Do you want to know if a business license is needed for a mobile spray tan company or will an LLC work instead? If YES, here is everything you must know. Mobile spray tanning or sunless tanning is the method of getting a great tan right in your home or work place, without being exposed to the sun or sunbeds. That is why it is mostly referred to as sunless tanning.

The method of tanning without getting exposed to the sun became popular around the 1960s after health authorities confirmed links between UV exposure and the incidence of skin cancer. Because of the relative safety of spray tanning, a lot of people are expressing interest to join the business.

But one thing new entrepreneurs usually wonder about is if they are going to need a business license to start this business or whether it is best to form an LLC and forgo the business license. Let’s attempt to answer this question.

Do You Need a Business License for a Mobile Spray Tan Company or Will an LLC Work?

The fact remains that some states in the United States require that you have a license to run your spray tan business. But not all of them. Other states are free of this requirement. Check with your state’s cosmetology board before starting a mobile spray tan business to see if there are any local licensing requirements.

For example, Oregon requires that anyone who directly applies spray tans to customers must have an esthetics certification and work in a licensed cosmetology facility. Florida, however, doesn’t have any licensing requirements for spray-on tanning services. It requires only that people who work with UV tanning be licensed.

Keep in mind also that in states such as Texas, there aren’t any licensing requirements to operate a spray tan company. In states where it is not required to get a business license, it would be in your best interest to form a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC).

By doing that, if a client has a medical problem or some weird thing after tanning with you, he or she can only sue your company and assets and not your personal assets. But in all, whether your state requires it or not, it will be in your best interest to get a business license for your mobile spray tan business.

This is because a business license makes your business fully legal. If you do not have a license and something goes wrong in the course of carrying out your duties, you will be held liable. Again, you will need a business license to pay tax in the United States. You are making a very serious infringement if you do not pay taxes and this is something you should not risk.

So, if you are starting a mobile spray tan business, depending on your state, you may not be required to have a business license or even form an LLC, but it would be in your best interest to get these and also get some insurance.