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How to Clean a Commercial Bunn Coffee Maker With Vinegar

Do you run a coffee shop and you make use of Bunn coffee brewer? If YES, here is a 5-step guide on how to clean a commercial Bunn coffee maker with vinegar.

There are so many coffee makers in the United States market to choose from. One of them is the Bunn Coffee maker. This particular Coffee Maker is made by the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation. According to the company, Bunn Coffee makers brew coffee that is robust in flavour without the common bitterness encountered with some coffee machines.

These Coffee makers do this by using a patented system that keeps the temperature at the ideal brewing temperature of 2000 Fahrenheit.

It also has a fast brew cycle which exposes the water to the ground coffee beans for the perfect length of time for a perfect coffee flavour. The Bunn Coffee maker also creates the perfect amount of turbulence via its spray head to suspend the ground coffee and extract the entire flavour uniformly for the perfect cup of coffee.

However, steady cleanup of the Bunn coffee maker will ensure that you always brew good and standard coffee, and your coffee machine will also stay durable. To clean a Bunn coffee maker thoroughly, you need to wash the container and machine before and after use, dust the thermal carafe, and clean the machine well every 90 days.

Difference Between Cleaning and Descaling your Coffee Maker

First, it is important you understand the difference between cleaning and descaling your coffee maker if you want to make and serve tasty and delicious coffee. Cleaning your Bunn coffee maker involves extracting piled up coffee oil that has accumulated over time in your coffee maker. Note that with time, the residue coffee will make the newly brewed coffee to lose its taste.

If your Bunn coffee maker is not cleaned well, the remnants can lead to choking and blockages that can make the coffee maker useless. Descaling your Bunn coffee maker gets rid of the mineral build-up that accumulates on the heating part of all coffee makers. This build-up alters the water in your machine from getting to the desired level.

When water is not enough, it is challenging to remove the full flavour from the coffee beans/grinds and which will make the coffee lose its taste.

It is highly advisable to wash your commercial Bunn coffee maker after every close of work. All the extractive parts of the coffee maker need to be washed after every job to forestall piling up of germs.

Although you can wash your Bunn coffee maker by simply using soap concentration and water, however it is essential to wash the machine in a dishwasher. The brew funnel and decanter must be cleaned thoroughly every day after use. Note that this process might take up to a minimum of three hours and sometimes a whole day.

6 Supplies You Need to Wash a Commercial Bunn Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Deep-washing your commercial Bunn coffee machine on occasion is a crucial part of keeping it running smoothly. By using a functional coffee pot descaler like white vinegar once a month, you do not only prevent clogs caused by build-up and mineral deposits, but you also ensure that the coffee stays hot and tastes great. To clean the Bunn coffee maker thoroughly, you will need the following supplies:

1. Vinegar

According to experts, vinegar is a wonderful cleansing supply used to clean a commercial Bunn coffee maker because it enters into all corners and removes accumulated stains, germs, and minerals that have piled up into the machine over time.

2. Dishwasher

Note that to effectively clean your Bunn coffee maker, you must apply dishwater detergent and some warm water to soak it. You can then make use of a dish brush to clear the sides, top, and bottom to dry it.

3. Dish soap or a mild liquid

During the cleaning process, which will be well outlined below, you will have to rinse with dish soap or mild liquid, and then clean the coffee machine with mild clothing. After you are through with the outside, you will also have to take off the lid of the water tank and allow fresh breeze to blow it.

4. Soft cloth

Remember that a soft cloth is always used to clear and dust the Bunn coffee machine while washing it.

5. Spray head cleaning tool

This is used to make water or other liquids enter all the parts of the Bunn coffee machine. It is very necessary since the human hands can’t get to the corners of the machine. It helps remove all the coffee stains in the machine and make the whole washing process easy.

6. Distilled water (descaling)

Just like it was stated above, descaling is another cleansing procedure which is ideal for cleansing the Bunn coffee machine. You can do this by using white purified vinegar to run the coffee maker. Fill the water section with small vinegar and brew the same way you make coffee. It will remove every coffee particles hiding in the machine.

The Cleaning Process of the Bunn Coffee Maker Using Vinegar

The cleaning process of the Bunn coffee maker is dynamic, and people tend to do what works for them. However, the process detailed below is the way almost everyone cleans the machine. But you have to first start by assembling all your tools and making them readily available.

It is also advisable to sanitizer the area you need to wash the Bunn coffee maker with a pure cloth and anti-bacterial to make it germ-free. After that, follow the steps outline below:

  • Pour one quart of white vinegar into a measuring jug. Then, assemble the coffee machine as normal. Just twist and lock your coffee jug into place and then place the empty carafe onto the base plate. Open the lid and pour the vinegar into the reservoir. Then close the lid and turn on the machine. To get the perfect result, use at least a 20% white vinegar concentrate or stronger.
  • At this point, sit back and let the vinegar do its work. White vinegar is always preferable in this process because it penetrates the hot water tank, effectively eroding any mineral deposits that have built up inside the machine. Note that the cleaning process should take around two hours.
  • After two hours, unplug the brewer and remove the brew funnel. Reach underneath the top of the machine and twist the spray head off in a clockwise direction.
  • At this point, pour a full carafe of distilled water into the top of the machine and close the lid. This water will start to flush the vinegar out from within the hot water tank. However, always ensure to put the carafe on the base plate to catch the water/vinegar solution, otherwise you will be getting everywhere wet! Do this at least ten times until the vinegar smell subsides.
  • Then remove the brew funnel and reinstall the spray head by twisting it into place in a counter clockwise direction. After you must have done this, replace the brew funnel and plug the machine back in so that the water in the hot water tank can heat back up. Add some distilled water to the machine and put your carafe back on the warmer plate.


To effectively clean your commercial Bunn coffee maker, you have to remove the grinder from the socket. Note that soaking the grinder in water damages the mill, and water damage nullifies warranty, so never put the grinder in the dishwater no matter what. Always clean surface areas with soft, moist, or mild cloth.