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50 Best Coffee Truck Business Name ideas

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having the right name for your coffee truck. When you consider it, note that your business model will remain in the backend, but the name of your coffee truck will be out there for people to see.

As such, you need to pick a name that gives the right first impression when people see or hear it. It is recommended to choose a name that is memorable and one that has alliterations or rhythms.

Alliteration refers to where the consonant sounds in two or more adjacent words are repeated, often the first or initial sounds. You should also consider carrying out the competitor analysis of thriving coffee trucks and coffee brands to comprehend the extent of the impact their brand name has on customer acquisition and retention.

In addition, note that it is possible to use your name as the business name. Howbeit, keep in mind that it means that the product would always be related to you, and marketing yourself in addition to the product would also be essential.

Catchy Names for a Coffee Truck

  1. Marbella Coffee
  2. Clean Drinks
  3. Neighborhood Coffee Truck
  4. Pour the Cup
  5. Everyday Latte
  6. Espresso Pump
  7. Creamy Vendor
  8. Truck to Park
  9. Magic Touch Coffee
  10. Mug Depot
  11. Vintage Coffee
  12. Anywhere Cincinnati
  13. Brew Tap Truck
  14. Coffee Professors
  15. First Class Brew
  16. Movement Café
  17. Mocha Ride
  18. Sumptuous Drinking
  19. Concord Latte
  20. Brew Slingers
  21. Park and Glow
  22. Coffee Mud
  23. Perfect Mug Circle
  24. Cafe Voyager
  25. Odyssey of Espresso
  26. Bean Caravan
  27. Coffee Journeyer
  28. Sip & Chill Cart
  29. Creamery on Wheels
  30. Brew Café
  31. Cartwheel Men
  32. Urban Coffee Truck
  33. Coffee Ranger
  34. Love Sip
  35. Refreshing Nectar
  36. Caffeine Vendor
  37. Space Coffee Connect
  38. Splendora Brew
  39. Giant Mug Express
  40. Drift & Drink Zone
  41. Coffee Bean Bazaar
  42. Mingora Cart
  43. Traveling Tasteful Tinctures
  44. Core Coffee Cones
  45. Marvel Espresso
  46. Mingle Mugs Mobile
  47. Coffee Elixir
  48. Explorer Shots
  49. Brown Voyager
  50. People’s Choice Coffee

How to Choose the Right Name for a Coffee Truck

  1. Ensure it is simple

It is important to make sure that the name you choose is short and sweet, easy to pronounce, easy to spell, and most importantly, easy to remember. You wouldn’t want your customers misspelling your coffee truck name whilst searching for it on Google or informing their friends about you.

  1. Make it personal

You have to understand that people tend to relish the feel of community, as such leverage your truck name to connect to your customers on a deeper level. If you are finding it hard to do this, then consider relating your coffee truck name to a specific dish or beverage that you make available to patrons or something your patrons will remember you by.

  1. Online availability

You will want to make sure that the name you pick is available for things like domain names, Instagram handles, Twitter, and email addresses. As such, it is necessary you go for something a little more unique to your space or local area to ensure it really stands out from the crowd.

  1. Branding

You will want to analyze how your name will look when printed out on signage, business cards, napkins, etc. Consider also how your coffee truck name will look when printed out on a vinyl decal and displayed in your space. You should also try printing the coffee shop name really small and then really big, does it still convey the same message? Your graphic designer can help you here, but this is a wonderful point to begin.

  1. Consider your audience

Prior to picking the ideal name for your coffee truck, it is necessary you take into account the exact demographic you are targeting. It is possible to channel your energy towards people who are looking for their regular morning coffee on the go. Or perhaps you park your truck in the countryside.

  1. Share the coffee shop name with friends and family

This is one of the steps to consider once you come up with a name you really like. Does everyone pronounce it the same? Does everyone spell it correctly? It is recommended that you have a couple of different options and see the exact one people are attracted to the most, write them down to see what it seems like on paper.


The coffee you have on offer or the place you intend to park should influence the name you choose for your truck. You have to ensure that it evokes the right first impression when people see or hear it. Aside from being present on the coffee truck, your name is important to ensure you have a strong brand presence.