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25 Best Cargo Van Business ideas You Can Start in 2024

If you possess your own cargo van, then note that you are open to a plethora of business opportunities. To be honest, there are several financially rewarding cargo van business prospects available in the United States. In fact, the full-size van market is projected to attain $8.13 billion USD in earnings just in 2023.

A cargo van is a type of vehicle that doesn’t have any back seats, rather it is vacant, allowing users to pack it with freight.

It is an ideal platform for transporting items all over urban areas owing to its size and controllability. It’s simple to drive (no commercial driver’s license (CDL) is required), simple to park, and as previously stated, can carry a reasonable quantity of cargo. It is also suitable for smaller moving tasks.

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According to experts, new cargo vans can cost between $25,000 and $35,000. Used cargo vans start at $2,500 and go up from there. But if you have a large amount of money, you are advised to get a new vehicle. You can equally rent a cargo van for just a small payment.

A cargo van company can be financially viable. As per Ziprecruiter, the median owner-operator of a cargo van enterprise in the United States earns approximately $65,446 per year. This equates to about $31 per hour. That really is, of course, an average.

The level of income for this enterprise is broad, ranging from $17,500 to $243,000. The overall amount you earn will differ based on the place you work, what you do, how you oversee your expenditures, how easily you find financially viable loads and a variety of other variables.

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Lately, the market is saturated with financially rewarding job prospects that you can easily obtain by merely leasing your truck. Here are some of the best cargo van business ideas for 2023.

Cargo Van Business ideas

  1. Work as an Independent Contractor

Begin your own local company by signing up with a channel that matches your vehicle with individuals in need of transportation service. Internet sites like UShip will link you with companies or people seeking to move heavy machinery, housewares, automobiles, as well as other movables.

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Whilst still affecting your orders, keep in mind the sizes of the products that must be conveyed to guarantee that they fit easily within your cargo van. Mentioning your company on Craigslist and Google will assist you in generating more leads.

  1. Offer Relocation Service

Relocating is a time-consuming process that you could make easier by using a relocation service. Because numerous jurisdictions have tight rules regarding moving companies, you must be mindful of relevant ordinances when carrying household items.

You may be required to have commercial insurance, liability insurance, and special licenses to demonstrate that you are qualified to move household items over state lines. You need quality relocating supplies like canvasses, tarps, relocating blankets, cargo elastic bands, etc. Since expert moving service providers are far too exorbitant, you have a high likelihood of earning big bucks.

  1. Make Yourself a Mobile Billboard

Convert your cargo van into some kind of promotional van, for instance, a mobile billboard, to raise brand visibility and recognition. This is perhaps the most effective way for businesses to gain a promotional advantage. If you don’t mind wrapping your vehicle with a brand marketing decal or a cover to promote a company, team up with marketing services like Wrapify.

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If you decide to use your cargo van as a kind of mobile billboard, you will only need to operate it for your routine tasks to get compensated. The remainder will be handled by spectators.

  1. Offer Hauling Services

You can make a profit using a cargo van by offering part-time or full-time haulage assistance. Removing old junk and transporting it to a local recycling center in your cargo van will enable you to generate additional revenue and increase your earnings.

Aside from nearby companies, community members require hauling services to eliminate undesirable pieces from their environment. Transporting things for the community can provide you with an alternative livelihood because you can fix old products and turn around and sell them at a reasonable price, earning you supplemental dollars on top of hauling.

  1. GoShare

With the universe rapidly moving to digital channels for everything from groceries to home furnishings, GoShare delivery partners are already in high demand now than before. Cargo vans all seem to be ideal for dispatch solutions because they can comfortably fit one to four large boxes.

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You will also receive health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance. Check up to start making a profit right away, and you won’t have to think about handling customers because GoShare will keep count of your information and transactions.

Of all the various alternatives to supplement your income through a side hustle, becoming a GoShare delivery associate has the highest income ability.

  1. Food Delivery Driver

Instead of moving all over town and distributing orders as a passive income, you can consider signing up to meal delivery apps or working collaboratively with just one fast food place. If you choose to convey meals, you must be extremely prompt and quick to respond, as you may be bringing non-durable meals with a limited lifespan.

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Distributing grocery items through Instacart is another feasible alternative because you can begin taking advantage of the vast cargo van, which offers extra room.

  1. Amazon Delivery

Amazon Flex, a delivery partner program, makes it possible for individuals to transport commodities by using their own cars and trucks. You can make extra cash for day-to-day expenditures as an Amazon delivery partner. Some other advantage of this scheme is the opportunity to work your favored hour shifts. Sign up for Amazon Flex and begin working right away.

You are paid for every package or product you deliver. The farther you give, the farther you receive. The majority of Amazon delivery partners garner around $18 and $25 per hour distributing parcels from the Amazon station to the point of collection.