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How Many Customers Does a Coffee Shop Get Per Day?

Coffee Shop Customers and Daily Sales

Depending on the capacity of the coffee shop, its name recognition, as well as accessible offers, the average number of coffee guests varies from 150 to 500 individuals.

Regrettably, in order to develop a client base, the business relies on walk-in traffic as well as a variety of extra stuff that isn’t associated with coffee. The amount of coffee shops and other locations where you can sip a cup of good-smelling coffee now surpasses even the most modest standards.

According to statistics, there are over 20,000 coffee shops in the United States only. The number of coffee houses in other nations is as well remarkable.

Coffee drinks are evidently the most profitable for coffee shops. Anything else is merely an addition. Food as well as desserts receive special interest, as are delectable pastries and baked goods. Numerous guests order a cappuccino or latte with their dessert.

As a result, it’s logical to amaze your buyers with distinctive offers, such as special desserts that are not available in other coffee houses.

Factors That Will Influence The Number of Customers a Coffee Shop Gets Per Day

Although the amount of daily coffee-shop clients differ widely, a shop frequently attracts between 0.2 and 1% of vehicles passing by. Nevertheless, here are factors that will influence the number of customers a coffee shop gets daily.

  1. Location

Location is indeed essential just like any other facet of a coffee house and therefore can significantly influence its success. The site of your coffee house will decide both how regularly it gets noticed and how noticeable it is, along with how convenient it is for customers to access.

If your coffee house is on a difficult-to-find or difficult-to-access site, you might experience a few issues with the number of clients you encounter on a daily basis.

  1. Marketing

Marketing has the potential to have a major influence on the number of clients a coffee house continues to serve on a regular basis. If a coffee house has a brilliant marketing initiative that can get its brand and impression out to buyers, the number of clients who visit that business every day is going to increase.

On the opposite side, if a business has a poor advertising campaign or, worse, no promotion at all, it will most definitely lose clients to a coffee house that is running a brilliant campaign.

  1. Brand identification

Brand identification is among the most overlooked aspects of corporate marketing. What is the one place that everybody recognizes when they are on the highway in search of a spot to halt for coffee?

Starbucks, of course. Starbucks is currently among the most widely recognized companies in the universe, and as a result, it generates hundreds and thousands of sales every day. Working to make your company instantly recognizable is among the greatest things you can do to boost the number of consumers you receive in a day.

  1. Reputation

If you are widely recognized as a coffee shop that has excellent experience, fantastic drinks, special items, or any other characteristic that tends to make the public sentiment of your cafe positive, that will be advantageous to your company!

Nevertheless, if the reputation is bad for whatever rationale, your company will struggle in terms of the number of clients you have each day. Consider Chick-Fil-A, a well-known company in the food industry. Even if you haven’t eaten at Chick-Fil-A, you’ve probably learned of their famous “my pleasure” slogan.

This simple statement, which every Chick-Fil-A worker iterates after every order, has earned Chick-Fil-A a positive public image.

  1. Competition

Coffee shop competition is fierce, and it’s difficult for an individual operator to survive and prosper in the face of big enterprises. A small coffee shop may end up competing with major chains. As with Starbucks, 60 million visitors enter its almost 18,000 stores each week, going to bring a daily average of 476 per store.


Because the coffee business is ambiguous, you should be ready for drastic adjustments in your plans. Numbers aren’t everything because numerous coffee shop customers stay for many hours at a time, utilizing the shop as a temporary workplace.

Even though this contributes to a coffee shop’s prestige as an excellent location to visit, the lengthier visits may lead to increased sales.