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How Much Does It Cost to Build an Indoor Skate Park?

Do you want to start a skating park business and you want to know the cost? If YES, here is an estimated cost breakdown to build an indoor skating park.

Going to a skating park whether for roller skating or ice skating is a normal past-time for people of all ages. Even though there are over 1000 roller skating rinks and about 2,800 ice skating rings in the United States, there is plenty of market space for new skating rinks in locales across the nation.

Ideal customers for this type of business will be anyone looking for a fun and safe place to gather with friends and family. An indoor skate park gets a spectrum of customers; from those who have never put on a pair of skates all the way to enthusiasts who enjoy skating every chance they get.

Estimated Cost of Building an Indoor Skating Park

Just like every other business that requires enormous space, the indoor skating arena’s location will greatly define its success. If you are unable to find an old roller rink, be sure you choose a space that is large and offers ample parking.

Due to the size of space needed, the building will be your largest expense, both in the beginning and moving forward. Once you have found a prime location, you’ll be facing a number of additional startup costs. These expenses may include.

1. Park Items

  • Special Low –  “E” Rink Ceiling/Rink Insulation System: $29,000
  • Flooring & Installation: $62,500
  • Special Computerized Rink Lighting Package: $12,200
  • Skate Sharpener Machine: $12,500
  • Specialty Computerized Sound System: $41,936
  • Rental Skates: $32,000
  • Skate Storage Racks: $13,451
  • Viewing Enclosure: $65,000
  • Specialty Counter Furniture: $24,000
  • Specialty Locker Room Furnishings: $9,850
  • Pro Shop Displays & Fixtures: $12,600
  • Concession Dining Tables: $22,500
  • Park Environmental Process System – Dehum: $72,000
  • Computer Based Telephone Equipment: $26,500
  • Building Computer System Network: $19,000
  • Concession Equipment: $42,000
  • Coin – Operated Lockers: $8,902
  • Specialty Signage: $12,858
  • Specialty Trash Receptacles: $9,099
  • Decorations – Flags: $4,550
  • Changing Room Partitions: $5,143
  • Protective Netting Systems: $4,550 Protective
  • Assorted Flooding Hoses & Ice Maintenance Tools: $1,600
  • Computerized Registers: $3,561
  • Computers: $6,923
  • Park Benches: $6,500
  • Office Partitions: $2,800
  • Desks, Chairs, Etc.: $1,800
  • Carpeting: $14,000
  • Site Improvements: $155,800
  • Parking Lot, Curbing System & Striping: $144,400
  • Site Concrete: $61,300
  • Landscaping: $16,881
  • Exterior Lighting: $25,320

2. Property Development

  • Permits: $2,000
  • Sewer Tap Fees: $28,900
  • Legal Fees: $46,272
  • Accounting Fees: $4,277
  • Utility Cost during Construction: $18,200
  • Construction Insurance: $3,646

3. General Building Construction

  • Building Architectural Fees: $85,000
  • Civil Engineering Fees: $26,000
  • Structural Engineering Fees: $22,500
  • Pre – Engineered Metal Building & Accessories: $265,000
  • Building Erection: $172,000
  • Building Insulation Package: $42,000
  • Exterior Masonry & Foundation: $182,000
  • Building Internal Concrete: $295,000
  • Interior Masonry: $130,556
  • Interior Painting: $54,000
  • General Carpentry: $45,000
  • Acoustical Tile Ceilings/EFIS/Gypsum: $195,000

4. Property Development

  • Doors: $56,000
  • Overhead Doors: $21,000
  • Facility Plumbing & Hot Water Systems: $120,000
  • Facility Boiler/Heating & HVAC Systems: $235,000
  • Facility Electrical & Lighting: $86,000
  • Restroom Partitions: $16,000
  • Glass & Glazing Systems: $23,400
  • Elevator/Chair Lift: $55,387

Estimated Project Construction: $4,581,021

Divided By 40,000 SQ of Indoor Skating Park = $114.53/SQ FT

How Much Do Skating Parks Make?

An indoor skating park generates revenue by charging an admission price to the skating park, as well as renting out skates to customers. Most skating arenas also offer party packages and sell food and drinks, which helps attract customers and increase the business’ profitability.

The fees charged by these businesses largely depend upon the customer’s unique needs. Individual skaters are charged around $7 – $11, which typically includes 3 – 4 hours of skating. Skate rentals average $5.

However, note that most of your revenue if you decide to start this business will be generated from larger parties. If the party rents the entire space out, rinks charge a minimum of $350. Parties who share the rink with other customers are charged a fee of no less than $150 for 10 guests, with an additional fee for each additional guest.

The annual profit of a skating Park in the United States is purely defined by the fee structure, demographic, and what other activities the park offers. According to experts, businesses who have found success in this industry offer enough activities to attract consumers who are interested in more than skating.

Most skating parks generate greater profit by offering additional recreational activities, as well as food and drinks. Hence, a creative mind and experience in the service industry would prove beneficial. Strong business and marketing acumen will also be fundamental to your rink’s success.


The skating industry generally offers great potential for growth. Since opening multiple locations within the same town will force you to compete with yourself, you can only consider that option if you live in a large town where you are able to spread out your locations.

Nonetheless, if you are able to invest in enough space, offering additional activities will attract a more diverse crowd and ensure your business meets short and long – term goals.