and jewellery making.

The current boom experienced by this industry has commercialized this art and opened new opportunities in Jewellery designing institute business. You can now easily set up this business, if you ave the right education and skills.

  1. Hydroponic Retail Store

A woman having a passion for plantation technology can start a hydroponic retail store business, and turn her hobby into a profit-making venture. Hydroponics is a new plantation technology that has been increasing in demands over the past decades as a soil-free way of plantation both for commercial and home use.

  1. Organic Day Spa

An organic day spa provides personalized services for health and relaxation. It includes massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxings, and saunas.

Organic day spas do these services without the traditional use of chemicals, and the most holistic of spas not only use organic oils, creams, and other personal products, but also supply organic tea in the waiting room, soy candles with non-lead wicks, and other touches of healthy, sustainable luxury.

  1. Open a Craft Supply Store

This is one of the most profitable retail businesses in the art and craft industry. Craft persons often look for craft supply stores that sell a variety of unique items; simply, where a craftsperson can find every item that he or she needs. The business demands moderate capital investment. It also demands an eye for beautiful crafts that can get the attention of people so that you don’t get stuck with your goods.

  1. Car Rental

With Dubai being a country that welcomes visitors regularly, this then means that renting out cars is one good way a woman can make money in the country. If you live in a high density population area with business centers and entertainment outfits, car rental business would be a lucrative and profitable venture to start.

The primary operation would involve scheduling customer reservations and supply rental car. A car rental business is a capital intensive business and it needs a lot of research before you go into the business

  1. Customized Tshirt Making

This is also a great business you can explore as a woman looking to start a business in Dubai. People buy customized t-shirts that give special messages, and the customized t-shirt market is increasing very fast. You will need to procure a digital print machine and bare t-shirts for starting this business.

  1. Designer throw Pillows

This is another great good business you can start with small capital investment. Actually, you can produce different types of designer pillows in several ways. You can use embroidery, applique, mirror work and beads work. Different types of gorgeous printed pillows are also very popular these days, so you need to be quite creative for you to carve a niche for yourself.

  1. Greeting Card Making

Greeting card making business idea is perfect for those who enjoy creativity and want to turn their creative minds into a successful venture.A greeting card is an illustrated piece of card or high-quality paper featuring an expression of friendship or another sentiment. Greeting cards is billion dollar industry now. People need it for a lot of reasons like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

  1. Jewelry Box Making

Designer jewelry box making is one of the most profitable home based crafts making business you can start with specific inventory. In starting this manufacturing business, selecting the right product and attractive design is an important factor. Knowing where and how to market your product is also important if you intend to make a headway in the business.

  1. Open a Cake Shop

Starting a cake shop is a lucrative food retail business. The business is easy to start and manage especially of you are good in baking. Additionally, the cake retailing business is perfect for women entrepreneurs. Any individual can start this business with minimal financial investment.

  1. Coffee Shop

The coffee shop industry has been increasing rapidly in the past decade. An entrepreneur passionate and talented about coffee can initiate a coffee shop business where she can sell coffee and maybe snacks to patrons. The coffee shop is actually treated as a third place outside of work and home where people go to relax. Coffee shop business is one of the best ways to turn your love for coffee into a profit-making business.

  1. Portrait Making

Portrait making is a profitable home-based craft making business you can start with a small budget. If you are an artist and can create awesome portraits of anyone, you might consider starting a portrait making business. Other than domestic demand, there is always a good market for portraits for business use. You can also add portrait photography and advise people about portrait posing.

  1. Vacation Property Rental Agency

If you are living in a high-traffic tourist area in Dubai, you can consider starting a vacation property rental service business.

Your home and your the customer service must be top notch if you tend to be profitable in this business. You should also think of offering what other people are not offering in their rental service, or you can provide additional services for free to your renters to to get a foot into the market.

  1. Stencil Art

Stencil graffiti is a form of art that makes use of stencils made out of paper, cardboard, or other media to create an image or text that is easily reproducible. The desired design is cut out of the selected medium and then the image is transferred to a surface through the use of spray paint or roll-on paint.

The process of stenciling involves applying paint across a stencil to form an image on a surface below. Stencil art is often used as the home decor item and gift item. You can easily start this business as a woman in Dubai.

  1. Become a Skincare Consultant

Skin care consultants advice clients about colors and types of makeup, and instruct them in makeup application techniques. They also determine which products or colors will improve clients’ skin quality and appearance. If you have the right skill and knowledge, this business can be initiated from home. Market potential is huge in this sector.

  1. Leather Bag Making

The scope of manufacturing this item is increasing due to versatility in the market. People now need bags to carry their laptops and other electronic devices, thus making the demand for this product to be quite high. The varieties leather bag also have a very good demand globally, so you can focus on the global market if you have grown your business.

  1. Lamp Shades

This is another a great craft business you can start from home. Additionally, this business demands moderate capital investment. You will need to procure different items for producing lamp shades, like fabrics, wood, glass etc. You should also be quite creative so you can attract buyers easily.

  1. Start specialty schools

One of the unique features of Dubai is the presence of a huge number of expats of various nationalities. So, there is a big opportunity for a woman who wants to set up specialty schools. There is also an opportunity to target working populations in segments such as hospitality, IT, and the arts.

Education is one of the most profitable business opportunities in Dubai, and also in the world as a whole. The main requirements that you need to start are certifications, licenses, and infrastructure. If you don’t want to start a new school, you can buy a franchise.

  1. Start an ECommerce Business

ECommerce is a growing sector worldwide, but there are even more opportunities in Dubai. The eCommerce sector in the region is not as developed as that in the US, Europe, or China, but what is exciting is that there are a lot of shoppers you can target. You can make their shopping adventure more convenient by connecting them with local retailers.

  1. Homemade Cookie Making

The online homemade cookie making business eliminates the cost of renting a brick and mortar store. You can start this business either on your own or with one or two employees. You can start selling your cookies in baked good stores, and you can also sell them online.

  1. Become a Personal Chef

If you are a seasoned cook, then one business you can easily start in Dubai is to become a personal chef. Many rich people as well as health conscious people generally like to keep personal chefs so as to always have access to hygienically prepared food.

If you enjoy being a personal chef, and working for people in their homes, you can initiate this business. Because Dubai has a vast number of uber rich people, you will never want for clients.