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4 Best Heat Lamps for Restaurant Food

Warming and holding equipment are very necessary for keeping your food at safe temperatures in a restaurant. Restaurant owners know the struggle of keeping their food warm long enough for their customers. This is particularly helpful if you operate a buffet or a restaurant where the food is always kept at hand and always in large quantities.

Heat lamps come in various shapes and sizes, but it all boils down to two types: bulb warmers and strip warmers. They both come with their advantages too. If you run a restaurant, then having some of the best heat lamps will help you serve your customer well and of course help you maximize profits.

You can’t go about serving your customers cold or lukewarm food, hence the need for heat lamps in your restaurant. Considering the number of options in the market, shopping for the best heat lamp for your restaurant can be challenging and time – consuming. In no particular order, here are 4 of the best heat lamps that you can get today.

Best Types of Heat Lamp for Restaurant Food

  1. Strip Heat Lamp

Strip heat lamp or better still strip food warmers are used in buffet-style serving stations to maintain safe temperatures between the time when food is cooked and when it is eaten. In addition to keeping food safe, strip food heaters hold food at desirable temperatures and help chefs maintain the right texture and flavor over the course of a serving session.

Strip heaters, also known as overhead food warmers, come in a variety of sizes and strengths, enabling operators to find options that will suit whatever they may need.

These units are rated as heavy, medium, or light duty, and with single or double heating elements, they have varied power requirements, as well. The more heat a unit puts out, the more power it requires. Some need to be attached to the actual power grid, while others utilize standard 120-volt outlets.

  1. Hanging Heat Lamp

Hanging heat lamps make perfect solutions for outfitting kitchen pass-through windows that are in full view of the dining room or restaurant.

A wide variety of styles and finishes make it easy to find hanging heat lamps that will complement your restaurant’s decor. These ceiling-mounted heat lamps provide coverage to individual plates of food. You should be sure to install enough to cover the surface you intend to use to hold food.

  1. Countertop Heat Lamp

Countertop heat lamps are simple machines that provide heat to food that is waiting to be served. Operators must keep cooked food at a safe temperature until it is served to customers to prevent bacteria from growing, rendering the food unsafe.

In addition to safety concerns, users need to keep their food warm so it as appetizing as possible for customers. These countertop food warming lights are a convenient solution to these problems and effortlessly fit into any existing setup. Warming lamps come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and strengths, so operators can find an appropriate appliance.

  1. Heat Lamp Bulb & Accessories

Heat lamp accessories can help you get the most from your lamps. Lamp reflectors help distribute heat away from the unit and onto the food. They come in a number of lengths to match the heating unit you are using. Controls can be remotely mounted and include toggle control and infinite control types.

Replacement bulbs are generally made from shatterproof glass for safety and they deliver a range of wattages. These accessories can prove to be as critical as the unit itself, so it may be useful to have some at hand before the need arises.