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7 Best Most Efficient Generators for Hotel

Do you need an efficient and reliable power generator for your hotel? If YES, here are efficient and reliable power generators to get for your hotel. 

Ensuring the comfort and safety of customers is critical to building a positive reputation in a hotel. A power outage can cost you more than just a few dollars – the damage can even cost you your entire business. Yes, you can lose power for a variety of reasons, including storms, electrical infrastructure maintenance or failure, system overloading, etc.

Hotels and resorts rely on providing the best level of service possible in order to create a memorable experience for their guests, promote their business, increase reputation, and market their brand. From the decorum to customer service and amenities, the experience must exceed the expectations of guests in order to thrive in the business of hospitality.

It is well known that the U.S. power grid has aged and is failing due to the increase in energy demands. In addition, there have been an increasing number of rolling brownouts or complete blackouts due to power grid failure, coupled with potential super storms, severe winter weather storms, natural disasters, or man-made disasters that could bring down the power grid for not just your area, but the entire region.

Have it in mind that a popular and easy choice for a backup power system is a commercial generator. According to reports, the two most common types of commercial generators are diesel generators and natural gas generators.

However, depending on the size and output rating (how much electrical power can be generated), a commercial generator can not only keep the lights on, but it can keep computer systems, servers, and other key components to the hotel infrastructure running.

Note that bigger commercial generators can also handle all the basic necessities like refrigeration, security, and internet systems. These generators can also be equipped with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS for short), so that the generator will kick in within seconds of power loss.

If space is an issue and you are unable to install a stationary backup generator in or around the hotel or resort, a portable rental generator can be a great alternative. Liquid cooled commercial generators can be the most reliable generators.

They are cooled by a radiator and water pump rather than using a fan to force air to the engine like an air cooled generator would. Liquid cooled engines also tend to last longer and require less frequent maintenance and repair than an air cooled model.

Best Types of Generator for Hotel

  1. WINCO PSS150

This generator is a perfect standby for many different power needs. It leverages premium components throughout its construction. It is not unreasonable to expect 20-30+ years of service from a well-maintained unit like this. Other features include;

  • PSI 8.8L Industrial Engine – The 8-cylinder, overhead valve engine meets EPA/CARB emission regulations.
  • Stamford Generator End – Industrial grade generator ends.
  • Adjustable Circuit Breaker – Adjusts for switching between voltages.
  • Battery Charger – Factory installed 3 stages, 2 Amp battery chargers.
  • Block Heater – In-line Kim Hotstart, 120V, block heater with thermostat.
  • DSE7310 MKII – Our digital controller is powerful and dynamic with a user-friendly interface.
  • Galvanised Steel Weather Enclosure – Our weather enclosures provide sound reduction while our powder coat paint provides a durable, long lasting finish.
  • 100% Load tested – We load test every generator before it leaves our factory.
  • WINCO warranty: 1 yr/1000 hrs; Engine warranty: 3 yrs/3500 hrs
  1. Generac Protector RG10090

This is a 100kW standby generator that protects your business during a power failure. It also helps you save on utility bills. This is one of the largest air-cooled generators on the market today. Run it on natural gas or LP for hours at no end.

It powers up a data center, large house, restaurant, and retail shop, hotel, and more. You can power all modern machines with a 3-phase model with total peace of mind.

  1. KOHLER KG150R

Top features of this commercial generator include;

  • A popular choice for industrial applications
  • Excellent peak motor-starting capacity: KG100R: 440kVA at 240V
  • Premium power quality delivers exceptional digital voltage and frequency regulation along with extremely low levels of harmonic distortion to protect sophisticated electronics
  • Powered by Kohler KG6208THD industrial-grade engine with hydraulic valve lifters to eliminate need for lengthy break-in periods and expensive valve adjustments; operation speed 1800 rpm
  • The APM402 controller provides advanced control, system monitoring and system diagnostics with remote-monitoring capability
  • Quiet, neighbourhood-friendly operation with sound similar to a typical central air conditioner
  • Standard steel enclosure with automotive-grade paint
  • Optional corrosion-resistant aluminium enclosure
  1. Generac Protector RG15090

This is a 150kW standby generator and one of the largest and most efficient air-cooled generators on the market today. Run it on natural gas or LP for hours at no end. It powers up all the appliances and equipment at a small factory, data center, office, restaurant, or retail store.

The service-rated ATS can manage multiple loads without any additional hardware. Generac RG15090 150kW standby generator offers modern features for your safety and convenience.

This generator also gives optimal performance without any need for maintenance for 200 hours or 2 years. The aluminium enclosure has a special paint coating to prevent corrosion. Mobile Link Wi-Fi monitoring allows you to keep connected to your generator while on the go.

Evolution Controller provides a powerful platform to configure, manage, service, and operate Generac systems. All Generac generators and engines are engineered and built in the USA.

  1. KOHLER KG100R

Reliable power for very large residential or small business needs. Built to weather the storms, this natural gas/liquid propane generator with industrial-grade engines keep your business running when a utility failure or storm knocks out power.

  • Powerful: In just 10 seconds, this KOHLER generator automatically powers everything, keeping you connected to the things you love to do.
  • Smart: You get steady, high-quality power that protects sophisticated electronics from damage related to low-quality power sources.
  • Premium warranty: Covered with 5-year, 2,000-hour protection.
  • Advanced: The APM402 controller with patented software is compatible with optional accessories that let you monitor your system remotely through your PC.
  • Exterior options: Choose the optional corrosion-resistant aluminium enclosure or standard steel enclosure.
  1. Generac Protector RG13090

This air-cooled standby generator requires no refueling. Run it on propane or natural gas for hours at no end. It keeps the business and home safe during outages caused by wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms. With a Generac Protector RG13090 installed at home and work the day will continue to run as usual.

This model is easy to operate and maintain. The best thing about this air-cooled gas model is its enhanced fuel efficiency. When compared to its competitors, it offers more fuel economy. It will run all the 5-ton air conditioners along with all home appliances efficiently.

The clean high-quality power it generates protects all appliances and modern machines. The Generac Protector RG13090 runs quietly at 70dBA without disturbing neighbors. With its enhanced motor starting capability, it is ideal for use in all seasons.

Affordable cost, high performance, improved energy monitoring system, modern electronic governor, Wi-Fi functionality, less than 5% THD, sound attenuation features, and a 5-year warranty makes this standby generator a number one choice for Hotel businesses.

  1. CUMMINS RS125

The generator is designed to operate under extreme environmental conditions including cold weather starts at as low as -40 oF. The generator is tested and certified per the latest EPA, UL, and IBC Seismic standards and is capable of meeting NFPA110 requirements when equipped with the necessary accessories and properly installed.

  • Natural gas 1800 rpm engine
  • Single fuel – NATURAL GAS ONLY
  • PowerCommand 1.1 Controller
  • Aluminium enclosure Sound Level 1 with muffler installed, sandstone colour
  • Base warranty – 2 year standby