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5 Best Commercial Tanning Beds [Prices Included]

Commercial Tanning Bed

Do you want to buy commercial tanning beds? If YES, here are 5 best affordable commercial tanning beds in the market, how much they cost and where to buy them.

Tanning beds have always evoked so much discussion among fitness enthusiasts and people are quite apprehensive about their consequences. However, with the growing popularity of tanning beds, choosing the right one is now a priority for buyers.

We’ve all heard how dangerous lying out in the sun is for us. The danger of getting skin cancer jumps to the top of the list of concerns. This risk is however reduced with the proper use of commercial tanning beds. The key to the above statement is the word “proper”. Both indoor tanning and outdoor tanning is done with UVA and UVB rays.

The difference is that by using a tanning bed, you can more accurately control the amount of rays your skin is exposed to. To make the right choice when choosing the best tanning bed, you should know what makes a home tanning bed different from a commercial bed, and what properties a tanning bed has to have to be considered a good one.

The consumers of tanning beds can be primarily divided into commercial buyers, which include the salons and spas, and residential buyers, like you and me. Indeed, the needs and priorities of both categories do differ and so does the type of tanning beds they desire.

A spa owner strives to look at the life and durability of the bed since the chances of multiple usage are very enormous in a spa compared to home. These salons want tanning beds with low maintenance cost. For merely 2 to 4 sessions a week, one needs not buy a high-end tanning bed.

Best Commercial Tanning Beds and Their Cost

If you are a budding customer on the tanning bed market, a wide range of brands and models may confuse you to the core. However, below are top commercial beds to consider in the United States market.

1. Solar Storm 24R: $2,300 – $4,600

With the perfect crafting, customized enhancements, and a massive interior, Solar Storm 24 R possesses all the facets to be known as the king of tanning beds. From spacious design to high power output, it has every element anyone could wish for.

The most alluring aspect of this product is its power output. Also note that quicker tanning experience makes it the wisest choice among all other tanning beds available at the moment. The high energy power output of 220 V ensures immediate effect and helps you save your valuable energy and time.

The spacious interior and compact exterior are offered by this brand as it is engineered for tall people. Since it can accommodate people of all sizes, it addresses all the concerns related to comfort in a tremendous way.

According to reviews, it is the most advanced tanning bed as uniform tanning experience is guaranteed by its 12 Sun Fusion high power output lamps exclusively for face and arms. Traditional tanning beds lack these exclusive lamps and are likely to produce uneven tan lines.

2. Sunfire 24 Deluxe: $1,700 – $3,200

This bed is a little bigger than most tanning beds with more lamps, as it includes 24 high-efficiency lamps. It has a cooling fan and an mp3 input that you attach yourself when you assemble it. It has a 15-minute tanning time option. The tanning surface is pretty big, a lot of room for anyone. Note that assembling this bed is easier since it comes almost completely assembled.

This bed has facial bulbs included making sure the face is tanned as equal as the rest of the body. The fan is easily attached, and it cools enough to keep users from overheating. The lamps may cause sunburn if you’re not careful enough.

It has only a 15-minute timer, and it’s the only option available. The bed is covered with a warranty that lasts for a year. The price is in the lowest category making this bed one of the cheapest available. The price and quality ratio is good, although some things could be better, but that would increase its price significantly.

3. Sunfire 16 Deluxe: $2,200 – $4,000

Fitted with a standard design and a few included gadgets, this tanning bed makes a good choice considering its price. It comes pre-assembled so putting it together is not difficult. It’s a horizontal design bed with a black and silver colour theme.

Note that it has sixteen lamps in the tanning surface, and the facial lamps are included as well, that’s always a plus. In the area around the head, there’s a built-in audio system to make the process a total relaxation and enjoyment.

At the bottom of the bed, a body cooling fan is installed to provide air circulation and to keep the temperature at tolerable levels. The whole thing weighs around 90 pounds, and its 81 inches long. The warranty you get is twelve months long.

4. Solar Storm 24S: $2,900 – $5,400

Solar Storm 24S carries a unique signature on the tanning bed market as it guarantees you a summer bronze glow and iconic comfort with its high-efficiency power output mechanism and 30 percent larger tanning surface in comparison to other brands.

This bed has been recently crowned the best on the tanning bed market at the moment. With this bed, consistent tanning experience has been promised with 24 X 100 W bulbs on both top and bottom of the bed.

These high output lamps and high powered UV rays from all the sides assure you of more efficiency in less time. Additionally, a royal-sized surface is one of the biggest attractions of this tunnel-shaped bed would be the enormous space that it offers.

Its 78-by-34 inch tanning surface provides enough room to enjoy your solitude. Supreme material quality is a distinct mark of this brand as it comes with a highly durable aluminium frame with a lifetime guarantee and high-performance acrylic sheets.

5. Sunfire 32 Deluxe: $2,300 – $3,000

​This tanning bed is the deluxe option for the low price. It comes 95% pre-assembled so to set it up you will need about only a few minutes. The tanning surface contains 32 Wolff bronzing bulbs, and it’s a pretty big surface, to begin with. The dimensions of the surface are 81 x 36 inches.

Note that the bed comes with an audio system as well as the body cooling fan. The bed is very energy efficient making the use of it at home much cheaper than going to the salon. The Wolff bronzing bulbs provide pretty quick and noticeable results.

It is quite easy to clean and maintain due to the acrylic removal system. Also note that this bed is very easy to use for first-timers, and lotions included are great for a start as well.

The fan is pretty weak, and you can go even without it, and the speaker is very low quality, better to use your own headphones. The hydraulics of the bed is not of very high quality as you have seen in other beds mentioned above, but they do the job well enough. For this price, everything else would be an upgrade in the category.​

7 Factors That Determines the Price of Tanning Beds

You have to first understand that the prices of tanning beds vary. There is a huge gap between the costliest tanning bed and low priced ones. Below are factors that make these much differences in tanning bed costs.

i. Purpose

Commercial tanning beds which demand high durability and efficiency cost more than tanning beds with lesser durability.

ii. Type

Owing to the method of tanning, the technology used etc, there are mainly base beds, stand up beds and high-pressure beds. Also note that their price increases in the respective order. High-pressure tanning beds leverage specialized equipment and are much more expensive.

It’s more preferable for classy salons while the regular beds do a decent job for home usage. Stand up tanning booth is the best option for people suffering from claustrophobia and back issues.

iii. Type of bulb

Have it in mind that there are 2 types of bulbs. UVA bulbs which tan fast but is riskier in terms of getting sun burnt quickly. UVB bulbs, which reduce the chances of getting sunburnt, but it asks for more time or sessions to build up your tan.

Also note that Red light is another variant seen in tanning beds, which is preferred by health-conscious people. The main aim is to achieve smooth skin rather than tan. It is placed part specific and will affect the price of the product.

iv. The number of bulbs

Also note that the more bulbs in the bed, the higher the price. Nonetheless, the taller the user, larger the bed needed to tan the body.

v. Quality

Normally, no one should expect anything good to be cheap. Cheaper tanning results in cumulative damage which leads to premature skin aging with visible wrinkles, lax skin etc and in extreme case cancer. Indeed good price fetches better quality.

vi. State of delivery

Also note that the more the product is preassembled as delivered, the more it is charged. Well, there is a trade off between you yourself assembling or paying for an all set bed!

vii. Company and warranty

In the business world, one can guess how important brand name is when it comes for sales, both in demand and price. Trustworthy companies provide longer warranty period and coverage. It’s worthier to invest in such a guaranteed option regardless of its price.


Choosing the right tanning bed can have an amazing impact on your health as well as your finances. There is nothing universally acknowledged as the ‘best’ product in the tanning bed industry as each person has his or her own unique preferences.

However, keep the factors mentioned above in mind so as to make your shopping a wise move. The initial investment may look high just like any other business venture, but in the long run, it’s an amazing money saver.