Your self esteem is all about how you see, think and feel about yourself. A whole of people out there are having issues with their self esteem, they never think something good can come out of them, and how would you expect others to believe in you when you don’t even believe in yourself?

The following are the character traits that will tell you if you have a low self esteem or not. First, you always expect the worse out of every situation. Secondly, you have this feeling that every other person is better than you. This wish leads to a shy withdrawn attitude from you whenever you are around people. Finally, you self sabotage yourself to think that you cannot achieve anything meaningful with yourself.

This article will look into 10 action steps to help improve your self esteem, but before then, I will discuss reasons why you need to work on your self esteem and stop sabotaging yourself.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Work on Your Self Esteem

  • Gives You a Positive Outlook to Live-: Working on your self esteem gives you a positive outlook to life; and when you have a positive outlook, there is no situation or circumstance that comes that you can’t conquer and scale through. High esteem gives you the self worth and confidence that you need to achieve any goal you set your mind to achieve in every aspect of your life.
  • Keeps You Healthy and Free from Depression-: That self sabotaging feeling or unworthy of anything good can lead to serious depression if not detected and treated early enough. When you fail to achieve your set goals over and over again as a result low self esteem, you are bound to slip into depression with time.
  • Positively Affect Your Relationship-: Low esteem can have a negative emotional effect on relationships. But if you hold yourself in high esteem, it will contribute positively to your relationship; since there will no feeling of intimidation or not worthy of the relationship.

10 Action Ways to Improve your Self Esteem in 10 Minutes

1. Positive Self Dialogue-: Whether you notice it or not, you always have their personal conversation with your mind. What am talking about is the little voice in your head that always tell you that you are not good enough to achieve the goal, or that your friend is better than you just because she is slimmer. Anytime you hear the little voice pointing out negative reasons why you can’t be who you want to be, always reply with a positive reply. If you hear, you can achieve that because you know you are not worth, reply immediately that you can and making progress towards achieving that.

2. Practice Affirmations-: This is quite different from the dialogue you have with your mind, affirmations are things you say to yourself which ones you internalize them, can affect your actions and life positively. You can write affirmations like ‘I am the best of me’ ‘I can do anything I put my mind into’ ‘I am intelligent, beautiful and have a greater life ahead of me’. Put them on places where you can see them every morning and evening; on your bed top, your mirror, on your fridge on microwave door; as you continue saying it to yourself, you get to believe it with time and it will increase your self esteem.

3. Don’t Expect Much from Yourself-: Some people are so hard on themselves; they always have this perfectionist mentality where they have to get everything perfectly the very first time. Learn not to expect that much from yourself when try something new. Remember that practice makes you perfect.

4. Find a Way to Laugh at Your Mistake-: Mistakes are common occurrence in life, learn to laugh at your mistakes because beating up yourself for every little mistake you make will make your self esteem take a dive down the hill.

5. Never Compare Yourself to Others-: This is one bad mistake people make that affects their self esteem badly; why would you compare yourself to another person? You are very different from the person and instead of comparing your situation to that person’s own, find out how they achieved what they did and work your way towards achieving grater goals.

6. Get to Learn Something New Every day-: Make it a part of your daily life to learn something new every day, no matter how small it may be. It will shift your focus from yourself and how low you think you are doing into learning new things; and learning new things has a way of keeping you in a good mood.

7. Surround Yourself With Positive People-: One sure way to develop low esteem about yourself is by surrounding your self with negative people who remind you how incapable you are; while on the other hand, you can increase your self esteem when you surround yourself with positive people who will motivate and encourage you every step you take towards achieving your goal.

8. Include Regular Exercise in Your Schedule-: Make out time to exercise regularly; a little weight for an over weight person can help increase the person’s self confidence. Also, research has shown that exercising releases some enzymes that work on your mood to keep you in a happy mood.

9. Take Care of Your Appearance-: A shabby appearance makes you feel unworthy or self conscious when you come in contact with people that take care of their appearances; take time to take care of your physical appearance, from your hair, clothing, accessories and posture; it will do wonders to your self esteem.

10. Set Goals and Work Towards Achieving Them-: One other way to increase your self esteem is by setting goals and working to achieve them. You can start with little goals; you become more confident and inspired to work on bigger goals if you successfully achieve your small goals. The goals should be achievable and set it with a time limit, so that you can work towards achieving them faster. If at the end of the set time, you didn’t achieve them, don’t beat up yourself; just continue from where you stopped.