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Varidesk Vs Flexispot: Which is the Best Desk for Home Office?

When purchasing a standing desk, note that Vari and Flexispot are the two well-known companies in the market. Both manufacturers have a solid track record of delivering high-quality merchandise. This is important when purchasing the valuables needed to perform your task. They are using an intuitive styling method, and both brands are equated with precision standing desk risers.

About Varidesk

Vari, based in Texas, has been manufacturing standing desktop risers since the year 2013. It also provides a wide range of designs with different dimensions as well as functionality. Vari developed the first standing-desk converter to assist a workmate suffering from back problems.

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Vari is now rated as a “workspace innovation company.” It can be expanded for the production of other types of industrial interiors, as well as items, including active seats and anti-fatigue mats. A desktop riser that converts a standard desk into a standing desk is the Varidesk signature design.

It usually comes in different forms; concepts for tall people, as laptop models, and as standing desk converters for side desks.

About Flexispot

Flexispot is a new California-based company that has been established as a competitor to Varidesk, as well as other big-name brands in the standing desks sector. You can as well make a comparison and select from numerous converters provided by the firm.

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Flexispot is been rated as one of the “go-to” providers of standing desk converters. It has, for instance, changed places of employment across the globe by providing a substitute for the traditional seated desk. And it keeps working with cutting-edge devices to expand its product line.

Difference Between Varidesk and Flexispot

Even though these choices perform the same function and may appear to be related, there are some differences you should be aware of, to enable you to make a good decision regarding the perfect one to purchase. Here are some of them;

  1. Mechanism for lifting

A desktop riser’s lift mechanism is a significant aspect for desk converters, as it influences the convenience of arranging the workstation riser to one preferred sit/stand length. So the two companies use varying lifting structures for their prevalent desk risers. Varidesk tends to leverage a spring assist mechanism, whereas Flexispot leverage a gas spring assist system.

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Varidesk’s spring action has garnered numerous concerns regarding being difficult to increase or decrease. The Flexispot converter is simple to use, due to its gas spring aid and high-quality hydraulic struts. It has a switch on the right side, underneath the primary worktop that you could always operate with one hand.

  1. Pricing

The cost gap between the Varidesk pro plus 36 and the Flexispot M2B 35 desk converter is significant—more than $100. The Varidesk seems to be more expensive than the Flexispot because it is located at the top of the cost scale.

The majority of past end users agree that Varidesk’s cost is overblown and also does not merit the additional cost. If you’re budget-conscious, choosing between the two becomes easy because Flexispot is $100 less expensive than Varidesk and thus the more cost-effective choice.

  1. Design

Another difference between the two standing desks is how they have been designed to lift when extended to a standing position. Flexispot leverages a straight system, which means that the converter goes up straight. If you have limited room in your apartment workspace, this is the best concept.

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This is due to the fact that it would not extend forward but instead goes directly up without trying to take up any additional room. The fact that this type of lifting mechanism goes up in one spot, sometimes at optimum standing desk height, adds to its stability.

The Varidesk ‘pro plus 36’ on the other hand, utilizes a separate system known as a forward-arcing sequence. When you lift the converter, it would not only get it up but rather stretch forward, requiring you to take a 1.5 to 2ft backward step from your current desk.

The controller is highly probable to become top-heavy and unstable as it stretches in a forward-arcing sequence. So if you possess a comparatively tiny workspace and value every inch of space, the Flexispot is the concept for you. If extra room isn’t an issue, you could use whichever device you chose.

  1. Materials and construction quality

Varidesk has a steel Z-design frame for optimum toughness and reliability. Its principal computer and keypad portals are crafted of particleboard that has been laminated with plastic. The whole desk connector stays sturdy and substantial.

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Because of its texture, this desk riser tends to remain steady and won’t wiggle or slouch when fully loaded. The Flexispot is also constructed with a tight, heavily loaded stainless frame, making it durable and hard.

Unlike Varidesk, the frame here seems to be X-shaped. The same as Varidesk, its primary work surface, and keypad plates are crafted of particleboard. There are also Flexispot’s well-padded legs that prevent it from tearing or even impacting your current work desk.

  1. Size of the workspace

Once it relates to the main tabletop, the Varidesk provides 36′′ W x 12.25′′ D. The top layer area is sufficient to accommodate a double monitor setting, a MacBook, or maybe even a laptop. The computer area of the Flexispot M2B model provides a 35′′ W x 23.2′′ D work area. This puts it ahead of the Varidesk pro plus 36′′ models.

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This entails that Flexispot has more exterior area, which equates to flexibility for the twin monitor setup, MacBooks, and documents, and somehow still makes area for slimmer workplace gadgets. Flexispot thus has the most expansive desktop riser. It is the best choice for you if you want a standing desk with enough space for your screens, as well as other office supplies.


If you are judging from the parameters considered above, Vari has a greater spectrum of adjustability, rigidity, and quality of construction, whereas Flexispot is cheaper and better if you have a tiny workspace. So it is up to you to determine which criterion is more essential to them while making a decision for purchase. Have it in mind that both brands are equated with precision standing desk risers.