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Can Felons Do Medical Billing and Coding in 2023?

Yes, felons can do medical billing and coding, but it can be pretty hard to pursue this medical career. The medical field has one of the strictest rules when it comes to applying for a job. There are lots of positions that require working with patients as well as handling personal info and sensitive data.

Owing to the security measures medical offices are expected to take to protect patient data, background checks are performed on anyone privy to patients’ files. In addition, some certification programs require a criminal background check before students enroll.

However, this is not to say that someone with a criminal history cannot seek employment in this field. Depending on the offense, some certification programs and employers may be willing to work with a prospective candidate. But you should understand that there are some crimes that are more serious than others.

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Indeed, some specific criminal acts have nothing to do with anyone’s ability to perform some jobs including medical billing and coding services.

However, such crimes as a drug offense, violence, and sexual crimes can be a signal that patients can be in danger. Also, in terms of fraud, it is a tricky type of crime. Indeed, this crime shows that you cannot harm patients but still, it means that you can be dishonest.

Medical schools tend to refuse students that can have difficulties with certification or license. But if you have any concerns about the issue, it is pertinent to discuss the problem with an attorney or a medical expert.

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Have in mind that background checks can flag up any and all types of crimes even those that don’t lead to a felony. Admission offices at medical schools or Certification programs leverage this data to decide whether a student is worth the risk.

This means that those who have one serious conviction and a number of minor offenses can have really small chances to enter the school or program. In some cases, one conviction instead a bunch of minor ones can be seen as a better option and considered as the only black mark.

Another factor that counts is when you were convicted. If it happened years ago and after that, you’ve been an upstanding citizen, there are more chances that your application will be approved. But those who were just released from prison can have difficulties with applying for training or Certification programs.

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How to Get a Medical Billing or Coding Job as a Felon in the United States

A felony is explained simply as a crime that is much more serious than a misdemeanour. They don’t have to be violent but a lot of the times they are. States again have their own laws, but in general these are punishable by more than a year in prison in a federal prison not a county.

Some of the crimes that fall under the felony category include homicide, arson, burglary, and money laundering. However, if you’re looking acquire a medical billing or coding job as a felon, here are steps to take;

  1. Determine Eligibility

Have it in mind that applicants for jobs or Certification programs in this field are expected to first ensure that they are eligible to become certified. Although there is no age minimum and experience required, applicants are required to have a high school diploma or an equivalent educational degree, such as a GED.

  1. Check Whether Your Charges Can Be Removed

Note that certain charges can be removed from your records after a certain period of time. In some cases, you may be obliged to complete probation or community service, or even to pay a certain fee. To learn more about it, get in touch with a court or a lawyer.

  1. Be Honest

Note that being honest is your best bet as they will find out when they do the background check. It is important to be sincere about your past and don’t try to hide your criminal background. If you try to hide something, it can make a situation worth.

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Note that even if you were able to hide your background and get accepted, there are high chances that you will be revealed later. In such a case, you can be rescinded or even expelled and it leads to another black mark on your reputation. So it is always better, to be honest about your criminal past.

  1. Understand the Background Check

Initiatives such as Ban the Box was created to offer Felons a chance to prove themselves as professionals. That way, when the certification board or potential employers do learn of their history, they are more apt to weigh it alongside their skills and personality.

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Also note that a good number of HR executives suggest the background check serves as something of an integrity test. If a Felon goes through with the application process and fails to volunteer the story of their conviction, most certification boards will end the process as soon as they learn of the offense.

  1. Get References

Have it in mind that you can significantly change your job application if there are honest people that can vouch for you. They can make a written statement to support your application

  1. Be Ready for Self-Improvement

In this line of business, you need to improve your skills constantly and be dedicated to your job. In fact, you may be obliged to work even harder than anyone else so your superiors are sure you are a good worker that worth risks. Indeed, it can be really hard to get a job in the medical field with criminal records.

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However, it is still possible but you should prove that you are a good worker ready to improve and help others. In addition, you should keep in mind that most employers are ready to accept felons under certain circumstances. You only need to make some research and be patient, and you will be able to find your perfect career.


Applicants for medical billing and coding jobs with a criminal history may encounter some difficulty because patient privacy laws present the need for medical offices to perform background checks. However, it is always up to the hiring manager to make the ultimate hiring decision.

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Nonetheless, an ex – felon may have better luck at smaller private medical offices instead of large clinics and hospitals that have wide sweeping bans on anyone with a criminal history. Just keep in mind that you should be honest and have some good references. And of course, make sure you work hard and become better both personally and professionally.