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8 Best CCTV Camera for Hotel

As the owner or operator of a hotel business, you have to understand that you are in charge of the safety of your workers and patrons as long as they are within your establishment.

Aside from that, you will also want them to feel safe and impressed enough to always want to come back to stay at your hotel whenever they’re in town. Have it in mind that one of the most common ways hotels defend their premises, staff, and visitors against attacks, intrusion, and vandalism is to strategically mount security cameras within the premises.

Have it in mind that visible video surveillance in public areas, such as the hallway and the parking lot, makes the guests feel confident and safe.

Also, note that monitoring restricted zones – such as stockrooms and offices – will also help guarantee that staff members and guests without the right access are kept out. Aside from that, it gives you the opportunity to constantly monitor your employees to ensure they are representing the hotel and its ethos perfectly.

It also makes it possible to discover employee theft. Have in mind that there are much more benefits of installing a camera security system. If you’re considering getting video surveillance for your hotel, it is essential you go for the right equipment. Owing to that, here are the top choices to consider.

Best CCTV Camera for Hotel

1. Reolink Argus 3 Pro

This is a valid choice especially since it is a flexible and portable security camera even for large hotels. Note that it makes it possible for you to conveniently monitor the hotel lounge, bars, poolside as well as any other vital areas. Reolink Argus 3 Pro comes with 2K resolutions and starlight night vision, which makes them ideal for hallways and sensitive areas.

2. RLK8-810B4-A

This PoE IP security camera system has around four 8MP ultra HD IP cameras and 1 NVR. Also, note that it is possible to inculcate 4 more PoE cameras into this system depending on your needs as a hotel owner or operator.

If you choose to install multiple IP cameras in public positions, have it in mind that it is possible to view almost every corner of your smartphone, PC, Mac, etc. Videos will be recorded to the NVR, which guarantees that you won’t miss vital events.

3. Reolink E1 Zoom

When it has to do with choosing comprehensive security cameras for your hotel, a vast field of view and a good look become the most appreciated features. Have it in mind that these cameras are less noticeable as such visitors or guests won’t have the feeling of being watched. Note that the same goes for security cameras for server rooms and reception rooms as well.

4. Oculur X4DF5

The X4DF5 is a very powerful camera that features the new and improved H.265 compression rate. It also entails that your cameras will get 40 – 50% more storage capacity especially when put in comparison to the older H.264 compression rate.

Also, note that it also comes with face detection and that makes it a very good choice for sensitive places in your hotel. According to reviews, this particular camera is able to detect an individual who has recently been in your building or hotel. This is indeed a valid feature especially when looking to monitor a specific area to keep a person out.

5. Arlo Go 2

You will appreciate this camera because it comes with 4G LTE support, and in the US, you can get service from T-Mobile, Verizon, or US Cellular. Its video quality is sturdy but limited to 1080p to keep the data requirements under control.

It also comes with two-way audio, a siren, a spotlight for color night vision, and optional local storage with a micro SD card. Aside from that, the camera is IP65-rated and completely wireless, with a hefty battery inside.

6. Defender Guard Pro

This is a good option to consider also because it is affordable, and delivers 2K video, two-way audio, and local storage via an included micro SD card. In addition, it comes with a spotlight and siren. You will love this camera because the videos are clear and detailed, and there’s a 16X digital zoom.

Alerts tend to come through swiftly, and the app is known to be quick to load. Also, note that it features human detection and you can set motion zones and adjust the sensitivity.

7. Arlo Pro 4

One good thing about this camera is that it gives off clear footage day or night, speedy load times for the live feed, and a smart notification system. Aside from that, it connects seamlessly to Wi-Fi, has a wide 160-degree field of view, and records at up to 2K resolution with HDR.

Also note that it comes with a choice of color night vision or spotlight, which leverages an integrated light to illuminate the scene. You will also love the two-way audio because it is very clear and relatively lag-free, and there’s a built-in siren.

8. Wyze Cam Outdoor

Very popular amongst businesses in the hospitality industry, this camera records video in Full HD with a 110-degree field of view and features a base station that plugs into your router for setup but can afterward connect wirelessly. Have it in mind that this base station takes a micro SD card for local video recording.

In addition, it comes with a 12-second limit for video clips and a five-minute cool down in between motion events if you choose to store everything in the cloud (accessible for 14 days).

As the owner or operator of a hotel business, you have to understand that you are in charge of the safety of your workers and patrons as long as they are within your establishment. Owing to that, if you want to purchase a CCTV camera for your hotel, noted above are valid options you can consider.