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10 Best Business Opportunities in District of Columbia

Do you reside in Washington DC and you need ideas for starting a business? Here are top 10 small business investment opportunities in District of Columbia, USA.

District of Columbia or Washington D.C as it is commonly called is located in the mid Atlantic region of the united states east coast region and it is the seat of power of the Federal Government of the United States of America. All arms of government (i.e. the President, Congress and Supreme Court) are located in the District of Columbia.

It is important to point at this point in time that Washington D.C is not part of any states in America but a city carved out from the states of Maryland and Virginia in 1791 to serve as the new United States of America’s capital city.

District of Columbia is noted for its growing and diversified services related business. The city can boast of having four of the Fortune 500 Companies and at about 200 foreign embassies and world organization like IMF, World Bank, Pan America Health Organization et al.

Tourism remains the second largest industry in District of Columbia and the industry keeps growing. If your intention is to start a business in the District of Columbia, because of the nature of how the city runs, you are most likely going to do well if you start a service based business.

There are loads of services related business opportunities available for entrepreneurs to start in Washington D.C. Plus; the good thing about these service based businesses is that it requires minimum capital to start. These are some of the business opportunities available in Washington District of Columbia:

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in District of Columbia

1. Taxi Cab Business

Washington D.C is indeed a city that has high volume of traffic because of the nature of business activities that take place there. Although Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) is in charge of public transportation in District of Columbia, but you can start your own private Taxi Cab service and still serve a large portion of the city.

Most people that come into the city with the sole aim of either visiting their embassy to renew their traveling documents or to obtain visas are more comfortable making use of private Taxi Cab. All you need do is register your Taxi with the constituted authority and you will obtain the permit to operate in the city.

2. Law Firm (Legal Services)

If you are a lawyer or you have interest in starting a law firm, then starting out in Washington D.C could be the best decision for you. Law firms thrive in Washington D.C because of the patronage they enjoy. Hence, you too must be ready to plug into this if starting a venture in the District of Columbia is uppermost on your mind.

3. Tourisms and Travels Consultancy Services

The tourism industry is the second highest revenue generator for the District of Columbia. As a matter of fact, entrepreneurs that operate in this industry are smiling to the bank regularly. The fact that at about 200 hundred embassies is located in Washington D.C makes travelling consulting business a highly profitable venture.

4. Hotel

The need for hospitality in any city of the world cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, if you have the capital required to start a hotel business, then you are in for a money spinner. Hotel business is indeed one of the most thriving businesses in Washington D.C simply because of how the city is designed.

A lot of people come into the city to transact businesses with either the government or the private sector and they would need hotel to lodge. If you start your own hotel business in this city, then the possibility of you recouping your startup capital and breaking even on time is very high.

5. Graphics and Web Designing

If you are a graphic artist or a web designer, you should consider starting your own graphics and web designing company if you live in Washington D.C. You can be rest assured that you will have loads of clients that will need your service.

6. Restaurant and Lounge Business-: Restaurant and Lounge business is another thriving business in the District of Columbia. Although they have loads of restaurants and lounge located are various part of the city, but if you are well positioned, and you dish the right menu, you won’t have any problem getting clients to patronize you. You can even start a customized restaurant like Chinese restaurant or African restaurant et al.

7. Car Care Shop

Car care shop requires low startup capital and it is indeed a successful business in Washington D.C. if you live and work in this city, then you will agree that cars goes through wear and tear easily because of traffic gridlock that is common on a normal working day.

If you start your own car care shop and you deliver excellence services, you won’t have any problem attracting and retaining customers.

8. Hair Salon

Hair Salon Business is indeed is yet another venture that guarantees good profit any day in the District of Columbia. If you are a hair stylist, it is easier to start your own hair salon with minimum startup capital and you don’t need a permit to operate in the city. You might want to start out by telling close family members and friends.

9. Café (Coffee Lounge)

Coffee lounge no doubt is springing up in various locations in the District of Columbia simply because it is a highly profitable venture. If you intend starting yours, ensure that you chose a good location that can easily be accessible. The fact is that if you stock your café with varieties of coffees, you would sure have loads of people that will patronize your.

10. Online Teacher Recruiting Company

Washington D.C is home to people of different tribes, cultures and race. Since the official language in the city is English language, most people that are not from English speaking countries normally hire private teachers to teach them English language.

You can start your own online teacher recruiting company to help people recruit private teachers. Truly this is another services related business that requires almost zero startup capital and it is highly profitable.

These are just some of the business opportunities available in the District of Columbia. You can choose from any of them and you can be rest assured that your investment would be worth the while.

In case you have the intention to start a production or manufacturing company, Washington D.C might not be the best of location to choose because of the way the city is structured. Please note that service based business is the kind of business that thrives majorly in the D.C.