Do you want to you start a business in Mexico? If YES, here are 50 best small scale business ideas and investment opportunities in Mexico you can start in 2020.

Mexico is a small business friendly country in North America. Launching a business there takes less than ten steps, and with no minimum capital investment. However, business licensing remains expensive. According to the World Bank, the ease of doing business in Mexico decreased to 38 in 2015 from 42 in 2014.

But in spite of that, Mexico still remains one of the best places for business even for foreigners. The following are some of the best business ideas to try out in Mexico.

50 Best Small Business ideas & Opportunities in Mexico for 2020

  1. Blogging

If you happen to find yourself on Mexican soil and you have a penchant and flair for writing, or there is something you are passionate about like Mexican cuisine, culture, etc., then blogging is a great business to start. This would afford you the opportunity to put your passion into practice and earn from it. Another thing that makes this business attractive is the fact that presently there are not many comprehensive blogs on Mexico.

Thus, you have greener pasture to leverage on in this business. Another advantage of this business is the flexibility it affords you as you can blog from anywhere that is convenient for you at any time you feel like it. It also paves the way for a budding career in professional writing and authorship. It also costs nothing to start.

You can start by registering on blogging platforms online. WordPress is highly recommended as it is very easy to use for beginners.

  1. Book-keeping

No business (in whatever industry) can do without some good old bookkeeping. If you are a trained accountant or you are really good at crunching numbers, then this is a very lucrative business to can start. Mexico is a land of opportunities due to it being a developing and emerging economy and its trade ties to its neighboring country, the united states of America. This has led to a surge in the growth of businesses which in turn need the services of bookkeepers or accountants.

If you have been trained in this field, then there is no hindrance to starting up. This business costs little to no capital. The only cost that may be incurred is for marketing your services. The good news here is that you can market your services by word of mouth if you have a relationship network. It is a known fact that Mexican business people value personal relationships than their American counterparts.

  1. Computer assembling

This business is a highly specialized field, and it requires a great deal of technical know-how. If you fit this criterion, you are good to go and if you don’t, no need to panic just yet. Just partner up with someone who does, and you are already in business. The high prices of branded PCs have made this field a highly attractive business in developing countries like Mexico.

The emergence of tech savvy individuals who simply can’t afford high-priced PCs has resulted in a ready market for customized PCs. This business also requires access to computer parts, so you will need to ensure that logistics are in place to make them available.

You can start with the right amount of capital to procure computer parts and the necessary manpower and tools to make the PCs. It is essential to do proper research on this business before you start.

  1. Sales of Computer Parts and Accessories

This business requires low capital investment and can be started and operated on a small scale. There is a ready market for these products in most parts of Mexico. There is enough access to these products as they can be imported from neighboring USA or China at even cheap rates, but you should be wary of dubious suppliers.

There is not much requirement to operate this business except for the underlying principle of adhering to serving customers with quality products. Also, there might be instances where customers would need help installing parts or accessories bought from you, and you should be able to offer this service as an add-on to your business.

  1. Computer repair and maintenance

This is one of the businesses that you can start with nothing. All it takes is the required technical know-how and a strong professional principle of giving your customers the best service you can offer. Once you can offer this, then the sky is your starting point. Another advantage of this business is that you get to work from the comfort of your home or anywhere of your choosing. Think you can handle it? Then Mexico awaits you.

  1. Computer training institute

We are in the information age, and one criterion for survival in this age is the ability to use computers. This has presented a big business opportunity for computer-savvy professionals all over the world who establish computer institutes to train others for a fee.

Mexico is not left out of this trend, and this business area is still fresh for the taking as it is still a largely under-utilized sector of the Mexican economy. In fact, foreigners have started taking advantage of this business opportunity and have set up shops in Mexico. Notwithstanding, there is still a lot of ground to cover in this area, and if you are fit for it, you can start a business in this sector.

  1. Computer upgrading service

This is another home-based business that has very great potential for profit. It involves upgrading computer systems and its components to make the computer faster and to carry more workload. Very few businesses are in this sector, thus making it a very attractive one.

Though it requires a great deal of technical know-how, but that is all that is needed to start this business. The business involves changing computer hard-drives, installing more memory, etc. One area that brings greater profit in this business is the upgrading of business computers. Once you have established yourself in this business, it is profit all the way.

  1. Computer Design (graphics and web)

Computer graphics is an important aspect of the information age. Businesses and individuals (especially freelancers) are in dire need of graphic and web designers to help put their businesses and portfolios online. Graphic artists design computer images, graphics and websites for clients. This also requires some level of technical know-how, but the good news is that the learning curve is not as high as other computer related software endeavors. You can learn if you are interested.

  1. Desktop Publishing

This is the process of producing documents that will be used in print or on the web. Desktop publishers create catalogs, manuals, resumes, brochures, etc. that are either printed or generated on the web. This business can be highly technical as it requires a good knowledge of design and editing and also knowledge of how to use the software used in designing the document.

It also requires a great deal of patience and understanding of what the customers want. You should be able to draw out a visual concept of what the customer wants. You can charge per hour in this business or based on the time frame of the job.

  1. Bed and Breakfast

Are you very good at receiving guests (hospitable)? Do you own a house with spare rooms? Is your house in a very good location? Then this business is for you. You will take care of guests at your house, and you will be paid a token in return. So next time there is a carnival or event in your town, lease your spare space out and make some good cash. The risks involved in this business are high, so you should ensure you have safety policies in place before you start this business. You can advertise your space on online platforms such as

  1. Car Rental

If you live in a city with high population, and the location happens to be a tourist, business or entertainment center, you can start a car rental business. This line of business mainly involves booking customer’s requests and providing a rental car as per their requests. Though this sounds simple enough, it requires a great deal of capital and management expertise to start. Also, proper research is necessary to start the business. Such research would include state transport policies, vehicle registration policies, etc.

  1. Coffee shop

In recent times, not too long ago, coffee shops have been the order of the day. Anybody with a passion and flair for coffee can start a coffee shop. Coffee shops have become a sort of relaxation spot in many countries outside. In fact, this fad has led to the growth and phenomenal success of Starbucks coffee chain among others. If you know about coffee and you love the product, then a coffee shop business would be a great way to convert these qualities to make you good profit.

  1. Community tour guide

This is another business opportunity for those that live in tourist centers. Sufficient knowledge of the locality and interesting landmarks around are all that is needed to start this business. It’s a very flexible business that can be operated from home. You can get clients through local classified advertisements and also through referrals from businesses in the hospitality and travel sector (hotels and travel agents mostly).

  1. Corporate hospitality and event planning

This involves the professional service of helping to plan corporate events by making them more entertaining. Such events are usually held by businesses for the benefit of their staff, customers, and stakeholders. This business is relatively easy to start and it is highly profitable with a lot of perks. The business involves all aspects of making your clients happy, though it requires detailed planning and networking to start.

  1. Double decker bus tours

A ride in a double-decker bus is an enjoyable experience. You can organize sight-seeing bus expeditions and tours. The location of this business must be in a budding tourist center. Proper marketing and sales promotion are needed in this business.

  1. E-teaching

E-teaching or E-tutoring is the fad nowadays. This is due to internet revolution combined with the exorbitant tutoring fees of traditional educational institutes all over the world. If you are very knowledgeable about a particular field or anything, you can carve out a niche for yourself by providing this service online. All you need to start is a computer with an internet connection. You can offer this service from the comfort of your home. You can register on several e-learning platforms such as edx and udemy to start.

  1. Financial management

If you are well versed in the nitty gritty and intricacies of financial management, then there is a very good business opportunity for you in this field. You can offer your services as a consultant to individuals and organizations alike. You can do this business from home with your computer

  1. Internet café-: This is a very popular direct-to-customer business. With the growth of the internet came the growth of this business. You can start this business with the right amount of capital and in a very suitable location.
  1. Internet marketing consulting

In this internet age, every business needs a website to remain relevant. But having a website is not enough. You have to make people visit these websites so that you can make profits from the websites. This is where internet marketing consultants can carve a niche for themselves by providing technical and branding services to make business websites effective tools for sales.

  1. Mobile app making

With the continuing rise of smartphones and iPhone, mobile app making has become a viable business opportunity with high potential and enormous opportunity. Mobile apps have surpassed websites as being the go-to area for online transactions and interactions. This is a highly lucrative business to start, though it requires certain technical know-how.

  1. Online photo selling

Online photo selling has become a very huge business opportunity for professional photographers and photography hobbyists who want to transform their hobbies to profitable businesses. There are many online platforms for selling photos, some of which include Shutterstock and a host of others.

  1. SEO consulting

Seo consultants provide search engine optimizations services to websites. These include various organic search engine optimization tricks to make websites rank higher in search engine search results. When people search for information using search engines such as Google, the search results are shown page by page in ranking order. Search engine optimization consultants are responsible for making web links appear higher at the top of other search results. Technical expertise in this field is all that is needed to start this business.

  1. Social media consulting

More than a quarter of the world population are on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. These platforms have served as cheaper and faster ways for companies to reach more customers and these companies are ready to pay people to set up and manage their social media accounts. It has become a very profitable internet business, especially for women.

  1. Software development

Another highly profitable venture for software professionals is the field of software development. Software has been used to provide solutions for businesses and customers alike. This business can be started from home, but it requires a detailed marketing plan to embark upon.

  1. Software sales

Selling software is another profitable business opportunity. This is not very easy though. The good thing about this business is that there are various platforms through which one can sell software. You can sell from your personal blog or website, and you can also establish an online store or sell on other online stores.

  1. E-commerce

E-commerce is a booming industry in all parts of the world including Mexico. It is a very good startup opportunity especially for young entrepreneurs. It affords one the opportunity to sell ordinary goods and commodities in a faster, cheaper and more convenient way. It could also be an avenue to introduce new things or products to the market.

  1. Export-: Mexico is a land of export opportunities. Opportunities in this sector include electronics, computers, mobile phones, oil and oil products, spices, etc. all these are major export commodities in the country.
  1. Aluminum window and door production

This business has an attractive market in big cities as well as small towns. The business is very profitable and requires little capital investment. The demand for aluminum doors and windows is increasing at a fast pace due to soaring crime rates in cities and other suburban centers.

  1. Artificial flower making

The artificial flower making business is a worldwide business with the capacity to generate millions. These products are made with cloth or plastic materials, and they are highly durable. Due to their durability, these products have a growing popularity within the designing and decoration industry.

  1. Bakery

This is another profitable enterprise for entrepreneurs, especially first-timers. It requires little capital to start at the initial stage. However, as the business experiences growth, modern bakery equipment must be purchased for quality production. Once this stage has been reached, capital needs to be raised.

  1. Banana wafer manufacturing

This is a business that requires low capital investment. Banana wafer is mainly served in hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. In preparing this, green bananas are peeled, sliced, salted and fried. It is a delicious delicacy which is very easy to prepare. Thus a first-time entrepreneur can try his hand in this business. Another advantage of this business is that not many brands offer this snack, so it is still ripe for small establishments.

  1. Biscuit making

This is one business you can start from your kitchen provided baking is your hobby. Also, this business can be started with simple machines and equipment.

  1. Bread making

Bread making is a business that can be started on a small scale. It does not require a license to operate. In recent times, demand for bread has been on the rise due to its availability and high nutrition value. Wheat bread is the most consumed wheat based snack in the world.

  1. Candle making

This is a good home based business especially for housewives and moms looking to make extra income from creative hobbies. This business is also open to any individual at little startup cost and can be operated from home.

  1. Candy making

If you love cooking and you are a chocolate enthusiast, then candy making is a very good business for you. You can start this business from home. This is a very delicious opportunity to transform your passion into a great money-making stream. Homemade candies are a favorite among locals.

  1. Chalk making

There is a ready market for chalks. Schools use it and it is a necessary tool for tailors. Due to the diminishing nature of chalks, they are always in constant demand. Interestingly, chalks are very easy to make from home.

  1. Cotton bud making-: Cotton buds are an essential household item. They are a short spindle with one or both ends coated with absorbent cotton padding. You can start making cotton buds from home with a simple small machine.
  1. Craft making-: With an ingenious mind and skill with crafts, it should not be hard to start a crafting business. You can start this business with some simple hand tools. However, this business requires some skill for craft materials.
  1. Designer Bindi making

Designer Bindi is a very popular fashion accessory for women. These products are of various kinds and categories which are available for sale. This is a very lucrative business. Any individual can start this business from home with very little capital.

  1. Detergent powder manufacturing-: The small scale sector is responsible for making 67% of detergents in the country. A new entrepreneur can venture into this field by installing a unit of blue detergent powder to satisfy present and future demands of people.
  1. Diabetic food manufacturing

There is a significant market for bulk, intermediate and consumer diabetic foods. Health-related foods directed at diabetics with ingredients that are low in sugar, low-glycemic, etc. are in very high demand especially among the elderly. Foods in this category will continue to be in high demand as the number of diabetic consumers continues to increase.

  1. Disposable cup manufacturing

Disposable cups have been in high demand due to their disposable nature and relatively low prices. They are very essential for catering businesses due to their disposable nature. It is very simple to manufacture from home with a simple machine.

  1. Disposable paper plate manufacturing

Disposable paper plates and saucers are made from unique paper and reinforced with a polyethylene material to make them leak proof. These plates are useful for serving edibles during parties, family functions, events, etc.

  1. Disposable plastic syringe manufacturing

This business is a good fit for those who has experience and expertise in the medical products market. These disposable syringes are made from plastic materials. They are usually used to treat humans and animals alike. They are usually used for injections and disposed of immediately thus creating a constant demand for the product.

  1. Customized USB manufacturing

Customized USB drives are generally considered useful tools for promoting businesses, and marketing products and services. Companies utilize customized flash drives with their logos, taglines, messages etc. for promotion purposes. You must be well rooted in strong design and have the manufacturing capacity to start.

  1. Food color manufacturing

Concentrated food coloring manufacturing is another lucrative business venture for first-time entrepreneurs. Due to the growth of the food industry, the demand for food coloring has also increased. Food coloring enhances the appearance and flavor of food.

  1. Canoe and kayak rentals-: If you live near water, a great business to start would be the renting out of canoes and kayaks. The location of your business is usually decided by such factors which include accessibility, visibility, parking and a host of other factors.
  1. Boutique hotels

This comes across as one of the disruptive models of the hotel industry and it is highly lucrative. To operate, one must have adequate knowledge and expertise of the industry. Lots of research and detailed business planning must be done before starting this business.

  1. Airport Shuttle Services-: This is a very lucrative business. It requires a good deal of management capital. Partnerships with hotels, resorts, tour operators and travel agencies are recommended.
  1. Airport arcade games

This has been one of the most popular businesses recently. This service has attracted adults and teenagers as well as children. Customers can spend as much time as they want depending on their waiting time. You must choose games based on your target demographic.