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How to Get Paid Assembling Pens from Home for Companies

Working from home suits so many people in this modern age for a variety of reasons. Sometimes its parents who prefer to stay home with their children or it might be someone struggling financially searching for a way to earn some additional income.

Also, working from home attracts people who live in remote areas, who don’t like to commute or who simply need a job quickly.

These jobs come in several different forms and it helps to know what they are before you sign on. Have it in mind that work-at-home business opportunities abound both online and in the classifieds. If one of these jobs gets your attention, always remember that this is not traditional job and it may cost you something to get started.

Multi-level marketing is commonly presented as a work-at-home business opportunity. If the ad sounds too enticing, ask what type of work is involved and how much it will cost you to get started. Make sure it is something you want to do before you sign up.

Typically, an ad for this “job” will make big promises about the money you can earn assembling products at home, such as CD racks, earrings, or bookmarks.

When you request information, you are told that you will assemble the products in batches and, after mailing them to the company, you will be paid a per-piece rate, provided that your work meets quality standards. After your kit arrives, you dutifully review the DVD or instruction manual and put together your first batch of products.

You send them off to the company and await your check, but your payment is not forthcoming In many cases, you will never hear from your “employer” again. If you reach out to find out what is going on, you will be told that your product didn’t meet quality standards.

The truth however remains that the company never had any intention of paying you because it is not in the CD rack, jewellery or bookmark business and never was. Instead, the company makes its money from selling people a work-at-home opportunity that never provides the workers themselves with any income.

There are several red flags to look out for when analysing any work-at-home opportunity, particularly one that asks you to assemble products.

  • Asking you to pay for materials and training. Legitimate employers do not ask you to pay them for the privilege of working for them.
  • Everyone who applies is accepted as an assembler. The truth is that some people are more skilled at handiwork than others. A legitimate company would want to review samples of your work before making you an offer.
  • The company does not have a physical location. If you do a bit of digging, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to find much or any information about the company or where it is located.

List of Companies That Offer Work from Home Assembling Pen Jobs

For someone who is able to work with their hands and put things together, assembling work may be ideal. Often there is a quota that has to be completed by a deadline. Assembly work includes things like putting candy or toys in plastic bubbles for bulk vending machines, putting pins on the backs of promotional buttons, or assembling ball pens.

However, just like it was stated above, legitimate companies don’t require a fee upfront and they pay in a timely manner based on the work completed. Here are top companies to consider.

  1. Kalas Krafts, Inc.

These whimsical desk mates will keep pens and pencils at hand, while keeping notes, business cards and photos on constant display. Supplies needed are cardboard mailing tube; 20-gauge wire and craft form sheets into creative and functional pen pets.

They pay $125.00 for 25 pen pets. This company is a member in good standing with Henry County Chamber of Commerce. Earning potential is $1,500.00 monthly.

  1. Ecobee

This is a fast-growing developer and manufacturer of smart devices for residential and commercial spaces. The Internet-of-Things (IoT) hardware company was responsible for introducing the first Wi-Fi-compatible smart thermostat, establishing Ecobee as a first-to-market pioneer.

Ecobee was established in 2007 by engineer Stuart Lombard, who developed his initial product with a goal to create a truly smart thermostat that would conserve energy, maintain comfort, be easy to install, and deliver long-term savings.

  1. Magical Gifts

Magical Gifts is one of the largest home assembly companies. They have over 25 items to assemble. No experience necessary. Their products include painting, fibre, clay, glue gun and sewing projects. They claim double pay for the first 30 days.

They also pay $100.00 holiday bonus for top producers. Visit their website for a large verity of items to make, or send them a SAES for more information.

  1. Robots and Pencils

Robots and Pencils is a well known app development and mobile strategy firm. Right from its inception in 2009, Robots and Pencils has developed over 250 apps that are used by more than 77 million people throughout the world.

The company’s featured work includes educational apps that are modernizing education throughout North America and enterprise apps that help businesses improve efficiency and increase revenue. In addition to app development, the Robots and Pencils creative team also offers mobile strategy, service kits, UX research and design, and PencilCase suite.


You are a connoisseur of crafting, but assembling job search requires some additional skills. Indeed, so many people are interested in working from home. Unfortunately, even though legitimate work-at-home opportunities exist, scams also exist.

In most cases, home-based, product assembly jobs fall into the latter category: After all, the economics of product manufacturing means that most companies will either assemble products in-house or contract to a factory overseas.