Are you about writing a business plan to start a music business? If YES, here are 100+ sample music business plans & templates for FREE download.

The music industry though lucrative, is quite challenging. If you are considering going into the music industry just to make some quick bucks as a musician, then you should have a rethink because tons of people go into the music business yearly with the same intention but only few ever make it big.

There are so many people struggling to enter into the music industry and become famous but how many people ever make it to the point of stardom? Music business is good business but it doesn’t always have to be about being a performer and churning out hits from time to time.

100+ Sample Music Business Plans & Templates

1. Record Label Business Plan

A record label is a music publishing company that manages brands and trademarks, coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos, while also conducting talent scouting and development of new artists.

If you think you have the knack for fishing out new and budding music talents, then you can turn this into a trade. Do note that in starting this business, you have to be vast in the music business.

2. Mobile DJ Business Plan  

A disc jockey which is popularly called a DJ is a person who mixes recorded music in real time from many sources, including cassettes, CDs, or digital audio files on a digital media player or laptop. Disc Jockeys often perform for a live audience at a club or other venue or for a broadcast audience. Music is one thing that brings delight to the heart of people and that is exactly why there are a lot of DJs doing their thing and making people happy.

The disc jockey business has continued to rake in money to those who know how to play the business game. If you think that starting a DJ business sounds good, then you need to brush up your sill and save up money to buy the needed equipment. There after you can start marketing your business to event organizers.

3. Music Production Business Plan

Music producers are as important as the musicians themselves – if not more important. The producer is the person (or organization as the case may be) who develops the general concept for a song, comes up with the beats and helps to generally fine-tune the music. The primary function of a production company is to locate artists and facilitate the recording, manufacturing and distribution of musical product.

To start, you need to obtain training and experience by taking classes in music production and related business classes at a music college or specialty school. There are outstanding music producers who now occupy legendary positions in the lives of musicians, and you can be one of those.

4. Dance Studio Business Plan

A dance studio is a space in which dancers learn or rehearse. Many dance studios earn just enough to keep them alive in the entertainment industry. However, adding some flair of showmanship will make the difference and spell your success.

Hire good choreographers who are knowledgeable on the new dance styles and are innovative enough for your studio to produce professional dancers. Dancers nowadays are also using effects like lights and chroma presentations so you may want to invest on them as well.

5. Artiste Management Business Plan

Do you know that with your good music and perhaps talent hunt skills, you can make millions from the entertainment industry without being an artiste? Without a doubt, you can make mega bucks from the entertainment industry by managing artistes or running an artiste management business.

As an artiste manager, you are expected to work on behalf of groups or artistes to promote their careers and run their business affairs. Your job here would be to secure the best work for your clients, for the best fee. The truth is that an artiste management company can be started in any country of the world as long as you have access to a pool of talented artistes.

6. Music Store Business Plan

Music has become a universal thing in the world. Good music on the other hand is something that has continued to gain more awareness and acceptance. For that reason, people will typically stop at nothing to purchase good music.

Operators in the Music Stores industry primarily retail prerecorded music in soft and hard copies as audio and videotapes, compact discs (CDs), digital video discs (DVDs) and phonograph records. The industry includes both online and offline music stores. You can run this business with minimal capital if you know your way around the industry.

7. Music School Business Plan

The music industry is notable for producing celebrities and millionaires on a global scale, but one thing about this industry is that there are few music schools left to carter to the growing number of people who choose music as a career.

If you are music inclined, you should start thinking of ways to benefit from the booming music industry, and one of the ways you can benefit from this industry is by starting your own music school. Depending on the picture you have in mind, you would require hard work, moderate capital and various training and certification before you can successfully establish your own music school.

8. Recording Studio Business Plan

The investment required to start a sound recording studio is gigantic. However, the profits that the business can potentially generate are even larger. Starting a sound recording studio is much easier than it was at one time, simply because of the advancement in technology.

Many recording studios that specialize in voiceovers for radio advertising, CD recording and DVD recording are even homebased operations. Although a bit expensive with all the equipment and the construction of the studio itself, the Return-of-Income (ROI) is also high due to the naturally expensive service you can offer. For $10,000-50,000, you can have all the equipment you need, down to the high-tech-mixers for additional services.