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10 Best Touch Screen Cash Registers for Restaurant and Bar

Do you run a restaurant or bar and you want to buy a cash register? If YES, here are 10 best touch screen cash registers with scanner for restaurants.

Cash registers are a traditional, electronic payment processing system at a countertop point of sale. This register tends to include a drawer for storing cash and hardware to process credit card payments. They are necessarily used to ensure the checkout phase of any business is fast while keeping accurate records of all daily transactions.

Notably, speed, accuracy, and options are the most crucial characteristics of cash registers by today’s standards. In a restaurant or a bar where you deal with a lot of customers’ day in and day out, having the ability to use a touch screen interface will definitely speed things along, while also ensure you keep your records safe and up to date.

Some cash registers also include Scanners and maybe thermal receipt printer, which one must consider a necessity for transaction records. Some cash registers also interact with mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad, which is perfect for small businesses and quick sales.

Many modern cash registers also feature a No Sale key, which has a major function of opening the cash drawer, printing a receipt, and maintaining a record that the drawer was opened in the register’s log. Even for additional security, many cash registers now ask for a numeric password or a physical key to open the cash drawer itself.

This limits the number of potential staff having access to a day’s cash profits and prevents theft. The no – sale receipt makes it possible to track cash register activity at a given time. Such receipts often record the name of the cashier logged into the point – of – sale system at the time the drawer was opened.

Best Touch Screen Cash Registers With Scanners for Restaurant and Bar

Many cash register companies cater to specific industries that the hardware is built for. Bar cash registers are expected to always include both unit and dollar sales. Units are what you sell, and the dollar amount is what you take in.

A cash register for a restaurant differs slightly than that of a bar in the sense that you’re dealing with much more inventory and kitchen management. Below are top touch screen cash registers with scanners to consider for your restaurant and bars.

1. Sharp XE – A207

One important upper hand this register holds in the industry is its ability to connect to a credit card terminal to integrate payments into your checkout. It also supports a larger product list than the budget unit, with 2,500 stored products, but falls short of the Casio that holds 7,000 products.

But just like the Casio, the Sharp doesn’t match the power of POS – driven registers, which deliver an array of built – in inventory, customer, staff, and business management features. However, its QuickBooks data transfer via its PC Link software helps provide an advantage.

It lets you save transaction data to an SD card in a QuickBooks – friendly format. From there, you can also manage inventory, purchasing, accounts payable, customers, and staff. This solution isn’t quite as streamlined as a complete POS system, but it is a good middle ground.

2. Casio PCR – T2500

One unique feature that makes this Casio Bluetooth cash register outstanding is its ability to view all reports on both Android and Iphone device due to built in Bluetooth feature. Aside being allowed to view reports, you can add products or manage the inventory from a distance.

The main dashboard on the connect ECR + app provides a quick snap shot of the day’s sales activity and provides the sale results in graphical format. Note that viewing detailed individual reports (financial, transaction, department, plug, cashier, groups and hourly) are also available to retailers to analyze the store’s performance.

With this Cash Register, data, program and sales can be backed up to an SD Card to provide a level of security to the retailer that their important information is backed up. You can very easily connect a credit card scanner with this Casio register.

3. Casio SE – C3500

The Casio SE – C3500 provides a huge step up in functionality from the bare bones PCR – T2500 covered above. Selling for just under $400, the SE – C3500 is a fair jump in price, but for that, you gain many added capabilities.

Most notably, the SE – C3500 stores up to 7,000 item prices, compared to the PCR – T2500 1200, making it ideal for Restaurants and Bars with large product lists. In addition, it supports an integrated barcode scanner and credit card terminal, has a user – friendly, spill – resistant keyboard with 72 programmable quick keys, tracks commissions for up to 50 users, and more.

This register is sold as an all – in – one cash register unit that includes a connected cash drawer, keyboard, touch screens, and two built – in receipt printers. It also has two ports for connecting a barcode scanner (sold separately) and a credit card terminal, which you typically get through your credit card processing service.

4. Casio TE – 4500

The Casio TE – 4500 cash register is renowned for its standard memory capacity of up to 25,000 PLUs (barcodes) – in other words, it is perfect for businesses carrying several stock lines. Intuitive keyboard controls make it easy to look up prices in seconds.

Note that other features available in this model include; a 16 character LCD display, a tilt operator display for easy viewing, a thermal printer with drop and load paper, a large ten compartment cash drawer, three ports for connection to other devices such as PCs, register – to – register communication capability and optional memory cassette back up. It also ships with an integrated barcode scanner.

5. Lightspeed POS Cash Register

Lightspeed’s POS – driven cash registers deliver far more sales and operational features than standard cash registers. With this cash register you can build a cash register solution to meet your immediate needs using Lightspeed, but it provides more register options than most iPad – based system.

Also, you can build a cash register around an iPad tablet, or a Mac or PC computer, plus you can use Android tablets and iPhones as mobile registers. All of these connect to the shining star of Lightspeed’s feature set—advanced inventory management. Its advanced inventory management tools are top – notch, plus it has a robust purchase order system.

For sellers managing large inventories and multiple vendors, Lightspeed’s fully integrated system takes the place of making daily updates on inventory spreadsheets and sales journals. Plus, you can oversee stock across store locations, in backroom or warehouse storage, and more.

6. Sam4s SPS – 520 RT

Note that this advanced model includes a bar code scanner, card reader, touch screen display, and the ability to set up 999 clerks and 60,000+ PLU units. The option is slightly pricier because the scanner and printer are included (in addition to data storage).

This is the type of system a store with a large amount of inventory would want to consider. This type of cash register is an ideal solution for convenience, liquor, gift, or retail stores. The reason for the price is the amount of stock and inventory it can manage. If you run a business with considerably less inventory, this system may not be a good fit.

7. Royal TS1200MW

The Royal TS1200MW is better known as a touch screen cash register that includes user prompts and a 12” colour LCD panel for easy operation. The “ID system” let’s a business add up to 40 different employee IDs. This also keeps track of hours, staff data, and tax information.

Also the price of this register is competitive. It enables a small business to easily program over 200 departments. It can be set with features like “gallonage per sale” and “sales of measured items.” The Royal TS1200MW comes with two serial ports that connect your barcode reader to the register and your PC (optional).

A journal record can be printed with line – item details for daily transactions (without resetting the data).This register is ideal for bars and restaurants. It has an age verification feature that alerts clerks to check for IDs using on – screen prompts. Up to 2 different ages can be programmed depending on venue needs.

8. Touchscreen PC Cash register

This is a 5 in 1 package consisting of 15 – inch touch screen PC, thermal receipt printer (USB), barcode laser Scanner (USB), 16 inches Cash Drawer, mini Keyboard (USB), Credit Card Swipe Reader (USB), and Label Printer (USB). It also comes with Cash register express pos software, which is customized to the retail industry.

This software is trusted by over 70,000 merchants worldwide. It provides fast checkups and lookup items in seconds and integrates with QuickBooks Desktop for your small business needs. Another important device in the deal is the VeriFone vx805 payment device with a USB cable.

9. Square

Square remains the best POS – driven cash register for small business because it delivers a complete suite of sales, payment, inventory, and business management tools for free.

Additionally, it also gives you several low – cost register options. Unlike traditional cash registers, with Square, you can process sales and run your entire business from your Smartphone or tablet. Or, you can use one or more countertop registers to meet any in – store selling need.

Square’s POS software is free and your checkout register options are quite reasonably priced, mainly because Square makes its money from credit card processing fees. Square is what’s called an all – in – one solution that combines a credit card processing service, POS software, and cash register hardware in one system.

10. Sharp XEA507

Sharp XEA507 cash register is a feature rich device which is also each to use and learn. Cash register tape is easily available and it is also dual in nature. It simply means that the system will maintain separate copy of receipt for customer and for your record.

It also saves you from purchasing a separate credit card machine. Aside that you would be glad to know that you can also print your own brand or store logo on the receipt generated through this cash register.

The cash register has built in card reader that enables you to backup your data and sales and also link to the computer. The built in barcode scanner saves you more money and you can put stickers on your store products and start scanning them using the barcode scanner. Some key features of the Sharp cash register are as following


Many new restaurant and bar businesses are making the move to high functionality cash registers. Standard registers tend to be inexpensive and make the checkout process faster and more accurate than hand – tallying sales on a calculator.

But their connectivity to mobile devices, online sales channels, and even to other registers within the sales store can also be nonexistent. To get a complete handle on your checkout functions, business operation, and customer – focused sales and marketing, a POS cash register is the best solution.