Are you searching for small business opportunities in the British Virgin Islands? Are you considering starting a business in the British Virgin Islands but you simply lack ideas on what business to start? If YES, then I advice you read on as this article will help solve this problem.

One of the major challenges in the BVI is that there aren’t many job opportunities on the island. There are quite a few industries that do very well in BVI but there are only so many jobs that these few companies can provide.

If you are considering a move to BVI or probably you are already residing in BVI and wondering what kind of life you are going to have there. Would there be jobs? Would you be able to find a job like your current job? What would you be doing to make money and sustain yourself? Well, you have come to the right place, a place where most of your curiosities would be answered.

Now, I can’t tell you that when you relocate to the BVI you will get this job or that job because it’s totally not up to me to determine that but what I can boldly tell you is that there are lots of business opportunities you could explore on the BVI. I can also boldly tell you that there are businesses you can start from the comfort of your home with absolutely no capital. Yea, you heard right; Zero capital.

Businesses like freelance writing and affiliate marketing could be started from home without a dime and it would interest you to know that people make more than $1,000 monthly from these businesses. The first advice I am going to give you before moving on to identify some A-list small businesses you can do on the BVI, I would like to give you some tips that would guarantee your success.

Starting a Business in British Virgin Islands: 3 Success Tips

  • Get Trained-: Training is not overrated like some people like to say, it is still as relevant for success as water is for fishes. As soon as you identify a business you want to do, ensure that you get trained. You see, business is very tricky and sometimes, you will notice that two people who sell the same products, don’t have the same results. This is most likely because one of them has learnt some secret of the trade which the other person hasn’t. Every business has its secrets and to succeed, you have to learn those secrets.
  • Get a website-: Yes, I know that you are only planning to sell ice-cream so you don’t need a website- Huh? You really do need a website regardless of what you are planning to sell. Now, imagine that a visitor came into town and suddenly has a raving for ice-cream and he doesn’t know where to get some; the next thing he will most likely do is pick his phone/laptop and search for the closest ice-cream shop and that’s where your website comes in handy. It helps people find your business regardless of location.
  • Be active on Social Media-: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram; there are just so many of them and trust me, these websites are not just for picture sharing and gossiping; the average business man knows just how crucial these networks are to the success of his business. If you want to increase sales and achieve success in your business, be active on social media. This alone can increase your revenue by more than 50%.

So, what are the businesses you can do in the BVI?

10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in British Virgin Islands

1. Senior Training Specialist: After retirement what comes next? A lot of retired people age fast and get sick because they find themselves living a life that they are not used to; a life of idleness. Good enough, the senior generation are increasingly realizing that they have to be more active and keep themselves busy even after retirement, so that they can live happy and healthy lives. So how can you come in?

Well, you can help the senior generation and make money for yourself by becoming a senior training specialist. Your job would be to develop and execute training programs for the senior generation which they can take from the comfort of their homes.

Starting this business is easy; what you need is to come up with some unique courses that you feel seniors would be interested in and also, develop a solid marketing strategy in order to convince people to enroll in your program.

2. Cruise Promotion and Marketing-: We all know that buying your own cruise ship or yacht isn’t cheap but this is one of the businesses that sell in BVI. So how do you tap into this business without having to break a bank? This is quite easy; the key is becoming a promoter or a marketer of these services and earn commission for it.

It’s as simple as approaching cruise companies or yacht owners and strike a deal with them to market their business and bring them customers in return for commission; and when you have found people who are willing to work with you, you can create a website and start marketing these services online. You will be surprised at how much you can make within a short period.

3. Real Estate-: There is a high level of growth and a lot of business opportunities in the real estate industry. You can become a contractor who helps people execute construction projects, you can sell building materials like cement, nails, sand, irons or roofing materials, and you can also become an HVAC installation and repair or a plumbing expert. All these businesses are capital intensive but you can also find businesses that do not require so much capital like becoming a real estate broker or a property manager.

4. Online Business-: Online business involves different categories of businesses. I have only classified them into one so as not to waste your time. Online businesses are numerous and they are the new ‘lottery‘. You can make lots and lots of money but you must be ready for real hard work.

The good thing is that you are not limited by your geographical location because you can get jobs/clients from anywhere in the world. Trending online businesses you can do include copywriting, freelance writing, web designing, affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO marketing to mention few.

5. Souvenir Sales-: A lot of tourists visit BVI yearly and as it is with tourists, they like to take souvenirs home to show to their friends and families and for keepsakes. You can tap into this opportunity and start making unique and interesting souvenirs for sale. You can also become a supplier of souvenirs to gift shops and supermarkets around.

6. Mobile food Cart-: Yet another business idea is starting a mobile food sales service. You can sell local food to tourists who are curious to know what local food tastes like or to residents who are too busy to catch a meal.

7. Financial Services-: The financial sector is very active in the BVI due to its offshore financial services. There are a lot of ways to benefit from this industry like becoming a business registration consultant, offer business advisory services, insurance agent, mortgage consultant, financial accountant and a host of other similar services.

8. Spa and Fitness Center-: Everyone wants to keep fit and stay healthy and residents and tourists of BVI are not left out in this struggle. You would certainly earn a lot from setting up a fitness center or a spa where people can come and exercise and relax.

9. Bed and Breakfast-: Not every tourist likes to stay in a fancy 5-star hotel. Some just prefer something that feels more ‘homely’ like a bed and breakfast hotel. The good thing about starting a bed and breakfast hotel is that you can even start with that small bedroom in your home which you no longer use.

10. Microbrewery-: You can also make money from starting your own beer making or rum distillation business.

Ajaero Tony Martins