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How to Get Paid Making Crafts from Home for Companies

Assemble craft products from home

A good number of people think of crafting as a fun hobby, but in fact it is a very big business. According to very reliable reports, the total size of the U.S. creative arts industry is $36-plus billion, and a whopping 63 percent of U.S. households participated in at least one creative activity in the past 12 months.

Some crafters start out at art schools in an effort to hone their skills. While this is a viable option for some, for most it is an unnecessary expense.

If you’re already considering turning your craft into a career, you must have some confidence in your skills. As long as the drive to create is there, you can become a profitable crafter even without formal education. However, first things first, you have to make sure that what you are doing is something you want to do for the long haul.

You have to be passionate about it, not just rolling with trends in order to make money. Working from home craft jobs tend to include contract or temporary remote positions where you assemble products or materials that a company sends you.

Many companies specialize in unique, handmade products and want to avoid factories, so they hire workers for DIY production. Note that once you sign on for a position, the company sends you materials along with instructions stating your end product and a how-to assemble it.

You are expected to follow the instructions, assemble the product, and submit it to the company for them to inspect. Work from home craft assembly jobs may include titles such as seamstress, tester, or tutorial builder.

Also have it in mind that you can find work from home craft assembly jobs in various job sites or through online ads. Howbeit, it is imperative to be aware of illegitimate employers who may try to scam applicants. You should always read reviews and never agree to pay money up front, even if they promise to refund your deposit.

Do not forget that legitimate home craft assembly companies list, in detail, the job duties and required skills, which more or less calls for flexibility, initiative, and reliability.

Other preferred qualifications include attention to detail and creativity. You may need your own equipment, such as a sewing machine, but otherwise, the company provides the materials you need.

List of Companies That Offer Home Making Crafts Jobs

Arts and craft stores aren’t the only employers looking to hire crafty folks. If you have a knack for crafting and assembling things, decorating, designing, etc.—you might be surprised to find that there are numerous companies where you can make use of your creative skills. These companies include;

  1. Wunderkin

This company specializes in handcrafted, heirloom hair bows for children. They’re always open to seamstresses applying to work with them. These bows are made with Liberty of London prints and cotton fabrics, and come with a lifetime guarantee – so the company values the services of skilled seamstresses.

Wunderkin pays around $15 to $18 per hour, and requires their seamstresses to work at least 15 to 20 hours each week (producing around 100 to 150 bows on a weekly basis).

In order to qualify, you are expected to complete six test bows for them to evaluate; you can find the instructions on their website. You must have your own sewing equipment, and Wunderkin will supply the fabric and trims you need each week.

  1. Valerie’s Hattery, Inc.

This company assembles from little potpourri bonnets to bookmarks. No experience is needed. They will pay $16.00 for 12 bonnets and since each one can be completed in 5 minutes you can make easy money in just one hour.

They also pay $10.00 for every 40 bookmarks you send them. Their bookmarks are made with only 3 materials and require no sewing. The materials are free. They have a customer phone line, accept all major credit cards, have a great refund policy and they are members of the Better Business Bureau. They have been in business since 1991.

  1. Sunlight Collectable

Do you hand-sew or cross-stitch towel holders or children’s placemats? This company pays $100.00 for a completed unit of towel holders or children’s placemats. One unit consists of 20. You can submit 3 units weekly.

  1. Western Leather Creations

This company are steadily looking for people to hand tool their leather key chains. They request that their product be completed and returned by units of 20 pieces each. For each unit they will pay you $60.00 for production plus $15.00 for supply cost reimbursement. They pay shipping up to $2.00 per unit. You can earn $77.00 per unit.

  1. Hillcraft

This company has promoted a specific craft design. This is called the “Butterfly Flower”. It is fun to do and no special skills are needed. They pay $114.50 per unit and they accept 3 units per week. You can easily earn $342.15.

  1. Box Desert Design

This company has been in business for 15 years. This home assembly job offers customer service and technical support. All that is needed to complete these products is to cut, fold and glue them. They will accept 4 units per week per product.

Each unit consists of 36 pieces. For every 4 units completed you will receive $520.00, that is $110.00 per unit plus an additional $20.00 to cover supply cost.

  1. Homespun

This company is looking for people to assemble their line of products at home. They are a family owned corporation and have offered their product line made by independent contractors since 1989. They offer a choice of beaded earrings, hair clips, or elegant evening purses.

Choose one or all the items to make. You can work from home making jewellery for them. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for more information.

  1. Merry Creations

This company will pay you $30.00 per unit of 10 Christmas ornaments you assemble. This company has been in business for over 12 years.

  1. Cottage Industries

Have it in mind that you require patience to do these home assembly jobs because the items are small. There are many items to choose from. A miniature jewellery box is one of the items you can assemble for them and they will pay you $5.00 for each box.

There is no limit on the number of items you can return to them. For a colour brochure and complete information send 2 loose stamps to their address.

  1. Artisan Corporation of America

ARTISAN is one of the biggest home assembly companies in the U.S. and has been retailing and wholesaling handcrafted jewellery for many years. They want individuals to produce their jewellery designs and will pay $155.00 for a half set (30 pairs) of earrings that are made according to their standards.

You can earn a maximum of $310.00 per week. Artisan is the only jewellery home assembly company that uses one simple basic technique in all its designs. This technique is based on simple American Indian Beaded Jewellery.

They pay $7.00 to $20.00 each and offer individuals the opportunity to make unlimited production. No experience is necessary. This home assembly job welcomes beginners. They offer you 50 different styles of earrings to choose from. They have been in business since 1990.

  1. Edie’s Elephant Company

This home assembly job requires you to assemble little cow refrigerator magnets made from felt. The only tools needed are straight pins, scissors and glue. No experience is needed. They will pay $20.00 for one completed unit (12) magnets made to their quality standards. You can assemble 4 units per month. This company reimburses for postage.

  1. Enchanted Hearts

The only tools required are a glue gun and a sharp pair of scissors. These 3-inch wooden hearts, wrapped in satin ribbon and lovely bouquet of roses with streamers are easy to assemble. Follow simple instructions and illustrations.

They supply all materials with a small deposit. They pay by the unit (12) hearts per unit. You will be paid $7.40 for approximately one hour’s work. This company is in good standing with all consumer agencies.

  1. RETS, Inc.

In your kit you receive easy to follow instructions, clear diagrams and the material needed to make your first full unit of EZ-Mark Bookmarks! Note that for every 35 bookmarks, you will be paid $117.50 for the bookmarks that meet quality inspection, and $15.00 for the supplies and shipping. This is a total of $132.50 per unit!

They will buy up to 3 units per week. Supplies are easy to find at any craft stores or you may get the materials from the company. This is to get your account set up in their system and the start up kit, which contains enough materials to make your first full unit of 35 bookmarks. Your kit will be mailed within 24 business hours after they receive your order.

  1. Son Rise Greetings Cards Inc.

This company produces and distributes quality, handcrafted, specially designed, cross-stitched greeting cards, which are suitable for any occasion. The startup kit cost is $20.00, the registration is $12.00 and the shipping and handling is $7.95, that totals to be a one-time fee of $39.95.

When you sign up, they will rush your startup kit to you. In your kit, you get easy to follow instructions, clear diagrams, a customer help number and all the materials needed to make your first unit of Son Rise greeting cards.

For each unit that passes quality control, you get $126.00 for the profit of the greeting cards and $20.00 reimbursement for the supplies and postage, which totals to be $146.00 per unit. They purchase a maximum of 4 units per week and a minimum of 1 unit per 60 days.

  1. GUSSIE’S Gifts, Inc.

This company offers a variety of home assembly jobs. They will show you how they are made. Using a 3 inch metal ring, hemp cording, pony beads, feathers & string. You can make even the least lovely Indian icons. No tools required. The will pay $125.00 for every unit of 25 dream catchers, and send in up to 3 units per week.

  1. Kalas Krafts, Inc.

These whimsical desk mates will keep pens and pencils at hand, while keeping notes, business cards and photos on constant display. Supplies needed are cardboard mailing tube; 20-gauge wire and craft form sheets into creative and functional pen pets.

They pay $125.00 for 25 pen pets. This company is a member in good standing with Henry County Chamber of Commerce. Earning potential is $1,500.00 monthly.

  1. MAKIN’ IT EASY, Inc.

Assemble 4 X 6 cloth and lace frames. This company is a member of Henry County Chamber of Commerce. They will pay you $112.50 per unit of 25 frames. They will reimburse you for supplies plus $5.00 in shipping when you return the complete frames. Earning potential is $1,350.00 monthly.

  1. New England Crafters & The Magical Gift Company Assemble

This is one of the largest home assembly companies. They have over 25 items to assemble. No experience is necessary and they accept US and Canadian residents only. Their products include painting, fibre, clay, glue gun and sewing projects.

They claim double pay for the first 30 days. They also pay $100.00 holiday bonus for top producers. Visit their website for a large variety of items to make, or send them a SASE for more information.


While crafting/DIY company jobs aren’t incredibly common, there are still several legitimate companies out there that will employ you remotely to sew or even try out DIY crafts. When looking for these sort of opportunities online, it is important to listen to your gut and also research companies before giving them your information and your time.

Any time an at-home “assembly” job sounds too good to be true, it generally is – and any company that wants you to pay them up-front before they pay you is not a good opportunity. Not even if they say they’ll refund your deposit later.