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How to Get Car Insurance Quotes Without Personal Information

Do you want to do a comparison of car insurance quotes before buying without giving your personal information? If YES, here are 3 smart ways to get auto insurance quotes.

A lot of Americans have admitted that they have overpaid for their car insurance at one point or the other, and one of the reasons for this over-payment is that they did not shop around for quotes before finally settling for the one they chose. For this reason, a lot of people are now more careful when buying car insurance.

One that is being noticed today as far as shopping for car insurance quotes is concerned, is that people do not want to provide their personal information anymore when they are looking to compare quotes between insurance companies. People guard their personal information a lot to avoid being victims of identity theft and other related issues.

Trying to get a reliable insurance quote without providing your personal information can be a bit difficult because insurance companies make use of the personal information you provide to estimate your risk level, and without such information, they would have nothing to work with and as such cannot give you reliable figures.

But that notwithstanding, there are still ways by which a car insurance shopper can get quotes which are close to perfect without having to sacrifice his or her personal information.

Information Needed to Get a Car Insurance Quote

Before you are given a reliable car insurance quote by insurance companies, they would need you to give them some information about yourself. To provide an accurate quote, the insurance company will need to know various pieces of information about you. They will need to know your age, sex, occupation, and the type of residence that you live in. They’ll also want to know how you plan to use the vehicle and what your driving history has been like.

Not every company will request all of the same things from you, but there are several that you will pretty much always be asked for in order to provide the most accurate quote possible. In order to quote you a price and sell you a policy, the insurance company needs the information stated below, more or less:

  • Driver’s license numbers of all drivers on the policy
  • Vehicle identification number of any vehicles on the policy
  • Date of birth of all drivers on the policy
  • Garaging address of vehicle (most likely your home address)
  • Prior insurance information
  • Telephone number
  • SSN
  • Credit score estimate
  • Your salary
  • Financial obligations

Depending on the car insurance company you contacted, you may need to provide additional details. So, while you might be able to use a fake name or secondary E-mail address during the quote process, you cannot go so far with those if you want to purchase the policy.

Depending on the insurance company you are looking at, receiving an accurate quote without providing your personal information can be near-impossible, and even if it is possible, it might not be worth the effort. Some companies require your driver’s license in order to start the quote process, which is difficult to fake.

Why Insurance Companies Need your Personal Information

Insurance companies do not ask for your personal information when you ask for a quote because they like to keep you in their records. No, there are good reasons why they always demand these information.

a. To estimate your risk potential: Insurance companies determine and categorize your risk factors according to a set of special criteria. For example, they consider young drivers a liability because they’re less experienced, and male drivers to be more of a risk because statistically, they receive DUIs and other violations more than women.

So, as you can see, insurance policy providers won’t be able to give you a fully accurate quote that they can stand by without knowing a bit about you first.

Reliable insurance companies typically start with just asking for your zip code. They need this information in order to learn about the community that you live in, especially wanting to discover what the crime rates are in that area. Using this info along with the basic, non-sensitive personal information you provided about yourself, an insurance company should be able to provide you with a fairly accurate insurance quote.

b. To calculate your premium: another reason why an insurance company would require your personal information before giving you a quote is to be able to determine your premium. The different information you come up with would help them put together a reliable quote.

c. To gauge your seriousness: it is a fact that whenever a person is ready to give up facts about an issue or business, then you know that he or she is interested. The act of giving up all of that information also demonstrates to them that you are in fact serious about seeking out car insurance.

From their perspective, any time that they may have to spend time in order to produce a quote for you, it ought to be justified for them. And proving you’re actually interested in buying insurance by handing over your personal details may be step one as far as they’re concerned. Coming up with a car insurance estimate without personal information might even be considered a waste of time for them.

Why People Tend to Hide their identity When Shopping for Insurance Quotes

A lot of people do not want to share their personal information with too many companies because it’s one of the easiest ways that criminals can steal your identity. Things like your SSN number and  license are very sensitive, as it could potentially also lead to identity theft if it ends up in the wrong hands.

Another thing is the issue of credit scores. When you apply to a lot of insurance companies to get a quote, they tend to check up on your credit score. You should know that getting too many requests from them can negatively affect your overall score.

So in your pursuit to find the cheapest insurance quote for your auto insurance, if you provided your social security number to 7-10 insurance companies that then each sent requests to the credit bureaus inquiring about your credit history, you may be inadvertently hurting your credit score.

First off, your credit score will go lower and may make you end up paying more for your auto insurance. Again, it could also affect your ability to secure good interest rates on a mortgage, it could hurt your chances of getting a job, preventing you from renting a car, and so forth. The last thing in the world that you want to do is to damage your credit history.

3 Smart Ways to Get Car Insurance Quotes Before Buying Without Giving your Personal Information

While you may not get very accurate car insurance quotes if you do not provide your complete information, but it is indeed quite possible to get a reliable estimate with just your basic information.

1. Look out for easier companies: There are indeed some companies that have recognized that people are getting very skeptical about dropping their personal information online, so they have made provisions on how to get people car insurance quotes with just the basic information.

In these cases, the only info you need to submit accurately is your zip code, date-of-birth, driving record, and vehicle information. These rating factors are fairly significant aspects of your premium. If you want your quote to be reliable, you only need to provide accurate info.

2. Use comparison websites: Yet another way to get a car insurance quote without providing your personal information is to avoid insurance companies altogether and use a comparison website.

Reliable online comparison sites secure any information sent and received online using the latest in encryption technology and other means. These tools allow you to follow the same process as you would with an insurance company, but they’ll provide quotes from a variety of insurers. This way, you only have to create an alias once.

3. Get the quotes in person: If you are so concerned about giving out your personal information online, another good option for you is to seek the quotes offline, that is you have to walk up the insurance companies yourself and provide just the basic information so that you can receive your quotes. A lot of people avoid doing this because of the time and stress they are going to spend getting it.


Yes, you can still get a car insurance quote without offering insurance companies sensitive information such as your driver’s license or SSN, but it will be a rough estimate. It is quite possible that the rough estimate they give you could perfectly match the final quote you get after providing them with all of the info they want. But if you want your quote to be accurate, you have to be totally honest when applying.

It is even possible to get a quote without providing your contact information. Anonymous quotes are possible, but may not be accurate as mentioned earlier. They offer this option because they know it may result in attracting new customers who didn’t initially feel comfortable sharing their details. It’s a show of good faith so to speak, and insurance companies understand this.