Are you about writing a cleaning business plan? If YES, here is a sample SWOT analysis for a cleaning company to help you form a competitive strategy.

The United States is one of the most heavily commercialized and industrialized country in the world. Therefore, it is safe to say that if there was ever a country where cleaning service companies would thrive, it would be here in the United States of America.

The sheer number of commercial complexes and residential buildings make it absolutely essential for cleaning service companies to mushroom in the neighbourhoods of the major cities of the united states, especially cities that are as important and significant as Chicago.

Economic Analysis

As a start-up company, we understand that the cleaning service industry is one that is overwhelmed with intense competition and rivalry. Some of the most profitable companies in the United States are the ones that are running a cleaning services business, and therefore the margin of error for a new company like ours is very little when considering the grander scheme of things.

The bigger cleaning service companies are known to successfully cater to commercial clients, something that our company is aiming to do within the next calendar year. The companies which are slightly smaller in stature and funding generally serve clients from the residential sector.

Some of the iconic corporations in the cleaning industry consist of various brands, each dedicated to provide a particular cleaning service to either commercial offices or residential homes.

Since we are stepping into the commercial sector from the onset, we are fully aware of the fact that we will be required to compete with some of the biggest names in the industry with our limited funding and manpower. With that being said, we remain optimistic that about our future existence in the industry.

Changes in the Market

One of the biggest changes in the cleaning industry that we observed while conducting our competitive analysis was how the need to establish a greener and more environmentally friendly business is influencing the growth of certain companies in the industry. Those companies which promote their business as eco-friendly and green are the ones that are receiving a competitive edge in the market.

As a matter of fact, green companies are soaring head and shoulders above other companies in the cleaning industry mainly because clients are inclined towards businesses that express a sense of social responsibility towards the environment and nature in general.

Besides being preferred by the clients who are concerned about the ill effects of climate change and global warming, green cleaning service companies are also heavily favoured by the city and state authorities and find themselves in an advantageous position when pursuing government contracting.

A Sample Cleaning Business Plan SWOT Analysis

Opportunities in the Cleaning Industry

The room for success in the cleaning industry is quite vast. As the number of commercial buildings and residential homes increase, the demand for cleaning services is likely to enhance along with it.

Furthermore, the healthcare industry and organizations in charge of advocating eco-friendly business practices makes it quite a necessity for businesses around the country to improve sanitation and hygiene standards in their workplaces which compels them to seek the services of cleaning companies.

Therefore, this market offers us terrific growth potential, which we are planning to capitalize on with all our expertise and ambition. This market may not be the largest in the country, but it is certainly one where a newcomer like us will receive abundant opportunities to register progress in leaps and bounds as long as we have the correct business philosophy and are implementing the right business strategies.

Threats and Risks

As a small cleaning firm that will be taking baby steps towards growth and development for at least the foreseeable future; we do not anticipate any major reactions from our future competitors upon the entry of our business in the industry.

We are expecting that our introduction into the industry will remain a low profile one and is likely to go unnoticed by some of the more major corporations which rule the cleaning service industry. We also do not think that some of the lesser known cleaning service companies that have been in the industry far longer than us will be have any distinct reactions to the initiation of our business.

However, in the case that they formulate plans to drive us further away from competition, we have come up with contingency plans of our own that will help us survive the threat of expulsion from the industry and assist us to overcome the risks that are associated with engaging in fierce competition with the experienced business owners of established commercial sector cleaning companies.

Competitive Strategies

  • Key Competitive Capabilities

Most of the start-up cleaning companies have their sights set on the residential sector, mainly because of their lack of confidence and belief to compete with the major players in the commercial sector. This will not be the case with our company.

We will become one of the very few start-up companies in the state of Illinois which will focus all of its finances, resources and marketing strategies in climbing up the ladder in the cleaning industry and rapidly acquiring larger portions of the market share.

We will not have to compete with a big number of start-ups in the commercial sector, therefore our progress or advancement into the big leagues of the industry will not be hindered by too many competitive obstacles or hurdles in the way.

Our major advantage however lies in the incredible amount of expertise and experience that our principal owner Stephanie Ryder will be bringing into the equation. As an entrepreneur who has had her fair share of successes and failures in the last decade, Stephanie will have a clear understand of the strategies and tactics that are required to get us across the finishing line ahead of others and avoid major disasters that our competitors may push us into.

The fact that we will be assembling a cleaning team of experienced professionals blended enthusiastic and energetic college students will allow us to achieve a working dynamic that will push our efficiency higher than that of other companies. Basically, our company will form a cleaning staff that will strive to outwork and outsmart employees of other cleaning companies.

In an industry which is heavily reliant on service, the key is to employ workers who are willing to put in the best performance within the shortest period of time available. Our extensive and rigorous training programs will allow our workers to develop themselves, sharpen their skills at all times and stay updated with the latest developments in the world of cleaning products and equipment.

Our training facility for the workers will turn out to be a game changer and a breeding ground for the best workers in the cleaning industry in the country.

Key Competitive Weakness

Our key competitive weaknesses stem from our lack of experience being a start-up company. We may have the best cleaning staff in the country assembled, but that will not allow us to strike deals with numerous clients at the same time. Therefore, our availability is something that may compromise our revenue and income generation. We have a limited number of workers who will not be overworked severely according to the company policy.

Therefore, it will not be possible for us to bring in a massive number of clients every month. We hope to tackle this problem by finding ways to maximize our income and profit generation. That will allow us to employee more workers, even individual contractors with a part time schedule, and we can plan on increasing our portfolio of monthly or annual clients.

Since our current business plan (which is based on the current financing and funding that is available to us) only allows us to operate within the boundaries of the state of Illinois, our company will have limited reach unlike the other major corporations in the industry which are willing to provide their services all across the country.

Therefore, we will be missing out on a major chunk of the industry market which is outside the state of Illinois and that will result in a series of missed opportunities that could quite possibly hurt our finances considerably in the long run.

If we are to compete with the major names in the industry, we must generate enough income to expand our business beyond the borders of Illinois and give clients around the country an opportunity to be impressed by our top notch services.