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How to Work from Home Assembling CD Cases for Companies

A lot, if not all the assembling jobs you find today are mostly outsourced. This means that the companies give out the jobs to people who are not their employees, and they are usually paid when the jobs are completed satisfactorily and submitted.

Outsourcing is cheaper for companies compared to hiring employees. And because many companies have a lot of work to be outsourced, work from home assembly jobs have totally become a very huge market. Assembling CD cases from home is a sustainable job for anyone with some skills, and who is currently staying at home for one reason or the other.

Home assembly jobs are fun and easy jobs that, in most cases, can be done on your kitchen table or living room floor. Assembly jobs are a great way for you and your family to earn a little extra money, while doing something fun and rewarding together.

With the high cost of daycare and gas prices rising each day, home assembly jobs are a great way for stay at home mums to make some extra money and save hundreds on childcare and gas. These jobs are great for stay at home mothers, disabled people or anybody that needs to earn a little extra money.

Your job role and responsibility when it comes to CD assembling will depend on what the company wants you to do. Some companies may want you to pack the CDs on to the covers. In such cases, you will find that the covers are provided by the company itself, and this will indeed make your job quite easy.

The second variation to this is the designing of the CD cover itself. This is a more complicated job that is usually reserved for those who are skilled in crafting, but it pays better than the first assembling type.

Very few companies would actually want individuals to design CD covers at home considering the complexity of the task and the uniformity required in the design of the CD covers.

You will find that companies would definitely want people to earn money from home assembling CD cases, but they do not want people to be working on time-consuming projects. This is why you have to be highly skilled before you can be given this job.

How to Assemble CD Cases From Home

CD cases are a popular product that usually calls for assembling. During the boom era of CDs, companies were always looking out to outsource the production of their CD cases to people who are willing to take up the jobs.

Everyone knows what a CD case is and has probably used one themselves. It is a product that is not only highly identifiable but also one that finds itself in almost every home. But this does not mean that you have to assemble and sell these CD cases on your own.

Of course they are companies will demand that you purchase your own CD cases and assemble it yourself. Afterwards, you can sell your craft to them and if they like your creativity, you can steadily supply them with your CD cases.

If you want to start assembling these CD cases on your own, you should know that the art is quite simple. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Carefully connect two halves of the CD case by inserting raised plastic joints on the sockets from the left-hand half into the right-hand half of the CD case.
  • After deciding the CD half to be placed on the bottom of your case, you need to put the back cover, such as card listing for album tracks, on the case bottom facing outward.
  • On the top half of your CD holder, place any other information for the CD like a card with booklet containing instructions for the disc or album title on the CD holder’s top half. Then position the booklet or card so that the front can be read without opening the CD case.
  • Place the plastic tray holding the CD on top and then snap it gently into the case.
  • Close the CD case.

You are free to buy a pre-assembled case if you don’t want to do the detailed work yourself. Finally, remember to be careful when you apply force to the CD cases, as too much pressure can splinter or even break the CD cases since they are quite fragile.

List of Companies That Offer CD Case Assembling Jobs

There are a number of product assembling companies that you can work for if you want to make CD cases at home. One such company is called the Elk Creek Case Co while the other company is called New England Crafters or Magical Gift. These two companies have a helpful website and a fairly lucid business policy and programme.

They also have a dedicated customer helpline with a number which you can call and address all your queries to. This lends credence to their genuineness since most of the companies online offering these services are mostly scam artists.

  1. Elk Creek Case Company

The Elk Creek Case Company is a very popular company when it comes to home assembly jobs. They mostly offer CD case assembly jobs. The company has two kinds of cases that are available for assembling at home. One is the CD case while the other is the eyeglass case.

Apart from this, they offer two kinds of CD cases that you can assemble at home. One is a sewing product and this requires you to have sewing skills, while the other one is a woodworking project and needs you to make the CD case out of wood.

You can view both these products on their websites which are and You will get paid up to $409.20 per week for these CD totes. Like the eyeglass cases, you get your payment within 72 hours after they have received your finished batch of CD totes.

For their CD cases, the company demands that you use cotton calico fabrics, as well as many other fun prints. You are not required to sell these products as the company buys them from you. To get started with assembling your CD totes, you will need a starter kit.

This kit includes everything in it that you’ll need to begin this project, minus the thread. The eyeglass cases starter kit is $35.90 including shipping and handling. The assembling CD totes starter kit is $38.90 including shipping and handling.

  1. New England Crafters

Magical Gift Company or New England Crafters is a popular product assembling company that has a large following amongst craft lovers and home based crafters. It has a wide range of crafts listed on its very professional website that home based crafter can assemble at home.

New England Crafters is an impressive product assembling company. They maintain a list of the people who are approved to assemble products for them.

If and when you are approved to make CD cases for them, you will find your name listed on their main website as an approved assembler along with dozens of others. You can find an active forum dedicated to the people working for New England Crafters on

Downsides To Home Assembly Jobs (CD Case Assembly Jobs)

While there are a lot of good sides when it comes to working from home and assembling CD cases, there is also a bad side to it. And trust me, these job assembly sites would not tell you this before you opt in. For one, the kits you need to create the items cost money and you’ll be responsible for paying for it.

You may say that this is just a small sacrifice for you to make to be able to get your dream job, but you should also know that you may even be charged a start-up fee to prove that you are truly interested in working with the company and assembling their products.

Secondly, most times the instructions that will be provided to you to create these products are very vague, and sometimes they are deliberately so. If they don’t meet the company’s standards, your assembled products won’t be accepted and you won’t get paid.

In fact, it is so disheartening to realize that most times, whatever you make will not meet standards and you won’t receive any compensation. It can even get worse for you if you don’t understand the directions or find that assembling the product is too difficult or time consuming. That way, you are sure to miss out on any payment.

Thirdly, if you do produce products that are satisfactory and you get your payment, you may be prompted to purchase additional materials and extra training DVDs, not to mention more and more materials for the next job. Most of these companies earn the majority of their income from you when you buy their start-up kits.

Unfortunately, this is how most work-from-home assembly jobs operate and a lot of them are indeed scams. If a company is earning their bread and butter from their ‘employees’ and not by selling or providing something of value, you really need to be careful with them.