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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Dog Park Business?

Dog Park Business

The cost to start an indoor dog park can range between $10,000 and $20,000 in addition to the cost of leasing a property, while a very simple dog park on donated land could cost as little as $15,000 where a luxurious dog park could cost up to $750,000.

The cost of building and maintaining a dog park can be daunting. These costs typically include fences, garbage removal, lawn maintenance, drinking water, field drainage, lighting, benches and a dog waste station.

Some cities are willing and able to finance a dog park; others would rather share the cost with a group committed to maintaining the park and ensuring that park rules are followed.

However, depending on your situation, you will have to determine how you will generate revenue for your budget. Note that one possibility to consider is user fees—requiring all park users to pay an annual or daily fee. Permits could be obtained from the city or town or through the park association.

Fundraisers such as a dog wash or concession sale at a local dog show can also help to generate money to cover expenses and maintenance costs.

Maintenance will be another crucial consideration. In some areas, park associations’ work in conjunction with local kennel club’s and parks department officials to organize volunteer “park clean-up” days. Kennel club’s and other dog organizations can also be willing to donate funds for future supplies of dog waste bags, trash bags, dispensers, stations and cans.

Estimated Cost Breakdown for Building a Dog Park

As households in the United States continue to adopt dogs at an amazing rate, the need for public and private dog parks grows.

Neighbourhoods, towns, and apartment complexes are building dog parks to improve their local amenities and encourage community growth.

However, dog parks can be relatively inexpensive to wildly luxurious. Below is the estimated cost of building a dog park in the United States:

1. Location: $42,000  –  $180,000

When building a dog park, the first thing you should consider is the location. If you have an apartment building or complex, dog parks can fit anywhere within the land you’re building on.

If you’re a neighbourhood association or local government park employee, finding the location might be a little tougher. Howbeit, in public dog parks, the location is expected to be an easily accessible place.

Pedestrians should be able to walk to it or it would have a good sized parking lot for cars. Note that the average dog park is located on 1 acre of land surrounded by a 5ft chain link fence.

Although there are dog parks built within city parks which are already owned by the city. People also donate tracts of land for public dog parks.

2. Utilities and Amenities: $29,000  –  $131,000

Basic necessities to construct a dog park would be a 5ft fence and a double – gated enclosure to be able to introduce dogs into the environment well. You will also need a dog and human water fountain along with dog waste stations.

After that, you can start getting extravagant with dog wash stations and custom designed benches and leash poles. Some high – end dog parks even have rubber surfacing in certain spots.

You can also consider developing a partition that will separate the enclosed dog park into two sections, one for large dogs and another for small dogs.

There should be sufficient bags dispensers and trash cans to encourage owners to pick up after their pet. Generally, you just need a safe, accessible location with adequate drainage and a grassy area that is mowed routinely, and signs that specify park hours and rules.

3. Business Registration and Licensing: $2000  –  $5200

You will also need to register your business and select a business structure. Most often, a limited liability company is far more advisable.

It gives you some personal protection from your company in the event that you have debts or get involved in a lawsuit, with less paperwork than what is needed for a corporation.

You will still need to look into business insurance, including liability insurance. It’s pertinent you understand the registration and licensing requirements for your business from the state and local government.

You will also need to ensure that zoning laws make your dog park permissible at your desired location. In most cases, dogs are allowed indoors provided that food is not being served. However, local laws can vary.

Owing to the above factors, the cost to start an indoor dog park can range between $10,000 and $20,000 in addition to the cost of leasing a property, while a very simple dog park on donated land could cost as little as $15,000 where a luxurious dog park could cost up to $750,000.


Once you’ve built a dog park, your local community will start to see the long term benefits of the park. There will be less aggressive dogs in your community because they have a space to be socialized. Members in your community will have a public space to meet and mingle and develop trust.

Developing a central place for a dog and their owners to play and exercise helps improve the inherent value of the community.