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10 Best Standing Desks Under $200 in 2023 [Prices Included]

Depending on the nature of your job, using a desk that will keep you on your feet when carrying out your task is actually better for you health-wise.

People use standing desks mostly because sitting for long periods is bad for the back. Compared to sitting, standing burns more calories. It also helps to prevent blood clots from forming in the deep veins of the legs.

So, if you feel that standing while at work will make you more productive and healthy, then you may want to consider opting for a standing desk as against the usual sitting desk. If cost is a factor, then you might want to continue reading this article.

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What is the Best Standing Desk Under $200?

  1. HappYard Standing Desk

The HappYard Standing Desk is at the top of our list of the finest standing desks under $200. With a surface area of 35″ x 16″, the HappYard standing desk has room for two displays and one laptop. There would be room for your keyboard and mouse thanks to the two-tier design.

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A tablet or phone can fit in the opening at the front of the standing desk. To build the specialized workflow you require, this ergonomic sit-to-stand desk has sufficient working room for dual monitor or laptop plus monitor setups.

Price: $169.99
  1. Smugdesk 32 Inch Adjustable Sitting Standing Convertible Desk

The Smugdesk is yet another standing desk that is worth considering. To assist you in maintaining better posture, the black workstation riser transforms any desk into a standing desk. You may adjust the riser’s height to suit your needs for sitting or standing thanks to its adjustable construction.

The X-shaped structure offers reliable stability and a high load capacity. You may conserve room by swiftly and conveniently removing a quick-release removable keyboard tray when it’s not needed. The weight capacity of a desktop is 33 pounds, allowing you to store monitors and other necessities close at hand. You can alternate between sitting and standing at your desk while working using a standing desk riser.

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Price: $126.09
  1. BONTEC Mobile Standing Desk

The materials used to make this desktop are biodegradable. The premium board is scratch-proof, waterproof, and very simple to clean. The mobile desk hook can be used to hang things like laptop bags and headphones. Its 23.6×11.8-inch retractable tray can carry a full-size keyboard and mouse.

For the desktop and tray, the maximum load capacities are 33 lbs. and 11 lbs., respectively. You may utilize the table easily because of the stability provided by the “H”-shaped frame base design. Any height can be selected with this portable standing desk.

When raising the height, press the lever with your hand until you feel the pneumatic spring inside the column pushing upward. Then, release the controller when you have reached the desired height. Adjusting downwards requires simultaneous pressure on the desktop and the lever with your hand.

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Price: $159.99
  1. Smugdesk 36 Inch Adjustable Sitting Standing Workstation

Another standing desk that you should consider if you are looking for one is the Smugdesk 36 Inch Adjustable Ergonomic Sitting Standing Convertible Desk. This standing desk converter has a height range of 4.7″ to 19.3″ that may be freely adjusted.

A desktop has a slot for a tablet computer or a phone. Your job productivity can be increased with multi-functional design. The frosted desktop of this adjustable standing desk converter is waterproof and non-slip. It looks good and is simple to clean.

Price: $107.06
  1. ErGear Standing Up Desk

ErGear is dedicated to the concept of Ergonomic and it is no doubt one of the best standing desks you can get in the market. With the EGSSD6 standing desk converter, which was designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, you can effortlessly switch from sitting to standing while working by adjusting the height of your workstation.

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A monitor mount, which is available separately, can be installed into a pre-set hole to quickly turn a single computer into a twin monitor setup.

The ErGear standing desk converter is incredibly simple to assemble and comes with step-by-step instructions. The desk’s smooth surface makes maintenance a breeze and is waterproof. Soft Rubber anti-slip cushions keep the riser from slipping while in use and guard against scratches on your desktop or other surfaces.

Price: $159.99
  1. Panta Mobile Standing Desk

The Panta Mobile Standing Desk is yet another standing desk that is worth considering. This transportable desk workstation weighs 66 pounds (30 kg) and is made of sturdy steel and MDF wood. A laptop and an external monitor can fit on it.

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The rolling laptop desktop is easy to clean and both wear- and water-resistant; all it takes is a damp or dry towel and less than five minutes to remove any stains. The mobile computer desk can be used as a laptop table, a portable presentation lectern, a mobile standing computer desk, or an office table.

Full-size laptop computers can fit on the bigger main desk space. For the best ergonomic comfort when working on a computer or writing, the midsize desktop can be tilted. Manually adjust the table’s height from 26.9″ to 46.8″.

Price: $109.99
  1. Joy Seeker Mobile Standing Desk

Another good standing desk in the market is the Joy Seeker Mobile Standing Desk. The height-adjustable desk works well as a lectern, portable desks for small areas, student desks, podium stands, laptop desk stands, portable computer desks, music stands, and more. It is perfect for home offices and workplaces.

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The irregular desktop’s surface (width: 20.5″, length: 27.5″/23.6″) has adequate room for laptops or tablets, a mouse, a keyboard, books, and other items. Up to 22 lbs. of moving load capacity. The non-slip pads may also safely support computers when the top is slanted.

Price: $179.99
  1. JOY worker Foldable Mobile Standing Desk

JOY worker Foldable Mobile Standing Desk is a portable rolling desk that is made of cold rolled steel with a rust-resistant coating for extended use and a maximum load-bearing capacity of 22 lbs. The manufacturer also gives you all the materials and instructions you need to put your laptop stand together quickly.

With the push of a button, the height of the mobile computer desk may be changed from 29.9″ to 42.9″. The lifting procedure is quick and straightforward thanks to pneumatic adjustment technology, and switching between the sitting and standing positions is simple.

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There is sufficient working space on the 28.7×19.6-inch desk for your commonly used items. Additionally, the bottom knob makes it simple to fold the table when not in use, saving you even more space.

Price: $199.99
  1. SIDUCAL Mobile Stand-Up Desk

The SIDUCAL Mobile Stand-Up Desk is no doubt a very reliable standing desk that you can get for less than $200. The two standard outlets and two USB ports on this portable standing desk allow you to quickly and conveniently charge your computer, smartphone, headset, light, and other devices, making it very convenient for you to use. You can sit or stand thanks to the adjustable height of 26.3″–45.3″.

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Desk may be easily moved wherever you need it thanks to four top-notch rubber wheels. You may move it about the room as an office workstation in the study, an over-the-bed table in the bedroom, or an end table next to the sofa thanks to its portable construction.

Price: $105.99
  1. Klvied Mobile Desk

Another great standing desk that is less than $200 is the Klvied Mobile Desk. Klvied Mobile Desk comes as a tabletop with a size of 23.6 inches by 11.8 inches for greater storage, and a height adjustment range of 27.5 inches to 45.3 inches. The tilting panel can be used totally flat or at an angle that is comfortable for you because each adjustment can be made individually. The portable stand-up desk may be moved anywhere you wish thanks to its four flexible wheels.

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Price: $89.99
  1. FURNINXS Mobile Standing Desk

In order to improve posture and ease back discomfort, this portable standing workstation can raise your desk from 24.5 to 37.5 inches. With the help of this transportable adjustable desk, you can stay productive and alert when working from home. The height of your new desktop may be adjusted by simply pulling the side lever.

With its four 360° rotating casters (two of which are lockable), the FURNINXS Mobile Standing Desk for Laptop can be moved anywhere you wish. For placing a laptop, notepad, coffee cup, phone, etc., 30″ x 19″ desktops provide enough room.

Price: $169.99
  1. Perlegear Mobile Standing Laptop Desk

The Perlegear Mobile Standing Laptop Desk is no doubt one of the best standing desks you should include in your shopping list if you are looking for a standing desk. The height of this sit or stand desk may be changed using the simple adjustment knobs from 40.6″ to 49.2″.

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To increase comfort and productivity, use this transportable standing desk converter to work either sitting or standing throughout the day. When moving the desk from one place to another, the sturdy and superior steel structure offers stability.

With a mobile laptop standing desk that is adjustable, you may work in a more active manner. The upper platform can handle up to 44lbs, making it the ideal place to place a laptop, books, a projector, or other equipment. Pens, headphones, or even your coffee can be kept in the lower tray, which can support up to 22 lbs.

Price: $139.99