There’s no marketing strategy more effective than a “free give away” to get people’s attention. It doesn’t even have to be great stuff. If it’s free, people will definitely want it. That’s why logo products and promotional items are a great idea for any marketing or advertising campaign.

When it comes to using promotional products or items, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to make it worthwhile; as there are some simple and effective ways to use inexpensive products to send a powerful message about who you are as a company. If you are ready to learn how to effortlessly attract more customers to your business, then below are three smart ways to use promotional products.

3 Smart Ways to Use Promotional Products to Attract Customers

1. Be Memorable

Choosing your promo products is a decision that shouldn’t always be made based on how much you can get for the lowest price. If you want to stand out from the crowd, another batch of pens isn’t going to do it. When you are at a trade show, getting people’s attention can be a challenge amidst a sea of booths and swag, so having something eye catching can be a huge advantage.

Whether it’s an interesting stress ball, a back massager, a Frisbee or gift bags, the more unique your product is, the more likely it is that it will be noticed, and remembered. Unusual shapes, bright colors and interesting ideas are the ones that get recognized and talked about. When you strive to deliver something creative and unique you can find a subtle way to stick in the consciousness of your customers.

2. Be Useful

Now, we’ll get back to pens. There’s nothing wrong with using writing utensils and other office supplies as promo products. Useful items like pens, notepads, mouse pads and calendars are popular and effective. These kinds of incidentals are likely to be used frequently by recipients, and are prone to lie out on desks and work spaces.

This habit can be particularly advantageous for companies that specialize in B2B products or services. Having a product, which is essentially a business card, right out in front of your potential customer, rather than buried in a rolodex, can make you the first person they think of when a need arises. Items like these also often get passed around and traded.

When someone steals one of your promotional pens from someone, you’ve just reached a brand new person who may never have heard of you. When you opt for products which are functional and can be integrated into a person’s daily work rituals, you as a company also become a part of that routine. It’s that kind of familiarity that can breed customer loyalty.

3. Be Outspoken

Aside from all of the practical functions they can serve, promotional products can speak to a company’s corporate culture and philosophies. A laid back business that believes in a fun atmosphere can use logo items to convey that sense of personality.

Utilizing a little bit of fun and humor can go a long way toward achieving the kind of memorable status mentioned earlier. If you make someone laugh, or if your product can continually bring a smile to a stressed out face, there is power in that. If as a business, you believe in healthy living or going green your promotional products are a great way to translate that belief to your customers.

Whether you choose water bottles and pedometers or tote bags made of recycled materials your logo items can re-iterate your principles. When you choose something deliberately for the message it will send you are elevating the status of a branded item, from a gimmick to a strategy. No matter what you decide to give out for free, going for the easiest, cheapest option misses an opportunity. If people are going to walk out of your business with something that has your name emblazoned on it, make it something that won’t be tossed out.

When you give away products which are memorable, functional or creative you have a much better chance of accomplishing your goal. That goal is of course, to turn customers into customers for life. A great promo product can help you become an intrinsic part of someone’s life, or you may just make their day. Either way, it’s a great way to grow your business.

Author’s Bio: Sarah writes most often for Quality Logo Products, a website specializing in promotional items and logo products. She has been working as a marketer and consultant for several years in addition to freelance writing and blogging.