First and foremost, the weight of a tanning bed will vary depending on size, material, and use. However, tanning beds can weigh as much as 500 pounds. Though home tanning beds could weigh only half of that depending on the material used in construction. Tanning beds that are used by the public or in salons usually are heavier compared to the ones used at home.

Ideally, tanning beds are quite large, irrespective of make and model. Most standard beds lay between 7 and 8 feet in length and are between 32 and 46 inches wide. Knowing the exact dimensions of your bed before finalizing your purchase is very imperative. Consider at least 12 inches of extra space on each end of the bed; this means you will probably need close to 10 feet of length to adequately fit your bed into an open area.

You should also consider the height of the bed before placing the side against a wall. Have it in mind that most beds are shorter than 36 inches when closed, but may require more than 5 feet of overhead to open the bed fully. This entails that extra space needs to be allowed between the wall and the hinge side to account for this adjustment. Shoot for 24 to 30 inches.

Stand-up beds tend to need far less room. They more or less stand around 7 feet tall, but only occupy roughly 4 feet of floor space in each direction. Furthermore, the doors outward to the front, so very little extra space needs to be accounted for.

Do not forget that tanning beds also require a great deal of electricity to power. A three-pronged outlet will be required, and it is crucial that the power source is secure. Also note that the amount of power used by the bed may interfere with other outlets on the circuit, and has been known to cause blown fuses and short out other appliances.

Also, make sure the power source is very smooth to ensure there is no flickering within. In addition, expect this increase in electricity to be reflected on your monthly bill. Also, try to be conscious of the possibility of fire. Aside from the high level of electricity being used, the bed itself also reaches extreme temperatures.

Also, remember to keep all flammable items away from the tanning bed vicinity. It is a good idea to put some kind of a plastic mat underneath the bed to protect carpets and hard floors against any possible heat damage.

Factors to Consider When Looking Buying a Tanning Bed

Before buying a tanning bed, it is necessary to survey the area you intend to mount it. Depending on which type of bed has been selected, rearrangement or even renovation may be required before the purchase is made. Nonetheless, here are crucial factors to consider;

  1. Safety

While you’re doing all the necessary research, also ensure to look into all the safety measures you’ll have to follow once you own your tanning bed. Have it in mind there is a lot that goes into owning a tanning bed, and you should be ready for it.

  1. Space

Indeed, a lot of people jump into buying a tanning bed without really taking into account just how big they are. These things are more or less about 7ft in length which is quite a substantial size. If it is for home use, then the best places to keep a tanning bed are usually spare bedrooms or garages. So before you buy anything, check whether or not you have space! If you don’t have the space, you have the opportunity to make it.

  1. Trusted Seller

Note that it is not always the best idea to go for the first supplier that comes up on Google. You are advised to take some time to really look into who you are purchasing your tanning bed from. It is recommended that you look at reviews on pages like Facebook, where you are more likely to find honest opinions from customers. Looking more in-depth into your sellers may also save you a lot of money in the long run.

  1. Running Costs

Right before you purchase a tanning bed, you should look at how much energy the bed will use. This will more or less be included in the technical details and will help you estimate any running costs. Some of the newer tanning bed models are far more eco friendly and so will have lower running costs, but a bigger initial cost.

However, if you purchase an older and cheaper tanning bed then they may have higher energy consumption. Note that this will make them quite expensive to run in the long run and so you should take this into consideration if you don’t want to deal with any annoying electricity bills.

  1. New or Used Tanning Bed

You may be surprise at the idea of buying a second-hand tanning bed but buying a second-hand machine has become a very popular option. If you’re concerned about the sanitary side of this, you have to consider that sellers sell their tanning beds only after being sanitized.

Note that buying a second-hand tanning bed is far cleaner than going out and using one at a salon where the cleanliness is unknown. In some situations, you really have to extensively consider the fact that every product has a shelf life. It simply entails that if you’re buying a tanning bed that has already been used for two years, then you may not get the same life span as one that is brand new.

  1. Different Payment Opportunities

Note that you don’t have to acquire your tanning bed out rightly. There is always the possibility of setting up payment plans. It simply means that you won’t spend a lot of money all at once.

When you buy items on a lease they also often come with a sense of security and repair insurance. It also means that if you have any issue with your tanning bed then you have the chance to send it back to the provider and have any repairs done or have any parts replaced.

However, one potential disadvantage of purchasing by lease is having those small regular payments for an extended period of time. If you no longer want the tanning bed, you can’t just sell it and the monthly payments disappear, you will still need to pay it.

  1. Any Additional Needs

If you have any additional physical needs, you should look at what extra features some tanning beds may offer to help with these needs. For instance, if you’re quite a forgetful person, there are a number of tanning beds that come with automatic timers, which secures not only the safety of your body but of your house.

Furthermore, there is a number that comes with dials in which you can increase and decrease the intensity, along with other features, such as added face tanners that you can turn on or off. It also entails that you can really make the tanning bed that you buy to fit your needs.

Don’t just purchase the tanning bed that looks good or is of good value. Also, any additional features should be listed in any technical detail section when purchasing, so it is really worth looking into, just so that you know that your needs are being met.