Do you want to have a charming personality and attract the right people? If YES, here is a 7-step guide on how to develop charisma and personal magnetism.

If you aspire to be a great leader, a sales person, a pastor, a politician, a business owner or a public figure cum celebrity, you will somehow need a healthy dose of charisma and personal magnetism.

What is Charisma and Personal Magnetism?

Charisma is a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire commitment in others towards a person, and personal magnetism is all about possessing the attributes or skills that will enable you attract people towards you and towards the course you are pursuing.

There is hardly any leader in any sphere of life who has accomplished great feats and is celebrated all across the world that does not have charisma and personal magnetism.

With these attributes, you can achieve great things and without it you will struggle to get people to be committed to you and your cause. We are going to guide you on how you can successfully develop charisma and personal magnetism.

How to Develop Charisma and Personal Magnetism in 7 Steps

  1. Read The Biography of Great Men and Women

There are loads of great men and women who have achieved what you are working hard to achieve. Reading the biographies of these people will give you a clear view of their lifestyle and how they were able to achieve all that they achieved.

Interestingly, most of these men and women were not born great or with charism and personal magnetism. They were able to develop these attributes along the way and you will be able to pick some of the lessons from their biographies that will help you develop a healthy dose of charisma and personal magnetism.

  1. Read Personal Development Books

Reading personal development books is one sure way of developing charisma and personal magnetism. Trust me, there are a host of motivational and inspiration speakers who have written books that cover topics like how to develop charisma and personal magnetism.

With a simple search on google or Amazon, you will be amazed at the number of useful books and resources that will help you develop charisma and personal magnetism. Please note that it is not enough to buy and read these books, you must be committed to taking the appropriate actions highlighted in the books.

  1. Hire a Personal Development Coach

All across the globe, there are highly qualified and competent personal development coaches that can help you achieve anything you want to achieve within record time. These people will help you maximize your potentials including helping you unlock your charisma and personal magnetism.

Although, top rated personal development coaches are expensive to hire in the united states, but if you are able to work with any, you can be rest assured that you will develop good charisma in record time. The truth is that, almost all the celebrities and public figures you see around usually have personal development coaches under their payroll. They know the roles these professional play in their lives hence they are willing to pay them handsomely.

  1. Pick Up Membership with Toast Master Club

There is a saying that goes thus, ‘if you want to learn how to swim, you must get into the swimming pool’. This statement underscores the fact that if you want to develop charisma and personal magnetism, then you should look for clubs that give you the opportunity to build your speaking and interaction skills. One of such clubs is Toast Master Club.

  1. Volunteer to Mentor and Coach Kids

Much more than reading up all the materials that are available to help you develop your charisma, it will amount to nothing if you do not practice what you have learnt. So, one of the sure ways to prove that you have indeed learned is to practice or teach people. To this end, it will be easier for you to develop your charisma and personal magnetism by volunteering to mentor kids in your community.

You can coach them on sports, public speaking, dance, soft skills or in any subject of life. Working with these kids will help you develop your charisma and personal magnetism faster than you think especially if you give it your full commitment and attention.

  1. Pick Up Leadership Roles

If you are aiming at developing charisma and personal magnetism, you will do yourself a lot of good if you pick up leadership roles in your club, community, church, alumni and any association or group you belong to. As a leader you are expected to lead, so you will be forced to develop charisma and other personal attributes.

You may start with baby steps, but if you keep at it, it won’t be too long before you become a pro at it. All that is required is consistency and determination, you never can tell how far you can go.

  1. Create Confessions and Talk to Yourself Daily

You can take this to the bank, there is hardly any great leader or a person with great charisma and personal magnetism who has not mastered the art of creating positive confession and talking to themselves on a regular basis. It is called self-talk; it is one of the most potent ways of firing oneself to achieve greater things in life.

This is how it works, write down what you want to become and the charisma you want to exude and ensure that you confess it day and night. Trust me, if you are diligent with your confession, it won’t be too long before you start seeing the manifestations in your life.

In Conclusion;

Nothing works until you take action. So, if you have been able to read through this article, the only way you can achieve your dreams of becoming a person with a healthy dose of charisma and personal magnetism is to ensure that you practicalize all that is written above. Good luck as you put them to practice.