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How Much Does It Cost to Train at Shaolin Temple?

Do you want to know how much it cost to train in Shaolin temple? If YES, here are factors that will influence the cost of training in Shaolin temple.

Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the most respected and revered martial arts traditions in the world. The practitioners of Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin Monks, are respected as some of the most committed warriors to ever exist. Beginning training in most Shaolin temples or schools include many different fists and weapon forms.

Note that each of the styles have their own classes, and their costs and requirements tend to differ. However, the minimum cost for one week training in a shaolin temple or school is estimated at about $350, and tends to include meals, accommodation and training. Total monthly training fee is estimated at $590 and will be discounted $40 less each month.

Note that cost is reduced by $30 every further month a trainee stays in most shaolin temples or schools (i.e. staying for 2 months will be $30 less per month; staying for 3 months will be $60 less per month and so on) in order to motivate students to study longer.

Other Factors That Will Influence the Cost of Training in Shaolin Temple

Students who wish to study for one year or more will get an even greater discount. According to reports, the price for studying 6 months tends to include 2 free basic weapons, a staff and a broadsword. The price for studying one year includes the 2 free basic weapons as well as a free Shaolin training suit.

Also have it in mind that you can get a refund if you have to leave the school or temple early for some fair reason. Howbeit, refunds are not given to students who book for one month or less, or whose remaining stay is less than one month.

For long term students, a monthly budget of $100- $200 as “pocket money” is quite enough to cover for extra training equipment, clothes, trips and snacks.

Short term students of 1-3 months might want $200- $300 since they have a tendency to do more trips and buy more souvenirs/presents due to their shorter stay. In addition, monthly room & meals in a shaolin temple can get up to $400 and include meals and lodging.

Most beginners at a shaolin temple or school are introduced to learn the very basics of Shaolin, traditional Chi Kung, two short Shaolin Quan forms, one weapon routine, carrying out combat, and an additional Tai Chi Chuan lessons to start with.

Then, after some time training, they can then perform intermediate or advanced kung fu, and students can also decide to learn BaJi, Xingyi, Bagua, or Praying Mantis to learn basics, a routine, one weapon form, and Qi Kung. Normally, the students can change their classes after some days to decide if the training is what they want to master in the coming days and then take extensive training on the styles chosen.

Younger students of less than 16 years old are accepted only if they are accompanied by their parent or older relatives particularly a brother or a sister.

Indeed, there is good quality teaching, every master is supposed to manage seven students in the winter and less than fifteen students in the summer.  This is to ensure high quality kung fu training on personal level and assure a close family atmosphere in the group.

Super-Effective Training Tips for Anyone Looking to Train at a Shaolin Temple

In recent years, the world of traditional physical exercise is beginning to catch up with what Shaolin martial artists have known for thousands of years. In the world of Shaolin and kung fu discipline, fitness goes beyond burning calories and sweating.

It is includes in very large proportion the ability to be healthy from the inside out. Below are 7 super-effective training tips from the Shaolin Temple.

  1. Avoid Stretching Before Your Workout

In the world of Shaolin, stretching before a warm up has no advantage and doesn’t help performance. It is advisable you start with a gentle warm up and when the muscles feel warm and loose do two types of stretching: static and dynamic.

  1. Know that Your Body is Already Smart

Shaolin Qigong and Kung Fu are known to help you go beyond your small individual self and find a connection with the fabric of the Universe. It doesn’t give you anything new; it simply connects you with your body’s internal power and automatic wisdom.

  1. Not all Workouts are Created Equal

Have it in mind that a person can look strong but this doesn’t mean they’re healthy. Body builders can be inflexible and internally weak. Yoga practitioners may be flexible but ask him or her to perform a martial arts kick and they have no power or speed.

But the Shaolin Workout is a full body workout which addresses every single body part and integrates flexibility and strength with power and speed.

  1. Balancing Yin and Yang is the Key to Health and Longevity

According to Buddhism, which Shaolin represents, a bird can’t fly with one wing. You can’t be 100 percent healthy and fit without a balance between Qigong and Kung Fu.

These are known as the two wings of a bird. Qigong is your Yin training, which melts the barrier between your mind and body while kung fu is your Yang training, which pushes your limits and raises your awareness of your unlimited capabilities.

  1. Self-Massage Helps

Note that the Shaolin Temple has a long tradition of self-massage, which is one of the oldest healing practices. Massaging with the bamboo rods of the Instant Health Massage Brush combines sports, acupressure and deep tissue in one massage.

Since the self-massage is convenient and cheap, you can do it on a daily basis after you have finished your training or if you are pushed for time, a few times a week.

  1. What You Give, You Receive

Do not forget that food is medicine and fuel for your body. Anything you give to your body, you receive. You give it fast food, you receive energy slumps, sluggishness and sugar drops. You give it wholesome food; you receive high energy, vitality and stable sugar levels.

  1. No Mud, no Lotus

We all know that lotuses grow from mud. That description properly explains you in the Shaolin world of training and martial arts. All of your problems, all of the stuff you don’t like about your life make up the mud so that your lotuses can take root and bloom.

Beautiful lotuses can only grow from the un-beautiful. Have it in mind that everything you experience can help you to become a happier person. The Buddha said, “It is your mind which makes the world, speak or act with a pure mind and happiness will follow as your shadow.”


If you don’t want to train at a temple in the United States, you can travel to China. China is the home of Shaolin Kung Fu, and as a result there are many Shaolin Temples there that take in students. Also, when you begin to learn kung fu, do not mind too much about which kung fu style you want to choose.

You should do the basic training to get your body in good condition, then you can learn the Chinese kung fu culture, the history, and feature of each kung fu forms, then choose the one you like best to get further training.