Are you interested in starting a business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates? If YES, here are 50 small business ideas and investment opportunities in United Arab Emirates that you can start in 2020.

The UAE is such a good place to start a business that more than half of its population is filled with foreigners. Not only is there an abundance of resources but there is also a generally good business climate that is brought about by the stability in the country’s political atmosphere.

This however does not mean that any business goes as there are strict regulatory agencies in place to see that all businesses comply with the country’s rules and regulations. Here are some very lucrative business ideas to look at;

50 Best Small Business Investment Opportunities in Dubai for 2020

  1. Restaurant Business

Before starting a restaurant business you should determine what target population you want to cater to, while it might seem lucrative to go into a restaurant business that will cater to the indigenous people, you might make more money fast if you cater to the foreigners. You could go specialize in serving Africans or run a Chinese restaurant, as this is likely to see that you get a large influx of customers faster than you would if you targeted the indigenous UAE population.

  1. Vocational Training and Education

These days more people prefer to go into a vocation rather than attend school, and some still attend vocational schools after they might have been done with school. You could go into such a business; however you might need to hire other vocational instructors to help out as you would need to offer various vocational courses for your teeming students.

  1. Electronics Store Business

Not everyone wants to go to a branded electronic store where only one brand of electronics is being sold. They want to go into a store that will offer them a variety of choices as regards the electronics they want to pick. However, if you intend to run an electronic store, ensure that you stock only good electronics, so you don’t have customers coming to return electronics and ruining your business in the long run.

  1. Asset Evaluation Company

An asset evaluation is a type of business that focuses on determining the worth of a company’s asset or that of an individual so that an intending investor can make a decision on whether to go on with his or her investment or call it off. This makes you as a middle man between the company to be valued and the investor. This is a high profile business that can get you money in no time.

  1. Transport Business

This is a business that needs you to remain focused in order to rake in the cash. Before starting this business, you would have to make a decision on what type of transport you intend to go into such as limousine service, trucks or taxi business. You would also need to decide on the number of vehicles you intend to start off with. It will be vital if you know what your target area requires, this will make the decision on the type of transport for you.

  1. Freight Forwarding Business

A freight forwarding business helps other companies or individuals organize shipments so as to help them get their goods to either the manufacturer for further production or to the consumer for final distribution or consumption. A freight forwarding business is unlike that of a broker, as your business will likely handle customer shipments directly.

  1. Ladies Beauty Salon

A ladies’ beauty salon is an establishment that solely caters to women so as to improve their beauty which might include hair, nails, feet, and face. Before starting this business in the UAE, check what the requirements are. You would also need to have a vast knowledge of products both organic and otherwise as you would need to pass along tips to women customers that patronize you.

  1. Fashion Boutique Business

As long as majority of the general public are fashion conscious and love fashion trends, then start a fashion boutique business isn’t out of place. However, you not only need a fashion sense to run this kind of business, you would also need to maintain your supply lines, as well as have a good business sense so as to be able to manage other aspects of your business well. You would also need to decide on the niche you intend going into.

  1. Landscaping Business

The landscaping business isn’t one that is going out of style. As a landscaper, you would need to be adept at trimming and pruning as well as mowing. You would also need to have some knowledge on gardening basics and techniques as your clients might sometimes need tips from you.  This business might require heavy equipment and so you would need to be physically fit. In running this business, you can decide on how many clients you want to take up.

  1. Commercial Leasing Agent

As a commercial leasing agent, you would need more than an average knowledge on the basic understanding of real estate laws and zoning. You would also need a license to be able to operate. Apart from marketing properties for people to buy or rent, you would need to know the valuation of the property so that you can help the owner make the right decision as regards pricing. A commercial leasing agent gets a commission only after a property is leased out or sold, so you would need to have persuasive sales and marketing abilities.

  1. Online Employment Agency

An online employment agency is designed to help match available and qualified employees to companies who have the job openings. This kind of business can be run from home and only expanded to a physical official residence when the scale of work increases. You would need to have links with several companies so that they could send job openings to you.

  1. Telecom Solution Business

If you are proficient with handling telecoms and IT problems, then this is a business you should think of going into. If you chose a target market that offers none of the services you intend to offer, you would become an expert in no time as more and more people would come to rely on your business.

  1. Web Development

The web development business is actually a lucrative one especially if you are a freelancer. This is a business that is booming due to the fact that many companies now wish to have a web presence and might not have the required talents in-house to do this for them. Apart from web development, you might also include web designing and other related services so as to give you an edge over others.

  1. Ladies Spa-: This is a business where you provide relaxation for clients who have had stressful schedules or who just want to be pampered. You would need to analyze your market’s demographic makeup before starting this kind of business.
  1. Day Care-: In starting this kind of business, you would need to have a passion for taking care of small children. Parents who are of working class are usually one to patronize this kind of business.
  1. Contract Publishing Business

Not every business is interested in drafting and negotiating contracts as it is often regarded as a burdensome exercise and is usually contracted out. You can venture into this business and offer your services to the businesses that would need them.

  1. Fast Food Business

In starting this business, you can take over an existing business, buy a franchise or build from the ground up. A fast food restaurant is almost like any business and you would need to put a lot of planning into the menus you decide to serve and find out what foods are prohibited.

  1. Property Management Company-: If you want to start a property management business, your task would be to look after property portfolios on behalf your clients.
  1. Café Restaurants

Most café restaurants aren’t that easy to run as most fail within a year of start-up. You would need to check out the environment where you intend to run your café restaurant and also decide on how you intend to attract customers to your restaurant.

  1. Advertising Company

Before starting this kind of business you would need to decide on what type of advertising agency you intend to run as well as the services you intend to offer. You would also need to pick a niche and concentrate on it. For example, if you want to be known for producing viral videos on YouTube or for crazy print adverts, let one of your services be seen as a flagship for the rest.

  1. Travel Agency-: The UAE is one of the dream destinations for most people especially Dubai which is highly revered. This means that millions of tourists visit Dubai annually, making a travel agency a good business for you to start up.
  1. Hotel Business

Due to the large number of people going into Dubai for business and pleasure, starting a hotel business seems a logical idea, as people usually require a place to stay. Before starting this business ensure that you carry out a proper research.

  1. Jewelry Retailing-: The UAE and by extension the Middle East is known for its jewelries and so people often troop into the country to get jewelries. This is a business that you can go into by being a jewelry merchant.
  1. Food Truck Business

The food truck business is a fast growing business especially as it seeks to help those who do not wish to go to a restaurant either due to personal or work reasons. Starting a food truck business would see you gaining enough clients especially if you are situated in the right spot.

  1. Courier Business

If you have got a good car and phone then you can start this kind of business. You would need to help deliver packages to those who would need them. You can get as many clients as possible and be known for timely delivery to be successful in this kind of business.

  1. Food and Beverage Kiosk

Food and beverage kiosks have become a constant in the multi-billion food industry. Starting this business means you will spend less on overheads such as rent space and other such modalities. What kind of food you decide to sell in your kiosk is entirely up to you but location is mighty important.

  1. Construction Subcontracting Business

Most construction firms usually outsource some of their tasks to other smaller companies so as to concentrate on their main constructing project. As a subcontractor to a construction company, you would be required to report to your primary contractor who then deals directly with the clients.

  1. Events Management Company

As someone handling events, you would be required to have creative, accounting, risk management, computer, marketing, control, and selling skills. This is necessary because handling events is a huge deal where you must be seen to be able to handle things and emergencies that might crop up.

  1. Interior Design Consultancy Business

This is a business for someone who has not only a creative mindset, but is organized with great business acumen. You would be required to help clients redesign their spaces into what they want; this means you would also need a great deal of intuition so as to meet with client’s requirements.

  1. Car Washing Business

Opening a car wash business might sound like fun but it is something that is to be taken seriously; as it would require a significant investment, attention to detail as well as good planning in order to make the business churn in cash for you.

  1. Car Hire Business-: This is a highly competitive industry, and so you should carefully consider the type of hiring operation you intend to run before starting off. You can hire out to businesses or individuals.
  1. Business Broker-: Everyday businesses are being sold due to varying reasons; a business broker is one who helps to sell businesses by making the business attractive enough to a potential investor.
  1. Cleaning Company

The cleaning business is a lucrative one especially depending on the niche consumer and or commercial you wish to go into. There are various technical equipment as well as cleaning chemicals you would need to acquaint yourself with.

  1. Children Boutique

Children always outgrow their wears fast and no matter how tight the economy is, parents are always willing to spend on their children. Opening a children boutique will be quite lucrative especially if you open in the upscale part of town where parents are willing to pay for more for their children.

  1. Gaming and Billiards Café Business

A gaming business is always seen as a lucrative one especially as people go not to only play games but to relax as well. Also people of all ages go to a gaming center and if your business is located just at the right spot, you are likely to get a large influx of customers.

  1. Printing and Signage Service Business

This is a capital intensive business as you would need specialized equipment to get you started; however, while this might be a capital intensive business, it is also a lucrative one, especially if you go into a niche where demands are high.

  1. Health and Fitness Business

Setting up a health and fitness business is one good opportunity especially if you are health and fitness expert. You would need to put in long hours to increase your awareness especially as clients would only come to you once you are popular.

  1. Gift Shop Business-: People love gifts either giving or receiving. The gift business is also boosted by tourist trade, and so due to the fact that millions of people visit Dubai yearly, starting a gift shop business will ensure that your business booms.
  1. Barbershop

A barbershop is one that would require you to cater to the needs of men who want their hair cut, beards trimmed and other such services that might be required. Before starting this business, find out what is required.

  1. Children Footwear Store-: Starting a children footwear store would require you to stock shoes and sandals of varying sizes. Also, if you stock goods that are durable, you are likely to get more customers.
  1. Nightclub-: Owning a nightclub might mean you staying up for long hours in order to monitor every details but if your nightclub is conducive for people to unwind and relax, then the money might act as a compensation for the long hours.
  1. Healthy Food Business-: People are now being conscious of what they eat and so starting a health food business is likely to be a lucrative business for you.
  1. Catering Business-: Catering is a very lucrative business especially once you know your onions and are connected to a popular wedding or event planner. You would need to know how to make continental and local dishes.
  1. Bakery Business-: If friends and family constantly praise your pastries and cakes, then it is high time you start a bakery business and make money from your passion.
  1. Security Agency

Due to security concerns from individuals and businesses alike, there is a high demand for security guards to protect homes and establishments. Before starting this kind of business, ensure that you find out what area you would like to go into.

  1. Dance Arts Training Business-: If you are good in dancing, you could teach others how to as well by starting a dance training school. You could take on clients singularly or in groups.
  1. Antique Jewelry Business

While most people love getting jewelries, others love getting antique jewelries because they are seen to come with a history. The UAE is a place that will have a lot of antique jewelries, and so if you can easily recognize genuine antique jewelries, you can open a business that will cater to antique lovers.

  1. Mini Mart-: A mini mart sells foods and uncommon items that are usually not found in large supermarkets and so if you live in an area where there is little competition, you can go into this lucrative business.
  1. Ship chandler Business

Running a ship chandler business means handling requests for ships and such request might range from food provisions to more technical supplies. Since ships will always request for provisions, this is a very lucrative business to go into.

  1. Equipment Lease Business

Equipment leasing totally depends on the kind of equipment you intend to lease, as it ranges from computers to heavy machinery. Most expatriates come not to engage in a buying and selling business but to engage in a business that is capital intensive but usually want to save up by not having to buy but lease machinery.