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How Much Is It to Lease a 26Ft Box Truck? [Price Comparison]

What it will cost to lease a 26ft box truck will vary based on certain critical factors. However, you should expect to pay between $1,000 and $1,400 a month to lease a 26 ft. box truck. Factors that may influence your cost and expenses include; the company you are leasing from, the cost of monthly payments, down payments, maintenance, insurance, fuel, and the duration you intend to use the truck before upgrading to a newer model.

A box truck lease is an agreement whereby an individual or business “rents” a box truck for an extended period. Agreeably, it is quite cheaper to lease a box truck instead of renting it on a daily or weekly basis for an extended period. After the contract is over, you can choose whether you want to give back the truck or purchase it.

Also, note that lease applications may vary depending on the vehicle. For instance, trucks on fast leases take around from 7 to 21 days; stock vehicles tend to take 3 to 4weeks, while factory orders take 3 to 6-months. The requirements to lease a 26Ft box truck and the necessary documents you will be expected to submit will also vary from one company to another.

Howbeit, your business will also be expected to show a good credit score. In a situation where your business does not have a good credit score, you can still lease a box truck from some businesses if you use a cosigner or you may seek a no credit check lease program.

Price Comparison of Different Companies Rate for a 26Ft Box Truck

Just as was noted above, there are numerous companies offering lease programs for 26ft box trucks in the United States. To give you a good insight into their rates, here is a comparison of these companies and the rates they offer for 26ft box trucks.

  • Penske Box Truck: $299.99 plus $1.29/mile per day
  • Enterprise Truck: $228 per day
  • Ryder: Approximately $1,150 per month
  • Idealease: Custom-made approach
  • Wyatt Leasing Box Trucks: Customized leasing plan

Factors That Will Influence the Cost to Lease a 26Ft Box Truck

Many factors will influence how much you pay to lease a 26ft box truck. These factors include;

  1. Leasing Company

Many companies in the United States offer box truck lease programs. These leasing companies are known to offer box truck leasing with flexible payment options such as seasonal payments and deferred payments to ensure you have a healthy cash flow.

Have it in mind that the company you choose to work with will dictate how much you pay and your total cost. Owing to that, you must find a well-established box truck leasing company that will assist you with your 26ft box truck lease. You will need to organize your business documents and also make sure that your credit rating is at least 650 to get the best possible deal.

  1. Truck Brand

The brand of the truck has a direct connection to the perceived value of the truck. Have it in mind that the lower the value, the lower the payment. Have it in mind that value is not the number on the window sticker, rather it’s the selling price agreed upon between you and the dealer, the same as if you were buying the truck directly.

This information most often tends to get overlooked as leases are known to be advertised at a particular monthly rate, meanwhile, leases are negotiable. To get the best possible selling price, consider negotiating the selling price with the dealer before letting them know you want to lease or buy the truck.

  1. Lease Agreement Structure

You have to understand that your lease agreement will include things like your monthly payments, the total initial payment, possible alterations at the end of the lease, and the length of the lease.

Although no two lease agreement structures are ever the same, have it in mind that what you pay each month is more or less the difference between the perceived value of the box truck at the end of the lease and the box truck capitalized cost each month. In this age, entrepreneurs tend to prefer leasing because it entails you can purchase a new box truck for a smaller down payment than if you were buying that box truck directly.

  1. Credit Score

Note that you will most often need a credit score of at least 620 to be on the good side of most businesses that offer box truck lease programs. However, a bad credit score does not mean that you cannot lease a truck. Rather, it means you will find it more challenging to do so.

Also, note that your credit score will dictate what interest rates you will have to pay. If your credit score is high enough, your monthly payments will be less and vice versa. In addition, you need a CDL license (3+ years preferred) and adequate resources for a down payment. Some truck financing companies may have easier qualification requirements, but the interest rates will be high.

  1. Bottom Line Payment

The bottom line payment you pay each month on your 26ft box truck lease is the monthly depreciation payment, in addition to the money factor payment. If you find out that your monthly payment is too expensive, note that you can decrease this value by making a much bigger down payment. This amount will guarantee that the invoice price of the box truck becomes more affordable.

  1. Box Truck Insurance

Before you get approved to obtain your 26ft box truck lease, you will be mandated to first acquire adequate box truck insurance. Note that commercial truck lenders always want to make sure clients have adequate insurance to help safeguard them and the truck.

Just as with your personal car, you will be expected to have enough coverage for your box truck and your drivers. Also, don’t forget that you get what you pay for and since your 26ft box truck and business are valuable assets, you wouldn’t want to be under-insured and liable for the potentially massive repair and legal bills.

  1. Lease Programs

Lease companies are beginning to offer numerous lease programs to provide willing clients with choices. Note that the exact program you go for will influence how much you pay for a leased box truck. These programs may include;

  • Long-term box truck lease: If you have to lease the box truck for months, years, or more extended periods, you may want to look into going for a long-term lease. One important advantage of this program is that you won’t have to worry about the maintenance and repair costs of the truck.
  • Short-term box truck lease: Unlike a long-term lease program, a short-term truck lease is a lease that can last days up to months. Numerous companies are offering custom-based programs depending on the customer’s needs.
  • Lease-to-own box truck: This program gives drivers the platform to buy the truck at the end of their lease. This is very suitable for those who want to use the truck for some time and then, after depreciation hits, buy the truck.


Leasing a box truck remains one of the most viable ways to purchase a box truck for long-term purposes without having to pay a lot of money every month. Note that the cost of leasing a 26ft box truck in the United States will fall between $1,000 and $1,400 a month.

However, when the truck is used exclusively for business-related activities, the sum you will be expected to invest will vary based on most of these factors noted above, and also the length of the lease agreement.