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20 Best Dance Recital Gifts for Kids

The dance recital season brings excitement into the lives of kids– and into dancers of all ages, as teens and adults readily participate in studio recitals and other performance opportunities during the two prime times of year – the holidays and late spring/early summer.

Gifts have also been lavished upon the most admired ballerinas and dancers by their fans and teachers for centuries. In her book Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet, Jennifer Homans buttressed how in the 1700’s audiences were so fascinated with budding ballerina Marie Salles performance, they would throw gold coins wrapped in banknotes and ribbons to look like bonbons onto the stage.

Even during the 19th century, a handful of documents have proven that the giving of gifts to ballerinas after a performance was not only a sign of admiration but a transaction. For some, it meant the possibility of becoming a mistress and being taken care of financially.

A lot of ballet companies today have strict rituals as to when and who can receive gifts on stage, thus ensuring that the stars and principals receive their first gifts only on opening or closing nights, or other special occasions, otherwise gifts from fans are sent to dressing rooms for dancers to receive.

There’s nothing like seeing a dancer’s joy after a successful recital! And having a great gift for them after the performance without doubts will steer up good feelings. Check out these 20 dance recital gift ideas your young dancer will love.

20 Best Dance Recital Gifts for Kids

  1. Sweet Treats

Before a recital, dancers are not allowed to eat or receive sweets and junk food. A healthy diet leading up to the night of the recital will make sure your dancer feels great and gives the best performance they can. But after a recital you can take these young dancers out for some ice cream. Or include gifts like candy, chocolates, and other treats the dancer can enjoy. You can even make a tradition of going out for ice cream after dance performances, so the whole family can celebrate the big night.

  1. Dance – Themed Jewellery

Have it in mind that dance is part of who dancers are, and so giving them a gift that reminds them of their talents and passions will be that much more meaningful. You can consider getting a dancer a personalized necklace, set of earrings, or other piece of jewellery to remember their achievements, and to create a beautiful memory for this particular recital.

  1. Summer Dance Prep

Very serious dancers know that dance never stops. After a big show, it’s time to take a break before getting back into training mode. So if your little dancer plans on continuing to dance over the summer, you should consider getting them some new dance gear that will help them on their dance journey.

This might be a new pair of sweats, warm – up gear, or a new dance bag as a reward for their previous hard work, and a sign of your continued support for their art. Plus, with a little preparation, you can even add some dance studio designs to personalize the gift.

  1. Picture Frame

Note that recitals are events that create long – lasting memories, and what better way to capture that memory than by framing a beautiful recital picture? Dancers of all age will appreciate a nice frame for their recital photos, and can decorate their room, locker, or future dorm with them.

  1. A Dance Scrapbook

Just like a picture frame mentioned above can help capture an important memory, a scrapbook can show a collection of memories, and can also help your dancer remember their dance journey over the course of a whole year. So when the next dance season starts, you can go out of your way to start taking pictures of the dance class, competitions, dress rehearsals, and compile those pictures into an amazing scrapbook for your dancer.

  1. Charm Bracelet Tradition

Charm bracelets are mentioned separately from jewellery because a charm bracelet is the start of tradition instead of a single gift. Note that by giving a dancer a charm bracelet, you can then buy a new charm for the dancer after big recitals, competitions, or other dance events. That way, they can look back and remember all of the amazing memories from dancing throughout their life.

  1. Studio Swag

Always remember that when dancers perform on stage, they’re acting as ambassadors for the studio. The teachers who have worked with them care a lot about their development as both dancers and people. So, you can actually help these young dancers show off some studio pride with studio – branded items!

However, what you get your dancer depends on what your studio currently offers as merchandise. But, if you and a group of parents get organized ahead of time, you can work with your studio to produce a custom piece of swag (like a recital – specific shirt, or jacket, or other item) so your dancer always remembers this recital.

  1. A Special Event

Instead of buying a physical gift, you can even consider taking the dancer and their family out for a meal or present tickets to a local dance show in which they can just enjoy themselves in the audience. This quality time and special celebration of their accomplishments, even if it just entails a scoop of ice cream, will be appreciated and cherished in the years to come.

  1. Monogrammed dance bag

You can also keep your dancers organized and ready to hit the stage with monogrammed dance bags. From duffle bags to backpacks, this is a special gift that dancers of all ages can use. The personalization can also help prevent bag mix – ups around the studio!

  1. Irises

In Greek, the word ‘iris’ means ‘rainbow’ In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris would carry messages from women’s souls to the gods Hera and Zeus through the arc of a rainbow. Through her, the iris came to represent a link between the earth and the heavens, the temporal and the sublime.

Note that these are a great flower to give to young dancers as signs of appreciation for their hard work, which may likewise move an audience to the sublime. The purple iris flower in particular symbolises compliments and admiration.

  1. Carnations

Carnations are known to symbolise many things, but one of their most dominant meanings is pride. Historically, both the green and red carnation flowers represent pride in different ways. Carnations are also generally a delicate but hardy flower, and what better gift can there be for a dancer than a flower that represents both the delicacy and toughness of ballet?

  1. Ballerina jewellery box

The sound of a classic ballerina jewellery box brings back memories even for adults. You can get a jewellery box that features a twirling ballerina accompanied by a built – in music player that chimes “Dance, Ballerina, and Dance.”

  1. Personalized children’s dance book

Also note that your little dancers will love a personalized book to mark this special occasion. There are options to personalize each book with the child’s name, hair colour, and skin tone. These dance recital gifts even have a dedication page where you can include photos.

  1. Custom Dance Art

These gifts are available in a range of dance genres; personalized art prints from a variety of Etsy shops puts your dancers’ names within a beautiful piece to hang on the wall. You can also add your studio name and the year for a special touch that commemorates the recital season. These make the perfect dance recital gifts for boys and girls.

  1. Dance key chains

Your young dancers will also love and appreciate a shiny new keychain, especially if they’re new drivers! You can get a tassel key chains that comes in a variety of different colours. Choose your class type or opt for one with a dance quote.

  1. Gift cards or certificates

No matter the age, a gift card or gift certificate is always appreciated. For your little ones, consider ice cream shops or even arcades. Teens always love a trip to the movie theatre or the mall. If you’re looking for a simple gift that still goes a long way, gift cards are always a hit.

  1. Ballerina snow globe

Note that an eye – catching personalized snow globe is a great gift that can serve as a reminder of a job well done. Your little ballerinas will be very happy to place this beautiful memento on a shelf for everyone to see.

  1. Flexistretcher Stretch Band

The Flexistretcher is the original flexibility and strength training tool designed by dancers for dancers. It remains the leading tool used by top professionals globally for almost a decade. It utilizes elastic resistance training methods to safely improve flexibility while simultaneously strengthening the muscles as they stretch.

  1. Ballerina Barbie

You can also celebrate that special performance or ballet recital with the Ballet Wishes Barbie doll. This special doll will commemorate this special occasion, and inspire many happy memories from the big performance day. Ballet Wishes Barbie dolls are dressed in a ballet ensemble featuring layered tutu skirt and satin top. Additional details include a flower on the upper bodice, braided hairstyle with tiara. The final touch includes pointe shoes with laced up ribbons.

  1. Relaxation care package

Dancers always give it their all during the big performance, which means they’ll be deserving of some R&R after the recital. What could be better than a relaxation themed care package? Put together an assortment of bubble bath, soothing lotion, and pedicure essentials.

Dance recitals are an opportunity for young students or kids to shine. It will be ideal if you take some time to enjoy these special moments with them. If you’re a studio owner, it’s important to focus on the celebration, not your to-do list of office work.