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How to Work from Home Making Jewelries for Companies

Assemble Glass Beaded Jewelry for Pay

Are you a jewelry maker who might not be ready to handle the hassles of running a business, but you need some income to tide you through a rough patch?

Then you may want to start thinking in the lines of jewelry assembling. Quite a lot of companies exist online and in other areas that offer work from home jewelry assembling jobs. Here, you just need to make an application. If you are accepted, you purchase your assembling kits, tools and materials and set to work.

When you are done, you are required to mail your assembled product back to the company and if your work passes muster, you get paid. This is basically how the process runs.

But one thing you need to have in mind before contacting these companies and sending in an application is that you may be required to pay an upfront fee for your supplies, while others may demand like a refundable application fee just to make sure that you are serious about the offer.

While you really need to beware if anybody asks for an upfront fee before you can work for them, but there still exists genuine work from home jewelry assembly jobs out there. You just need to know how to find these jobs.

List of Companies That Offer Jewelry Assembly Jobs

  1. Artisan Corporation of America

Artisan is one of the biggest home assembly companies in the U.S. and has been retailing and wholesaling handcrafted jewellery for many years. They want individuals to produce their jewellery designs for them and they usually pay $155.00 for a half set (30 pairs) of earrings that are made according to their standards.

You can earn a maximum of $310.00 per week. Artisan is the only jewellery home assembly company that uses one simple basic technique in all its designs. This technique is based on simple American Indian Beaded Jewellery.

They pay $7.00 to $20.00 each and offer individuals the opportunity to make unlimited production. For you to start with them, no experience is necessary. This home assembly job welcomes beginners. They offer you 50 different styles of earrings so you can pick the ones you would find easier to make. Artisan has been in business since 1990.

  1. Wunderkin

This company specializes in handcrafted, heirloom hair bows for children. They offer clients these heirlooms to craft and they are always open to seamstresses applying to work with them.

These bows are usually made with Liberty of London prints, cotton fabrics or whatever fabrics the company may choose at that point in time. These heirlooms come with a lifetime guarantee – so the company values the services of skilled seamstresses.

Wunderkin pays around $15 to $18 per hour, and requires their seamstresses to work at least 15 to 20 hours each week (producing around 100 to 150 bows on a weekly basis).

In order to qualify, you are expected to complete six test bows for them to evaluate; you can find the instructions on their website. You must have your own sewing equipment, and Wunderkin will supply the fabric and trims you need each week.

  1. Cottage Industries

If you want o work with Cottage Industries, then you require patience to do their home assembly jobs because the items they offer for crafting are small. There are many items to choose from. A miniature jewellery box is one of the items you can assemble for them and they will pay you $5.00 for each box.

There is no limit on the number of items you can return to them. For a colour brochure and complete information send 2 loose stamps to their address.

  1. Angel Pin Creations

These home assembly jobs require you to make “Angel Lapel Pins”  made out of wired ribbon, wire beads, no sewing involved. This company is so good because no quota or time frame is imposed on you. You are also assured of their money back guarantee.

While working for them, you will have access to live customer service. Your shipping cost to them is usually reimbursed 100%. They will pay $2.50 for each completed Angel Pin.

  1. Gussie’s Gifts, Inc

This company offers a variety of home assembly jobs. They offer Flower Girl Door Hangers made with macramé’ cord, ribbon, 3” brass ring. They usually pay $125.00 per 25 perfect units. In this business, you have the potential to earn $1,350.00.

They also have a product they call Happiness Bells. These beautiful 2 inch bells are made of imitation pearls and are popular for weddings and special occasions. Simply string these loose pearls together using a needle & thread. They will pay $120.00 for a unit of 20 bells. Yet another product in their line up are Dream Catchers. Their three inch mini dream catchers are always a hit.

The company will show you how they are made using a 3 inch metal ring, hemp cording, pony beads, feathers and string. You can make these lovely Indian icons. No tools are required here. The company will pay $125.00 for every unit of 25 dream catchers you send in, and you can submit up to 3 units per week.

  1. Homespun Products Beaded Jewellery

Homespun is looking for people to assemble their line of products at home. This job can indeed give you flexible hours and some extra income. Homespun is a family owned corporation and have offered their product line made by independent contractors since 1989.

They offer a choice of beaded earrings, hair clips, or elegant evening purses for you to assemble. Choose one or all the items to make. You can work from home making jewellery for the company. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for more information

  1. California Coastal Jewelry Designs

This company proudly call themselves Hollywood designers costume jewellery. The company needs independent producers to assemble glass-beaded earrings. Up to $290.00 weekly! No experience necessary. Special projects available are also for interested producers. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the above address if you are interested.

  1. The Pin Jewel Company

The Pin Jewel Company manufactures and distributes the “Pin Jewel Bracelet”. This bracelet is designed with safety pins and crystal beads and is strung together with silver cording. No experience or tools needed to assemble this bracelet. They will pay for all materials and return postage.

You will be paid 22.00 for every unit of 12 bracelets you submit to the company. Use your imagination—come up with your own designs, they allow it. This company is in good standing with all consumer agencies. Send a SASE for more information.

If you are in doubt of an offer, note this

Not every offer you see online is legit and can be vouched for. I mean, nobody regulates what gets posted online. And come to think of it, legitimate companies pay you to work for them, not the other way around. Again, it is not cost-effective for manufacturers to pay people for piecework, especially craft jewelry that can be priced a dime per dozen.

If you’re not convinced that a job is a scam and you think you may have come across a legitimate opportunity, spend a few minutes checking it out. Google the name of the company or the business offer they are making to you as you need to protect yourself and your money.

When in doubt, add “reviews” or “scam” and search again. It will only take a few seconds to find information on the company if it’s not legitimate. You also need to check sites like the Rip Off Report and the Better Business Bureau to see if there are complaints.


If you are assembling jewelry for an outside company as an independent contractor, rather than working for yourself, beware of scams.

Many “work at home” job advertisements promise you can assemble jewelry at home and get paid for your work, though in reality, you might make a sizeable investment and see little or no financial return. Check out these offers with your local Better Business Bureau to make sure they are legitimate. You probably can do the same type of work as an independent small business owner and see a more significant profit.

You should also know that there is no reliable record of anyone making a substantial and sustainable income doing product and craft assembly jobs from home.