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List of Equipment You Need to Start a Coffee Truck Business in 2023

Opening a coffee truck business can be a fun and exciting endeavor, particularly for individuals who do not possess a culinary background.

But before putting together your coffee truck business plan, you need to know some vital things. You need to discover the ideal locations to operate your coffee truck, find a dependable coffee roaster, make funding arrangements, and purchase your coffee truck equipment.

Equipment You Need to Start a Coffee Truck Business

  1. Truck

This is without doubt one of the most important equipment needed to start this mobile business. Without a good and operational truck, you won’t be able to sell anything. Don’t forget to factor in where you will be headed, the number of clients you may have to serve, and precisely the goals or objectives you have for the business.

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Don’t forget to also verify that the truck possesses the appropriate electrical and water hookups, plugs, and anything you might need to set up your mobile coffee truck.

  1. Espresso machine

An espresso machine is one of the most important coffee truck equipment investments you have to make when starting this business.

You have to understand that clients are not looking to purchase plain, black coffee when they visit a coffee truck or mobile coffee cart. What they want are lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas. These espresso-based coffee drinks are what will drive your revenues.

Ensure to go for the best espresso machine you can afford and also take your time to comprehend everything regarding its operation and maintenance.

  1. Espresso coffee grinder

In this line of business, note that the espresso machine won’t be any good if you don’t have properly ground quality coffee beans.

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Espresso and latte drinkers will boost your coffee business revenue but don’t overlook the standard coffee drinker who is looking for plain, black coffee. If your truck intends to serve flavored coffee, you will need at least two grinders: one for plain coffee, and one for flavored coffee.

If you are looking to grind both kinds of coffee with the same grinder, you will get traces of the flavorings (vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, etc.) into your regular blends

  1. Commercial Coffee Brewer

Aside from your truck, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of this equipment because it is going to be your biggest selling point as a coffee truck.

  1. Water Filtration System and Sink

One thing you have to understand is that every good coffee begins with good water, as such you should pay attention to ensure you have the right water system before making your caffeinated beverages.

  1. Refrigeration System

This is another very important piece of equipment for both small independent coffee shops and mobile coffee trucks. A good percentage of your drinks—particularly those espresso-based drinks—will need things like milk, ice, dairy, or dairy substitutes, and you’ll require a place to store them. If your inventory will include other drinks, such as juices, you will also need a good refrigeration system.

  1. Coffee, Milk, and other Drink Supplies

It is almost impossible to make coffee without certain supplies. In this line of business, you will need your coffee beans, milk, dairy substitutes, ice, cups, and napkins, coupled with any other items you’ll require to serve your coffee. You will also need the right cups for a cold brew and hot coffee, in addition to straws, stir sticks, sugar, and cream.

  1. Point of Sale System

It is still imperative you pick the best point-of-sale system for your business. Regardless of whether it’s a cash register or some sort of tablet, you’ll need to take into account the sort of program you want to run on the system

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Coffee Truck Equipment 

  1. Quality

You have to realize that your Coffee Truck equipment remains one of your biggest investments and will become the bedrock of your food truck’s operation. As such, ensure you only pick equipment that is high-quality and durable. Take your time to research high-dollar purchases, and equally analyze new and used equipment to be certain they are worth your investment.

  1. Space

You will also want to factor in the space you have available in your truck when making your purchase. It is nearly impossible or even outrageously expensive to build a full industrial Coffee Truck in your food truck. Ensure to go with the equipment that is essential for making the items on your menu and be certain that the models you purchase will align with your plan.

  1. Use and Cleaning

This is another vital factor to keep in mind since your equipment is only durable and worthwhile if it’s both easy to use and maintain. Don’t forget to evaluate how comfortable the piece of equipment is to use, how well it functions, and precisely how you would keep it clean.

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You will also need to educate your staff on how to clean and maintain the equipment daily, weekly, and monthly to guarantee their maximum use.

  1. Suppliers

Just as with every other type of business, coffee trucks are built on relationships. You have to understand that your understanding and alignment with an equipment supplier is very vital. A good number of towns and cities feature local supply stores that, for a membership fee, make available premium ranges of equipment at near-wholesale prices.

  1. Pricing

You will also want to factor in the cost of the equipment when making a purchase. When budgeting to buy coffee truck equipment, you must take into consideration the quality and the numerous ways the equipment is important to your process. The most vital equipment warrants the highest quality and this will mean more investment.