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Can Office Chairs Explode? If YES, How Do You Prevent It?

Yes. A significant portion of the office chairs in the market is gas-powered, and some unethical producers saturate the gas springs with normal air in order to lower production costs. According to inquests, this action is by far the most common explanation for office chair blasts.

An office chair’s principal purpose is to make the long hours of sitting in an office convenient. There is nothing more awful than having your chair blow up at that point when you are already feeling acquainted with it. The most prevalent kinds of office chairs in the market are hydraulic canisters, gas canisters, as well as mechanical air-pressure office chairs.

The majority of adjustable office chairs available on the market today are operated by gas. The gas spring at the chair’s base allows for very seamless seat height changes. The gas spring is made up of coils that are scaled down and looped together.

These office chair cylinders generate sufficient tension inside the sealed chamber to enable you to quickly adapt the height to your liking. A good percentage of these chairs work well as users rarely have to engage with the gas spring.

The compressed air spring is produced in accordance with established standards, and as such all you need to do is to pick your favored seat height. There really is no serious risk of an office chair blast. The few occurrences reported were induced by deceitful producers who attempted to save money by utilizing air rather than industry-standard nitrogen gas.

Causes of Office Chair Explosion

Multiple factors cause office chairs to explode. These elements are as follows:

  1. Office Chairs with Gas Pressure

Many contemporary gaming chairs feature a gas-pressured suspension system. This implies that the chair’s altitude could be easily adjusted to meet your needs. Once you click the switch to move it either up or down, a gas spring system employs pressurized nitrogen gas to create the force required to adjust the altitude.

Oil is also employed to keep the springs lubed for continuous motion. This eventually causes friction, which could be increased.

In most cases, you may never come into contact with a gas cylinder or a gas spring in your office chair. You’ll only have to deal with them when you want to replace them. When changing your gas cylinder, you must install it correctly to avoid any mishaps as this is the most probable reason for an accident.

  1. Inadequate Manufacturing Standards

As previously stated, some producers attempt to reduce costs by utilizing air rather than nitrogen gas. This act influenced three known blast tragedies in history. The excellent thing is that most office chairs are constructed in conformance with industry guidelines. To mitigate the risks, it is strongly advised that you get your office chairs from trusted companies.

  1. Extreme Abuse

Sitting in a high-quality office chair reduces the likelihood of a blast. Nevertheless, when subjected to harsh situations, even the greatest gas spring chair can quickly blow up, causing significant damage or injury. For instance, purposefully striking or rupturing a gas spring piston substantially increases the threat of a blast.

Another reason is placing a great load on the chair. Jumping around in an office chair could also induce it to explode. It is less probable, but it is possible.

Ways to Prevent Office Chair Explosions

The EU, UK, US, and Australia have quality and reliability standards, which might help to deter office chair explosions. Also, guaranteeing your protection is simple if you arrange the chair according to the guidelines. Here are tips to ensure that you remain safe while using your office chair.

  1. Purchase from well-known producers

We found that most of the problems are caused by businesses that cut corners in the production process in order to make more money.

There will be no unintended blasts if you purchase your office chairs from businesses that have rigorous standards for safety and quality. Furthermore, perform some studies and also don’t ignore to read the client ratings and feedback prior to making a purchase.

  1. Use the Chair Correctly

Don’t ever sit on an office chair that has been completely brought up. The threat isn’t good enough to justify it. If you work remotely, caution your children not to jump on your chair. You also must avoid purposefully pressing or rupturing the gas cylinder of your chair. The gas within the chair may begin to seep as a result of the destruction and blow up the minute somebody sits on it.

  1. Replace a Faulty Gas Spring Cylinder

The chair may not blow up because of a faulty gas spring. Another problem you might encounter is the chair sinking. This can happen if the gas begins spilling and the canister no longer works correctly. Replacing the gas spring would not only decrease the likelihood of a blast but would also extend the life of your adored chair.

  1. Do not tamper with the gas spring

Aged office chairs can begin to sink without notice. A sinking chair is frequently caused by an old as well as defective gas spring.

Even though replacing the cylinder is simple, you should adhere to the directions to prevent issues in the future. Furthermore, no matter how intrigued you are, avoid trying to interfere with the cylinder. If anything bad happens, things can easily turn nasty.