Do you want to increase your coffee shop profit by offering product variety? If YES, here are 20 best business ideas or products to sell in your coffee shop. Coffee shops have a unique customer base that stands and waits patiently for their lattes. One way to take advantage of this idle crowd and turn them into extra profit is to sell products from your coffee shop.

In fact, if you are not selling products or running an additional business from your coffee shop, those minutes your customers stand waiting are lost to you. Instead of spending those precious few minutes on Instagram, it could be used to check out what you have in store.

Retailing items from your coffee store offer several advantages to your business. They reinforce your brand, giving your loyal and enthusiastic customers the opportunity to help promote it even when they leave your premises. They keep your brand memorable, whether to your regulars or the tourist who happens upon your shop and needs a better way to remember it than a flimsy old business card. And it adds revenue options.

Boosting your revenue is always a sound business strategy. Retailing items, especially the non-degradable kind, are an easy and fun way to do this. If you want to start making good use of the time your customers spend waiting in line for their coffee, we have listed a few product ideas that you can start up with.

20 Business ideas or Products You Can Sell in your Coffee Shop

1. Coffee maker or pour-over systems

A coffee maker is a good idea to sell in your coffee shop. You can start by getting just one or two and restock when it sells. If one of your retail choices is a brewing system, it is best to sell ones that you use in-shop at least some of the time.

If someone is going to invest in an at-home brewing system, they’re either going to do it because they’ve seen it used by your baristas or they’re going to want a demonstration on how to use it, especially if it is an unfamiliar system. Your baristas should be able to explain or demonstrate in order to finalize the sale.

2. Coffee making accessories

If you sell brewing systems, you’ll want to sell the filters and any other necessities for operating the system. In this way, people would know that they can pop into your shop when they have any coffee related issue. You can stock paper filters, grinders, shot glass, cleaning tablets and various other coffee maker parts that are in high demand.

3. Coffee Joulies

Coffee Joulies are small, stainless-steel capsules containing a phase-change material; the capsules were designed to be placed in a cup of coffee in order to cool coffee that is too hot then slowly release the heat to keep the coffee warm.

When put in your hot coffee, each polished capsule absorbs heat, stores it inside, and then releases it when the beverage reaches the ideal temperature in order to keep it that way for longer. This is another great coffee related product idea to sell from your coffee shop.

4. Stylish tremors

If you live in a place where people love the outdoors, a thermos is one of the best product ideas you can stock in your coffee shop. A good travel mug is leak proof and should have a stylish, compact design, to make it easy to carry along on daily adventures, be it a glamping trip, an outdoor music festival, or a sightseeing city tour.

5. Reusable Coffeebrewer

All over the world people tend to start their mornings with a cup of their favorite beverage, and most often that choice lands on coffee or tea. This is why reusable coffee brewers are made so that people can enjoy their favorite brew wherever they find themselves.

To reuse the coffeebrewer simply empty out the used coffee grounds after the first use, rinse the bag, and refill it with your own coffee grounds. The coffeebrewer can be reused many times, but it is important to avoid getting the outside kraft paper wet. This is another good product to sell from your coffee shop.

6. Chewable Coffee

For people that want to save space, time, and energy while traveling, but still need to get your caffeine fix in one way or another, chewable coffee is the answer. This product is just one thing you need to have close to the till.

7. Reusable coffee mugs

Travel mugs are designed to keep drinks hot or cold for hours on end during road trips and outdoor adventures; they tend to be made from stainless steel, and come with features like lockable lids and autoseals. Reusable coffee cups have more of the look and feel of a takeaway cup, and are great to keep coffee hot or cold. This is in fact the perfect merchandise for a coffee shop.

8. Teapots

A teapot is a vessel used for steeping tea leaves or a herbal mix in boiling or near-boiling water, and for serving the resulting tea. Teapots come in various sizes and types and you can add this product to your coffee shop merchandise. Just ensure that pick the ones that are quite fetching so that they can attract people to take a second look.

9. Neatly boxed teas

Boxed teas are one other thing that is guaranteed to fly off the shelves in a coffee shop. With the variety of teas that are about, you should ensure that you are familiar with what people in your area usually take so you can focus your attention in those areas.

10. Gourmet coffee

The term “gourmet coffee” not only refers to just the coffee beans themselves, but includes all of the aspects, activities, techniques and experience that produces that type of coffee. Specialty coffee refers to the whole process from farmer to cup using single origin coffee.

It refers to the way the coffee is roasted and how it is extracted. People usually treat themselves to gourmet coffee once in a while because of the great taste. This brand of coffee is another product that can sell well in a coffee shop.

11. Honey

Honey is a really good accompaniment for coffee, and as such people are very likely to pick up honey at a coffee shop. First, they will trust the brand being displayed at the store, (because they expect you to know better, being in the business and all), and next because it is something one can easily run out of at home.

12. Upscale jam

An upscale jam that goes great with pastries is another product idea that can be sold in a coffee shop. Just like with honey, your customers will trust you to know better on this regard. Besides, if it looks good enough, people would be tempted to try it.

13. Packs of roasted coffee

It just makes so much sense to sell packs of roasted coffee in a coffee shop. Shoppers would easily pick up some packs as they pay for their coffee so that they can fix their own coffee at home or at work.

14. Local ice cream topping

Just because you sell coffee does not mean that you cannot sell ice cream toppings. If you are able to access local ice cream toppings, then better for your business. This is because people usually go for what they are familiar with.

15. Pet treats

Small packets of gourmet dog treats and cat treats/catnip mice, positioned near the register would enable customers pick them up as they pay for their purchase. Pet treats are popular impulse purchases for customers with discretionary income, so take advantage of it.

16. T-shirts

You can take things up a notch and hang a few unique printed t-shirts in your coffee shop. Know that the design and words printed on the shirt would be your selling point. You can stock t-shirts that carry fun coffee related inscriptions and watch coffee lovers drool over them

17. Hoodies

This is the same with hoodies; the inscriptions are their main selling points. With great inscriptions and designs, you can easily get these off the shelves. These would go great in the autumn.

18. Decals

A decal or transfer is a plastic, cloth, paper or ceramic substrate that has printed on it a pattern or image that can be moved to another surface upon contact, usually with the aid of heat or water. People have been known to purchase funny or weird decals and stick them to their cars just for the heck of it.

19. Roasted nuts

Roasted nuts are usually listed among the impulse buys, so you just have to stock them in your coffee shop. From almonds to cashew nuts and the rest, you should add as much as you can afford to stock at a time, and make sure that these tasty nuts are displayed close to the cash register, so people can easily pick them up and eat them with their coffee.

20. Breakfast bars

A lot of people skip breakfast in the morning, and to make it up, they tend to grab breakfast bars on the go. You would do your coffee shop a whole lot of good if you sell breakfast bars. This would help your customers that skipped breakfast to have something to take with their coffee. In addition, there are breakfast bars that go real great with coffee and they are equally healthy; get those in stock and convince your customers to try them.

6 Tips on How You Can Make Money While Selling Merchandise in your Coffee Shop

Now that you know the kind of products to sell in your coffee shop in addition to your coffee, we now want to show you how to get the most sale out of these items.

a. Make good use of the grab and go section

Display small and cheap items as close the register as possible. The items that are placed in this area are usually so inexpensive and so conveniently placed that customers purchase them out of impulse. Things like breakfast bars and roasted nuts are good here.

b. Make use of the wait period

Save your pricier merchandise for the counter where customers pick up their coffees. This is because as customers wait for their coffee, they have some time on their hands. They need this time to mull over the product, and this location is the perfect spot for that.

c. Switch up like an expert

Switch up merchandise that has your logo and offer limited supplies. Depending on the seasons, bring out different selections, like shirts for spring and summer, and hoodies for fall and winter. Don’t change your best-selling item; instead, offer varieties of the same product. If you launch different types of t-shirts or hats, keep things fresh by changing the design and color, and then throw in an older version periodically to keep your customers’ interest peaked.

d. Easy does it

You want to avoid selling the same merchandise year-round, and you definitely don’t want merchandise taking up valuable inventory space. Keep volumes low enough to keep profits high so you can maintain good supply levels.

e. its old, take it out

If you leave on old merchandise, not only do they convince customers to not buy them, they’re not making you any money. Pull it off the shelf and try again later. If the item still doesn’t sell, cut your losses and replace it with merchandise that will.

f. Avoid long sales period

Endeavor not to have frequent or long-lasting sale periods. Your merchandise has value, and extended sales give customers the wrong impression.